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2019 Strider Cup and World Championship Dates and Locations

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Imagine this: 500 toddlers and pre-schoolers toeing the start-line of a world-championship race. An inflatable arch floats overhead, the announcer counts down over a loudspeaker, hundreds of adoring fans line the course, cameras at the ready. 3, 2, 1, the countdown begins, and a sea of little legs begin to spin, a rainbow of Strider bikes flood forward.

This is a Strider race. The uninitiated might be shocked both my the number of Strider-devotees and the speed of the young racers. For the familiar, this is just another day in the Strider universe, a place where balance bikes are as commonplace as strollers and where parents fork out endless dough for Strider calendars, Strider knee pads, Strider rockers and skis.

Whatever you make think of the commercial aspect of it all, you have to admit it is pretty dang cute, all those speedy little legs and big grins. For parents who race, either BMX or mountain biking or road, this is their first chance to introduce their offspring to the world of bicycle racing. To get them hooked before they’ve learned to read or even tie their shoes.

If you’ve been curious about Strider races, 2019 is your chance to check it all out. There are 5 dates and locations for Strider races this year.

Strider Cup Dates and Locations

  • May 4: Los Angeles, CA
  • June 15: Boulder, CO
  • July 6: Minneapolis, MN
  • August 17: Surrey, BC
  • October 4-5: Charlotte, NC (WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RACE)
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3 Race Classes + Strider 14x

There’s something for everybody; well, as long as your under six.

The 12-inch Strider races are broken down into three different age categories: 2 and under, 3 year olds, and 4 year olds.

Older kids can partake in the 14x class. It’s open to kids ages 3 to 6 and is intended for kids with a 14x sport bike.If you’re not familiar with the 14x Sport, it is a convertible balance bike to pedal bike with 14″ wheels.

For the 14x Sport races, kids must ride the bike in balance bike mode (no pedals).


Registration for the 2019 races is open now and can be done online at

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