5 Best 20 Inch Mountain Bikes For Kids

When children reach the 20 inch threshold, the world of kids mountain bikes really opens up.  There are several reasons for this: kids this age are finally strong enough to deal with the extra weight introduced by suspension, they have a newly developed capacity to operate gears, and they have the focused interest to justify a higher-priced bike.

Kids reach the magical 20” threshold (and stay there) at wildly different times depending on their height and build.  That said, 20 inch mountain bikes are generally appropriate for kids aged 6 to 8. 

trailcraft blue sky 20 in action

If your child is in that age range, use this list as a guide for picking the right bike for your child.  We’ve included our “Top 5” picks for hardtail 20 inch mountain bikes, full suspension 20 inch mountain bikes, budget picks, and some honorable mentions.

If you’re not sure which is the right bike for your kiddo, keep reading.  We’ve also included a comparison chart and tips on how to choose.

(Also, before you have a heart-attack over price and leave me a nasty comment, keep on reading. While the Top 5 bikes are pretty pricey, we’ve tried to include some quality budget options on the full list as well).

5 Best 20 Inch Hardtail Mountain Bikes

BikeWhat We LovePrice
1Trailcraft Blue Sky 20Lightweight, top shelf components$1,449+
2Prevelo Zulu Three HEIRSlack geometry, long wheelbase, beefy tires$1,199
3Woom OFF / Woom OFF AIRLightweight, rigid carbon fork or air fork–options! $799/$949
4Spawn Yama Jama 20Brood, kid-specific components$1,095
5Flow Bikes Flow CarbonConvertible 16″ to 20″ wheels, custom colors/builds$1,600

Trailcraft Blue Sky 20

trailcraft blue sky 20 inch mountain bike

The bike that we’ve been dreaming of is here!  Not getting your child this bike is basically child abuse.  (Ok, not really, but it is a sweet bike). 

Made by top-of-the-line kids bike manufacturer, Trailcraft, the Blue Sky 20 is their tiniest offering.  But although it may be small, it is built with adult-quality parts including tubeless tires.  It’s also crazy light (starting at 19 lbs!!!) making it ideal for smaller riders and families that take trail riding seriously.

Read Review: Trailcraft Blue Sky 20

Price (MSRP): $1,449+

Prevelo Zulu Three HEIR

prevelo zulu three heir 20 inch mountain bike

Prevelo is pumping out some seriously awesome little mountain bikes. The Zulu Three HEIR is their higher-end 20” mountain bike offering with 80mm of front suspension. 

It offers a Shimano 10-speed drivetrain with clutch, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and custom-made cranks.  The Zulu Three HEIR also comes standard with some seriously beefy 2.35″ tires.

They also recently redesigned the bike to add tubeless-ready wheels, routing for a dropper post, and a longer wheelbase. Proof that they are committed to continuously providing some of the best kids mountain bikes around.

If the price gives you sticker shocker, you might also want to check out the standard Prevelo Zulu Three, which knocks a couple of hundred dollars off the price tag.

Read Review: Prevelo Zulu Three

Price (MSRP): $1,199

Woom OFF 4 and Woom OFF AIR 4

woom off 4

The Woom 4 OFF is our favorite 20 inch mountain bike for parents on a budget and kids who are primarily riding mellow, non-technical trails.

The rigid carbon fork does a good job of absorbing trail chatter as do the high-volume Schwalbe 2.25″ tires. By forgoing a suspension fork, Woom has kept the weight at approximately 17 pounds (!!!).

Looking for something a little bit more hard-charging? The Woom 4 OFF AIR takes the same great bike as the Woom OFF but adds in a 60mm high-quality air-sprung supsension fork. For the price and weight, this bike really can’t be beat.

