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10 Instagram Accounts About Biking With Kids That You Should Be Following

There is nothing like a fantastic photo to inspire, motivate, and excite. Luckily, there are some amazing folks out on Instagram sharing snapshots of their life biking with kids.

Check out these 10 Instagram accounts for info on the best bikes and gear setups, how to get around town without a car, and where to take your kiddos mountain biking.

#1: @mtnmamatales

As the name implies, this mama is busy raising her kids on mountain adventures. In addition to hiking and camping, her crew of kiddos are often captured on cycling adventures.

#2: @familyride

I was fortunate enough to meet Madi, the queen of Seattle family biking, when we joined her Kiddical Mass ride last spring. Follow her on Instagram as she hauls her two boys around Seattle by bike and engages in all sorts of crazy adventures by bike (including family bike camping!).

#3: @mountainmomyyc

If you want pictures of beautiful scenery, follow this Canadian mom as she and her son set off on some fabulous adventures by bike. What’s better than a mother-son cycling duo?!

#4: @adventuretykes

If you’ve ever been to Moab or ever dream of going to the red-dirt paradise, you’ll love this outdoorsy family. As you’d expect from someone living in mountain bike Mecca, this mom is raising her son to be quite the little mountain biker.

#5: @clarkrw3

We had to throw a Dad in here somewhere. Clark’s feed shows that kids are very capable cyclists–even competitively. As former Phoenicians, we also love the shots of desert riding.

#6: @pedaladventures

The always inspiring Jen is one of our favorite cycling parents to follow. In fact, we’ve featured her on the blog before. Her Instagram account features photos as she travels to her son’s bike races and supports events for the Axel Project.

#7: @epsnider

“Rejecting the American dream and embracing minimal urban living,” Elizabeth reminds us how bikes are always better than cars—even when you have little children in tow.

#8: @rebourne_marni

Philly isn’t exactly known for being cycling-friendly, but this impressive mama manages to commute around the city with her kiddos on a Bullitt cargo bike.

#9: @pinkmtbr

This UK-based mom is an inspiration for all female mountain bikers. She shows that it’s possible to raise children, race mountain bikes, and have a lot of fun with your family.  We just with that she lived down the street.

#10: @katrina_andthebabes

Appreciative of the simple things in life, Katrina knows that riding bikes with one’s kids is the good stuff. Every time we see a picture of this family biking together, we suddenly feel inspired to get outside also.

Now that you know where all the best Instagram action is happening, make sure to go follow these accounts. And while you’re at it, make sure to follow @rascal_rides as well. Share your Instagram account, or your favorite account about biking with kids, in the comments below.

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