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Comparison Shopper

I am a parent or grandparent looking to get a good bike/helmet for my favorite little person.

Road Biker

I am an avid road biker who wants to get my child excited about the sport. It's hard to find resources!

Active Mom

I am a mom who wants (NEEDS) to get out of the house & start biking with my children.

Bike Commuter

I am a bike commuter (or I want to be). My family uses bicycles for transportation as much as we can.

Mountain Biker

I am an avid mountain biker and I am looking for gear & bikes to enjoy the trail with my family.

Recreational Cyclist

I am a recreational cyclist who enjoys cruising bike paths & rail trails with my family.

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We’ve tested hundreds of balance bikes, pedal bikes, trailers, helmets, and other kids biking gear so you don’t have to.  

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