Read Review: Woom OFF and WOOM OFF AIR

Price: $799/$949

Spawn Yama Jama 20”

Yama Jama 20

Spawn has always prided themselves in making the best mountain bikes for kids, and their 20” hardtail, the Yama Jama 20, hits the mark.  This sweet little bike has an 80mm Brood Bike Co. Eldorado fork, tubeless tires, and SRAM 1×10 drivetrain.

Read Review: Spawn Yama Jama 24 (same bike in bigger size)

Price (MSRP): $1,095

Flow Bikes Flow Carbon

Flow Bikes Flow Carbon

Chances are you’ve never heard of Flow Bikes, and that needs to change.  The Flow Bikes “Carbon” boasts an aluminum frame with carbon wheels, seatpost, and handlebars.  The all-mountain build includes SRAM X-7 1×10 drivetrain, Hayes Hydraulic disc brakes, and on and on and on.  It also accepts 16″ or 20″ wheels. 

Price (MSRP): $1,600

5 Best Full Suspension 20 Inch Mountain Bikes

BikeWhat We LovePrice
1Norco Fluid FS 1 20Great trail bike$2,399
2Spawn RokkusutaBrood components, bike park worthy build$1,950
3Carbon XS Mad 6Carbon build, super lightweight$3,050
4Commencal Clash 20Manitou Junit fork, built for downhill$2,199
5Lil Shredder ProdigyConverts from 16″ to 20″ wheels$2,950

Norco Fluid FS 1 20

norco fluid 20 inch mountain bike

The Norco Fluid FS 1 20 is our favorite 20-inch kids’ full suspension mountain bike.  Granted, it’s a bit pricey for a bike that will soon be outgrown but if you want a top-notch bicycle—this is it. 

A capable trail bike, the Fluid boasts full-suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and a Shimano Diore 1×10 drivetrain.

Price: $2,399

Carbon XS Mad 6

carbon xs mad 6 review

This cross-country oriented full-suspension mountain bike is unlike anything else on the market. The Carbon XS Mad 6 has a nearly full-carbon build and an adjustable frame to grow with your child from around 4 years to 7 years old.

It’s crazy lightweight at 17.5 pounds (with pedals), making it the lightest bike on our Top 5 list, and on par with the fully-rigid options below.

Read Review: Carbon XS Mad 6

Price (MSRP): $3,050

Spawn Rokkusuta

spawn rokkusuta_24

Do you spend your summers riding lift-served laps at the bike park?  If so, your kiddo NEEDS the Spawn Rokkusuta

My son got to ride the bike at Whistler and his skill level went through the roof.  It’s pricey but worth every penny.  100mm of front and rear travel, SRAM Guide brakes, and in-house Brood brand everything makes this the bike worth splurging on.  We can’t rave enough.

Read Review: Spawn Rokkusuta 20

Price (MSRP): $1,950

Commencal Clash 20

commencal clash 20

The Commencal Clash 20 is marketed as the ultimate bike-park rig, and it has the specs to back it up.  The little 20” package includes a Manitou Junit 120mm fork, beefy Vee Tire Co 2.4” tires, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.  Just be careful because you might not be able to keep up with junior on this bike!

Price (MSRP): $2,199

Lil Shredder Prodigy

Lil Shredder Prodigy

If money is no object (or you just REALLY want your kid to like mountain biking), the Lil Shredder Prodigy is your bike.  You can get it built up as a trail bike or downhill bike, or buy the frame and rear shock (a Fox float) and build it up yourself.    

The high-price tag is tempered by how adaptable the Prodigy is—it accepts 16” or 20” wheels, fits kids between 36” and 51” tall, and has interchangeable, sliding dropouts so that it can be ridden geared or as a single-speed.

Price: $2,950 (trail build) or $1,350 (frame and shock)

5 Best Budget 20 Inch Mountain Bikes

There are lots of legit reasons not to spend a couple of thousand dollars on a bike that’s going to be outgrown in a year or two. Whether you’re on a tight budget OR your child is just dabbling in mountain biking, the bikes on this list will get them started in the sport.

