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100% iTrack Kids Bike Gloves Review

Despite having several pairs of cycling gloves, my son generally refuses to wear them.  Which is why, when he kept asking for a pair of 100% gloves, I caved.  (Do any of you do that?  I’m such a sucker for buying him anything and everything bike related).

But what do you know?  He actually wears these gloves!  Evidently, he knows a pair of good kids bike gloves when he sees them — the 100% ITrack gloves are top-notch quality.  If you are looking for a pair of minimalistic, slip-on full-finger gloves the 100% iTrack gloves are worth a look.

100% itrack glove review

Review in a Nutshell


  • Look cool!
  • Minimalistic glove allows kids to easily maneuver objects
  • High-quality stitching


  • Thin material is likely to wear quickly
  • A bit expensive for a kids glove

Price & Where to Buy:

100% iTrack Glove Detailed Review


The 100% ITrack gloves are minimalistic full-finger mountain bike gloves.  I personally prefer thin gloves for my own riding, and I especially like them for kids.  Children already have a hard enough time maneuvering objects, and a thin glove helps them with their dexterity.  It also allows them to easily “feel” their bars and the trail which can be helpful in developing mountain skills.  Finally, the top is made of a mesh material which is nice for riding in hot weather.

100% iTrack gloves

All that said, minimalistic gloves aren’t appropriate for everybody.  If your kiddo is doing serious downhill riding, tends to crash a lot, or is riding in heavy vegetation, a glove with more padding and protection would be a better choice.  As I mention below, a sturdier glove also tends to have a longer useful life.

As you would expect, the palm is covered in silicon to help with grip.  This is particularly helpful if you ride in wet weather.

The last thing to mention is the wrist closure.  There is no velcro strap, which isn’t good or bad and is largely a matter of personal preference.  You might want to have your child try on a few pairs of gloves to decide which feels best to them.


The 100% ITrack gloves are the same high-quality you would expect from their adult gloves.  The iconic company makes gloves for both motocross and mountain biking and they are meant to handle some serious abuse.  The stitching on the gloves are high quality and I wouldn’t worry about them unraveling any time soon.

That said, the material is pretty thin on these (by design), and like all minimalist mountain bike gloves, I would expect they have a pretty short lifespan.  This is speculation only — I’ll update a year or so from now.


100% kids mountain bike gloves

My 5-year-old son is wearing the size Small iTrack gloves.  They fit him pretty well; they are perhaps slightly too big but not overly so.  The gloves come in three sizes (S, M, L), with the largest easily fitting the pre-teen crew.  If your child is under 5, consider the ZippyRooz gloves — our favorites for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

  S M L
  5 6 7
Hand Circumference 6.375 – 6.625in
(16.2 – 16.8cm)
6.625 – 6.875in
(16.8 – 17.5cm)
6.875 – 7.125in
(17.5 – 18.1cm)

Comparison Chart: Kids Full-Finger Bike Gloves

Not convinced the 100% iTrack is the best glove for your child?  Here’s out it stacks up with other full-finger gloves on the market.  You can also take a look at our post on our favorite kids cycling gloves.

Glove Price Wrist Closure Glove Type Size
100% iTrack   Slip-on Minimalistic 16.2 cm – 18.1cm
Woom  $16  Slip-on Minimalistic  14-18 cm
ZippyRooz  $19  Velcro Minimalistic  12.5cm- 17.8cm
Giro DND Jr II  $18  Velcro  Minimalistic  14cm – 18 cm
Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves  $22  Velcro  Minimalistic 15.9 cm – 20.3cm
100% Airmatic  $25  Slip-on Heavy duty 16.2 cm – 18.1cm


While a little bit pricey for a glove that is likely to wear out in a year or so, and is even more likely to be smeared in chocolate and snot, the 100% gets two thumbs up for parents who want to get and keep their kids stoked on mountain biking.  The gloves look cool, are comfortable, and will help protect your child’s hands when the inevitable crashes happen.

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