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The Best 24" Road Bikes

The Best 24″ Road Bikes for Kids

Do you have an aspiring Andrew Talansky or Tejay van Garderen?  If so, it might be time to get your child a road-specific bike.  Compared to an all-terrain bicycle that many 24″ bikes are designed to...

Stampede Sprinter 14

Stampede Sprinter 14″ Kids Bike

Young kids care about three things in a bicycle: (1) it has to look cool, (2) it needs to be easy to ride, and (3) it should perform well on all kinds of terrain...


Prevelo Alpha Two 16″ Kids Bike Review

Your 5 year old can’t have a race car–but they can have a Prevelo Alpha Two.  Shiny, fast, and sporting racing stripse, this 16″ pedal bike inspires speed in kids and envy in adults. ...