BikeWhat We LovePrice
1Cleary OwlLightweight, classic steel frame$430
2Pello RoverGreat do it all bike$499/$639
3Vitus 20+Lots of bang for your buck$357
4Scott Scale Rigid 20Lightweight, brand name components$349
5Co-Op Cycles REV 20 PlusCan use your REI dividend$339

Cleary Owl

Cleary makes our favorite 12” mountain bike (the Gecko), and at the other end of the spectrum—their 20” bike is pretty rad too. 

The Cleary Owl is also one of the lightest on this list at only 19 pounds.   Of course, it stays this light by forgoing gears and suspension—but for kids who would benefit from a lighter bike, it’s worth it.  (If you want gears, the Owl also comes in a version with an internally geared hub, but it adds weight and cost).

The Owl has a beautiful steel frame, internal cable routing, and a flip-flop rear hub.   The price tag on this bike rocks also.

Read Our Review: Cleary Owl

Price (MSRP): $430

Pello Rover

pello rover 20 inch mountain bike

The Pello Rover is a great do-it-all bike and can be built up with a rigid fork or Spinner Grind 40mm suspension fork. For the price, the Rover offers an exceptional build including Tektro mechanical disc brakes, SRAM drivetrain, and tubeless-ready wheelset.

Read Review: Pello Rover

Price (MSRP): $499+

Scott Scale 20 Rigid

scott scale rigid 20 inch mountain bike

The Scott Scale Rigid 20 is a step down from the old Scott Scale Jr hardtail that we loved. That said it’s also a step down in price which is nice.

For the price, it’s respectably light at just a hair over 20 pounds which is far lighter than most of the plus-sized rigid bikes around. They’ve also managed to keep brand name components on the build including Kenda tires and Tektro mechanical disc brakes.

Price: $349

Vitus 20 Plus

vitus 20 plus kids mountain bike

We’re not always fans of plus-sized tires on 20 inch bikes for trail riding (due to the weight), but the value is so good on the Vitus bikes we had to include this one. The Vitus 20 Plus features Kenda 2.6″ tires, Tektro mechanical disc brakes, and a Shimano 1×7 drivetrain. All this for a REALLY killer price.

Price (MSRP): $356.99

Co-Op Cycles REV 20 Plus


If you’re an REI member with a dividend burning a hole in your pocket, the Co-Op Cycles REV 20 Plus might be a super attractive option. As seems to be the trend right now, the bike has plus-sized (2.6″) tires and disc brakes.

How have they kept the price so low? The bike uses many “off brand” components including the mechanical disc brakes and beefy tires.

This might not be the bike to choose if you’re child is going to be beating it up, but for kids just getting into the sport or who ride infrequently, it will be fine.

Price: $339

Honorable Mentions

There are so many good 20 inch mountain bikes out there right now that they couldn’t all make it on one of our Top 5 lists. Here are some other worthy contenders worth your time and money.

Early Trail 20 HT

early rider tail 20 ht

The Early Rider Trail 20 HT is lust-worthy.  But it’s not just beautiful—the components are top-notch as well.  This hardtail mountain bike has Tektro mechanical disc brakes and SRAM X5 trigger shifters.

Thanks to the minimalistic build the weight is reasonably light–under 20 lbs. And did we mention that it looks good?

Price: $939

Other Early Rider 20″ bikes to consider:

  • Hellion 20 – Hardtail, hydraulic disc brakes, RST fork, $1,349, 21 lbs
  • Seeker 20 – Fully rigid, hydraulic disc brakes, 19 lbs, $749

Commencal Meta HT 20+

commencal meta ht 20 inch mountain bike

The Commencal Meta HT 20+ is a scaled down version of the popular adult mountain bike. And while it may be smaller, it’s no less high quality.

The bike is decked out with a Manitou Junit 20 100mm fork, SRAM drivetrain, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. It’s topped off with some of our other favorite kid-specific components like the SDG Fly Jr saddle and tubeless-ready Vee Tire Co Crown Gem  2.6 inch tires.

The only drawback that we can come up with is that it’s a little heavy.

Price: $1,299

Norco Fluid HT+ 2.3


A more affordable alternative to the Norco Fluid FS (listed above), the Norco Fluid HT+ 2.3 trades in the rear shock for wider tires. It still has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, but has slightly lower end components (SR Suntour XCT fork and Shimano Altus drivetrain).Still, it’s a great bike for more mellow shredders.

Price: $699

Other 20″ Norco bikes to consider:

  • Norco Storm 2.1 – Hardtail, SR Suntour XCT Jr fork, mechanical disc brakes, $459

Cannondale Trail 20

Cannondale Trail 20

The Cannondale Trail 20 is a solid entry-level mountain bike.  It doesn’t have massive travel or hydraulic brakes, but it will hold up at the local pump track or on easy singletrack rides.  The bike has brand-name components including an Ahead stem and headset and Shimano drivetrain.

Price (MSRP): $ 400

Other 20″ Cannondale Bikes To Consider:

Kona Honzo 20

Kona Honzo 20 kids mountain bike

The Kona Honzo 20 is a step up from previous generation Kona kids bikes.  The Honzo offers everything you want in a mountain bike: hydraulic disc brakes, an air fork, and a digestible price point.  It also looks snazzy, and if dad has a Honzo also, you can match.

Price: $649

Other Kona 20″ Bikes To Consider:

  • Kona Makena – fully rigid, singlespeed, plus-sized tires, $399

Specialized Riprock 20

We know a lot of families who ONLY buy Specialized bikes. If that’s you, then you might want to pick the Specialized Riprock 20. It has a low standover height so it’s a good choice for kids who just barely fit a 20 inch bike.

The only thing to keep in mind is that this bike is HEAVY. We personally now several families who’ve bought this bike only to upgrade down the line.

Price: $500

20 Inch Mountain Bike Specs and Comparison Chart

Want the complete specs for each of these bikes and how they stack up to one another?  Use this comparison chart to help you choose the best 20” mountain bike for your child.

Note: I had trouble finding weight data for some of these bikes.  If you have any of the missing info, shoot me a note or comment below.  Thanks!

BikePrice (MSRP)WeightFrameForkBrakesDrivetrainRear Shock
Lil Shredder Prodigy$2,950 (trail build) or $1,350 (frame and shock) AlloyCustomCustomCustomFox Float
Spawn Rokkusuta 20$1,95025.5 lbsAlloyBrood ELDORADO, 100 mmHydraulic disk brakes (Sram Guide R)Sram GX, 7 speedX-Fusion O2 Pro RL
Commencal Clash 20$2,19926.8 lbsAlloyManitou Junit 20, 120mmHydraulic Disk Brakes (Tektro)SRAM X5 1x10Manitou Mcleod Nino
Norco Fluid FS 1 20*$2,399AlloyManitou Junit 20, 120mmHydraulic Disk Brakes (Tektro)Shimano Zee / Diore 1 x 10Fox Performance FLOAT
Carbon XS Mad 6$3,05017.5 lbsCarbonSpinner Grind, 50mmHydraulic Disc (Shimano XT)Shimano ZeeDNM
Trailcraft Blue Sky 20$1,499+19 lbs AlloyTrailcraft TC30, Hydraulic disk brakes (Shimano Deore)Shimano Deore, 10 speedN/A
Spawn Yama Jama 20$1,09521.5 lbsAlloyBROOD ELDORADO, 80mmHydraulic Disk Brakes (Tektro)Sram GX 1x10N/A
Prevelo Zulu Three HEIR*$1,19922.2 lbsAlloyHEIR 80mm travelHydraulic Disc Brakes (Tektro)Shimano ZEE 10-speed drivetrain.N/A
Early Rider Trail 20 HT*$93917.5 lbsAlloyAlloyHydaulic disc brakes (Avid Level T)SRAM X5 trigger, 9-speedN/A
Kona Honzo 20$649AlloySpinner Grind, 50 mmHydraulic disk brakes (Tektro Tektro HDM286)Shimano Tourney, 7 speedN/A
Scott Scale 20$34924 lbsAlloySunTour XCT-JR 20, 40mmV-brakes (Tektro)Shimano, 7 -speedN/A
Cleary Owl*$43019 lbsSteelReinforced steelV-brakes (Tektro)Singlespeed, 32x19 gear ratioN/A
Pello Rover *$499+17 lbsAlloyAlloy OR 40mm Spinner GrindMechanical disc (Tektro)SRAM X4 1x8N/A
Cannondale Trail 20$37523 lbsAlloySunTour XCT-JR 20, 30mmV-brakesShimano, 1x6N/A
Woom 4 OFF*$79917.2 lbsAlloyRigid carbonHydraulic disc brakes (Promax)SRAM X5, 1x9N/A
Woom OFF AIR 4*$94919.8 lbsAlloyRTS, 80mmHydraulic disc brakes (Promax)SRAM X5, 1x9N/A
Flow Bikes Flow Carbon$1,60020 lbsAlloy80mm Travel, Custom tunedHydraulic disc (Tektro Auriga WS, Short Reach)SRAM X-7 1×10N/A
Vitus 20 Plus*$356.9921.8 lbsAlloyAlloyMechanical disc (Tektro)Shimano 1×7N/A
Co-Op Cycles REV 20 Plus$33923 lbsAlloyAlloyMechanical Disc BrakeShimano Tourney, 1×6 N/A
Commencal Meta HT 20+$1,29923.36 lbsAlloyManitou Junit 20 100mmHydraulic disc brake (Tektro HD-J285)SRAM GX 10N/A
Norco Fluid HT+ 2.3$699AlloySR Suntour XCT JR 20, 60mm TravelHydraulic disc brake (Tektro)Shimano Altus, 8-speed N/A
Specialized Riprock 20$50027 lbsAlloyCustom SR Suntour XCT Mechanical Disc BrakeShimano Tourney, 7 speedN/A

Things to Consider Before Buying a 20” Mountain Bike

Type of riding

Identifying what kind of riding your child is going to be doing is the first step in shopping for a 20” mountain bike.  Maybe your family is interested in doing some off-road riding on rail-trails.  In this case, a bike like the Woom 4 OFF or the Cleary Owl is going to be the right bike for the mission.

On the other end of the spectrum, you might be the kind of family that is headed to the Whistler bike park for your summer vacation.  Obviously, for this kind of riding your child is going to need a wildly different bike.  To hit the big stuff, you’re going to want a bike like the Commencal Clash 20 or the Spawn Rokkusuta.

Most families will be somewhere in between.  Your kids plan on doing some trail rides, playing on the pump track, and maybe attending a summer mountain bike camp.  You should consider a bike like the Trailcraft Blue Sky 20 or Prevelo Zulu HEIR.

prevelo zulu three climbing

Full-suspension vs. front-suspension vs. fully rigid

Whether you should be buying a rigid bike or a suspension bike is again largely dependent on the type of riding your child will be doing.  If your kiddo is taking lift-assisted runs at the bike park, they need suspension (most likely, full-suspension).  For trail riding, the answer is a little trickier.

Adding a suspension fork to a kids bike adds weight—often, quite a lot of weight.  A nice fully-rigid bike like the Cleary Owl or the Woom OFF is lightweight and still perfectly capable on mellow singletrack.  For kids who are new to mountain biking, or on the smaller size, the lower weight is particularly important.

If your child has already mastered mountain biking and is riding rougher trails, consider either front-suspension or full-suspension.  Just make sure that you are spending the money to get them a bike with GOOD suspension so that the extra weight is justified by extra performance.  Cheap suspension forks are a waste of weight and money.

Spawn Rokkusuta Review


Buy the best bike that you can afford.  The nicer the bike, the more likely your child is to want to ride.  The extra money buys extra comfort, performance, speed, and enjoyment.

Luckily the cheapest bike on this list, the Cleary Owl, is still a totally legit bike.   If you can’t afford even that, don’t go to Walmart.  Instead, look for a decent used bike.  Post on some local MTB Facebook groups.  Find a local bike swap.  Scour Craigslist and Ebay.  Kids don’t stay one size for very long, so there are usually plenty of gently-used bikes out there.


There are three types of mountain bike brakes:

  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • V-brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes are the nicest and have the best performance.  They are also the most expensive, and require the most maintenance.

Mechanical disc brakes come next. They offer most of the performance of a hydraulic disc brake in a package that is easier to maintain and adjust. 

The cheapest option are good old v-brakes (rim brakes).  Fortunately, kids don’t weigh a lot, so v-brakes do a pretty decent job of stopping them compared to an adult.  Unfortunately, they don’t modulate, and they don’t work well when wet.   This is again a matter of budget—buy the best you can personally afford.

SRAM Guide Brakes on the Spawn Rokkusuta


You probably have a good idea of whether or not your child is ready for gears.  If they’ve mastered mountain biking without gears, they might be ready.  If they have good eye-hand coordination, they might be ready.  If they’re not ready, that’s fine—stick with a singlespeed.

pello reddi mountain biking

The other thing to consider is the type of shifter. A lot of kids bikes come with grip shifters, but we far prefer trigger shifters, especially for mountain biking. They are easier to operate and to get clean shifts. That said grip shifters can be more intuitive for kids struggling to learn how to shift.


Weight is SO IMPORTANT when it comes to kids’ bikes. Lighter bikes are easier to maneuver, easier to climb on, and allow kids to have more fun. You want your child to enjoy mountain biking, right?

Unfortunately, many 20-inch mountain bikes are HEAVY. Most likely your child is currently riding a fully rigid 16-inch bike with v-brakes and a singlespeed drivetrain. Add on a suspension fork, disc brakes, and a geared drivetrain, and you’re adding a bunch of weight.

Obviously, if your family is primarily doing lift-served and shuttle rides, weight isn’t AS important. However, if your family does a lot of climbing OR if your child is particularly petite weight becomes very important. We specifically chose our son’s mountain bike to be the lightest bike we could find with a suspension fork.

Tire Size

Ah, the great tire size debate. For some reason this issue causes more upset than any other, so I’ll prepare myself for the fire that’s sure to come.

We believe the best tire size for kids this age is between 2.1″ and 2.3″. This provides plenty of traction and volume without adding rotational weight. The biggest issue with plus-sized tires for kids is that they tend to be heavy and as we already established the lighter the bike, the happier the kid.

Still, there are some legit reasons to choose a larger tire. First off, a higher-volume tire is often a better choice than a sub-par suspension fork for creating a plush ride. Second, plus-sized tires create the ability to ride a bike year-round since kids are light enough to ride plus-sized tires even in the snow.

The Extras

This stuff is less important….unless you’re a serious mountain bike aficionado (like I am). If you’re truly looking for the BEST mountain bike for your child, then don’t forget to pay attention to:

  • Frame Geometry — What kind of riding is your child going to be doing? Pick a bike with appropriate geometry. Kids who plan on racing will be best off with a more aggressive design like that on the Trailcraft. If your kiddo is going to be spending most of their time at the bike park, look for slacker geo like that found on the Prevelo Zulu 4 HEIR.
  • Internal Routing For a Dropper Post — Want to put a dropper post on your kiddos bike? A dropper can be hugely helpful for quick seat drops before a big downhill. But if you think you might add one, make sure to look for a bike that offers internal routing, because adding a dropper without routing, while possible, is a bit of a pain.
  • Tubeless Tires — If it was up to us, every kid’s bike would have tubeless-ready rims and tires. It allows tires to be run at lower pressures for better traction. And nearly eliminates flat tires.
  • Thru-Axle – Chances are, your mountain bike has a thru-axle. We think your kids mountain bike should have one too. Compared to a quick-release, a thru-axle provides greater stability and safety.
  • Crank Length – The best crank length for kids this age are between 110mm and 130mm. The smaller you child and the shorter their legs, the shorter the optimal crank length. Anything over 130mm I would think twice about.

Gender: Is There A Difference Between A Boys 20 Inch Mountain Bike And A Girls 20 Inch Mountain Bike?

Unlike adult mountain bikes, where you can find women’s-specific bikes, there is no such thing as a “boys 20 inch mountain bike” or a “girls 20 inch mountain bike.” There are just kids mountain bikes.

Of course, you can always match your kids color preferences by choosing a frame they like, but don’t stop there! You can add extra bling by swapping out pedals, handlebar grips, etc.

Some girls (and even some boys) may also be uncomfortable on the existing saddle. In that case, we recommend checking out our list of the best kids bike saddles, and swapping out the existing seat for a new one.

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  1. Kristen
    Nice article with some really important information for parents. We have just recently launched our MAD6 Series II which we believe trumps everything on the market. It is a purpose built 20″ wheel bike for all level of kids. The MAD6 is the only bike the standover height can be changed as the child grows. Our design and tuning combined with a bike weight of less than 8 kg (under 17.5 pounds) gives kids the best possible riding experience. 10 speed ZEE and dual suspension that is designed and dialled in for lightweight riders. The bikes are made to order although we usually have 1 or 2 in stock and the pricing includes delivery in most countries direct to the rider. Take a look at our new website and we would love to be mentioned in your reviews. Thanks for your time Please let me know if you need any more information. PS – you may see one around as a bike went to Utah a few weeks ago

  2. Wow, who knew shopping for a REAL 20″ mountain bike was so hard! First, knowing what is out there….then, getting your hands on one! If I would have found your site sooner, it might have saved me some hassle – we just had to return the 1st one we purchased. After about 30-40 miles, we realized we went too cheap.

    So, we have our 2nd 20″ bike arriving on Monday. This time, using your reviews, I was more knowledgeable on what to look for and what was out there We opted for the Norco Fluid, but their hardtail – the Fluid HT 2.3+. The HT had a lower retail price (retails for $579, but we got a “leftover” from the prior year), which worked well given the cost vs our expected years of service – 1 1/2 – 2 years max….and he is our youngest, so no other siblings to hand it down to. So my little shredder’s bike can be like “Dad’s bike” and some of the higher-end full suspension 20″ bikes, we are upgrading the fork to an air fork. …and yes, as hard as it is to shop for REAL 20″ mountain bikes, it’s even harder to shop for REAL air forks for a 20″ bike!

    Thanks again for all the info – this is the only place I found this stuff!!

  3. I’m a fanatic road cyclist. Paying thousand of dollars for a kid’s bike is totally insane. Fuck all those greedy companies.

  4. Hi, I emailed Woom bikes US and was told the woom rigid fork 20″ is good for lift access bike park, but my neighbor who is a mtb enthusiast said hell naw. Can you help? Thoughts?

    • Hi Bredan,
      You COULD take it to a lift accessed bike park if you are riding mellow green trails. That said, once your child has progressed beyond that, you’re going to want a bike with good suspension.

  5. I stumbled onto a Propain Dreckspatz from Europe. It is a fantastic 20″ bike. It weighs 17lbs. Excellent fork. Great option when Propain gets their youth bikes to the states.

  6. I am about to buy a used GT Aggressor 20 inch Mountain Bike Kids Aluminum Front Suspension.My son soon be 7yo, he is small in size for his age. He have not learn to ride yet but I want him to get all the equipments need to enjoy biking. Or should I buy a GT bank slammer BMX 20? Please help


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