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Best 24 Inch Mountain Bikes For Your Child

By the time kids reach the 8 to 10 age-range, they are truly becoming capable of putting in some substantial miles on the trail with Mom and Dad. As you know, mountain biking is rough and taxing on the components of bikes and kids need a quality build too.

Below is a comprehensive list of the best 24 inch mountain bikes out there.  However, we’ve grouped them into our “top” favorites including several other bikes that are worthy of your consideration. There are three sub genres of bike: hardtail, full suspension, and budget. Please keep in mind that economic factors are rapidly changing the cycling industry and some items might be losing availability.

woom off air
Photo Credit: Woom Bikes

As you peruse the weight, price, and build info, you’ll probably notice a  trend. The bigger brands are good at building bikes at an affordable price point, but don’t necessarily consider the bodyweight ratio of a child and their bike. The small boutique brands, on the other hand, are offering lighter frames with components designed to specifically fit little ones but come with a steeper price tag.

If you’re a bike geek, make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see our big comparison chart with specs. We’ve included as many 24 inch bikes as possible to give you all the choices and data.

Also note, these are true 24 inch mountain bikes. If you are looking for a bike for more casual riding, check out or list of 24 inch recreational bikes instead.

Table Of Contents

HardtailsComparison Chart
Budget BikesHow To Choose
Full Suspension Bikes

Top 24 Inch Kids Hard Tail Mountain Bikes

Let’s start with the hard tails!

BikeWhat Makes It SpecialPrice
1Trailcraft PineridgeSuper light build, Stans Crest MK3 wheels$1,579+
2Prevelo Zulu 4Slack geometry, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Heir Fork$1049+
3Woom Off Air 5Light build, RST air fork, quality components$999
4Pello Reyes Lightweight build, rigid fork or air fork$639+
5Frog MTB 6265mm Fork, hydraulic disc brakes, lighter weight$1099
6Spawn Yama Jama 24Rock Shox Reba 100mm fork, Brood 2.3 tires$1,425
7Nukeproof Cubscout 24Under 25 lbs, Manitou Machete J Unit fork$1,399

Trailcraft Pineridge

With multiple build kits and color options, the Tailcraft Pineridge 24 is a versatile xc ripper for your young ones. Moreover, we would probably select the cheapest full build available. Like any other bike, the higher end components are available…for a price.

At a mere 20.2 pounds (for the lightest build), the Trailcraft Pineridge is one of the lightest xc kids bikes on the market. Trailcraft also offers a titanium version if your little person is SPOILED! Stans Crest MK3 wheels help round out a build with a quality component spec that will leave you drooling and wishing you had one too.

Read Review: Trailcraft Blue Sky 20 (smaller version of the Pineridge)

Price: $1,579.00 – $3,899.00

Prevelo Zulu 4

Prevelo Zulu 4

The Prevelo Zulu 4 is an eye-popping hardtail designed for small riders. The bike comes in two versions, a standard build and the Zulu 4 HEIR.

By comparison both versions have a slack geometry design and plenty of plushness up front to allow the mini shredder in your life to not only keep up but remain comfortable and really open up on the trail. Moreover, both the front and rear through axles offer lateral stifness and make for one burley ride. The addition of internal routing allows for a dropper post as well.

This bike is a cross-country ripper with a Shimano drivetrain, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and in-house components designed to fit kids. The tubeless ready wheels and stout build make for a great all-around mountain bike that your kiddo is sure to enjoy.

Read Review: Prevelo Zulu 3 HEIR (smaller version of the Zulu 4)

Price: $1,049+

Woom Off Air 5

Woom has been in the U.S. market for a few years now and have taken the cruiser crowd by storm. With thoughtful builds that offer both light weight and affordability they are hard to beat.

The Woom Off Air 5 is their entry into kids mountain bikes. With an RST 100mm fork, SRAM drivetrain, Promax hydraulic disc brakes, house components, and Schwalbe Rocket Ron’s, your little ones can cruise with the freshman NICA class and have enough durability in the bike to conquer chunky trails.

Read Review: Woom Off Review

Price: $999

Pello Reyes

Pello Reyes Teal

There are plenty of reasons to choose a fully rigid bike for your child, but chief amongst them are weight savings and cost savings.  The Pello Reyes has a rigid fork option, but the 60mm air fork will create a comfortable ride.

In addition, a build with tubeless-ready wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, and super compact geometry rounds out a nice package. The bike comes in three colors now, orange, corral, and teal. For the price, it probably can’t be beaten.

Price: $639 / $918

Frog MTB 62

Frog is a British brand with a competitive weight for a competitive price.

The Frog MTB 62 checks all of the boxes with a Shimano drive-train, house branded, 65mm travel fork, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and other house branded parts rounding out the build. Just shy of 25 pounds, this bike is capable of long days in the saddle with mom and dad.

Price: $1099

Spawn Yama Jama 24

Spawn was started as one of the first “kid-specific” brands and quickly branched out with matching componentry. With a reputation known for handling the rigors of North Shore riding in BC, Canada, the Spawn Yama Jama 24 holds true.

A recent redesign to their full suspension frames allows the 20 and 24 inch bikes to run increased wheel sizes. To follow suit, the Yama Jama can now be purchased with 22″ wheels for bigger kiddos not quite ready for 24″ wheels. The Yama Jama is a better bike than ever before with a Rockshox Reba fork, Sram NX drivetrain, Brood (house) brand parts, internal cable routing, and Tektro disc brakes. Sometimes I wish these came in adult sizes! As of this update, these frames are on sale too!

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Price: $1,425

Nukeproof Cub Scout 24

Nukeproof Cub Scout 24

With a history founded in mountain biking, Nukeproof is a brand that builds bikes with current geometry specs and does it quite elegantly. I wouldn’t mind owning one of their adult bikes.

The Nukeproof Cub Scout 24 has a thoughtful build with a Manitou J Unit Machete (100 mm) fork, Shimano 10 speed drive train with a wide gearing ratio, WTB rims with Maxxis Minion DHF’s, and Clarks HD disc brakes bring this build right to 25.79 pounds.

Price: $1,399.99

Other 24″ Hardtails to Consider

While these bikes didn’t make our Top 7, they are each worthy of consideration and some of them may be easier to find locally than the Top 7.

Early Rider Seeker 24

These British bikes are absolutely beautiful! A solid component build includes Promax hydraulic disc brakes, Vee Crown Gem tires, and a rigid fork keeping weight down to 21.94 pounds.   

The Early Rider Seeker 24 was designed to help the preteen in your life to get after it on the trail.

Price: $899.99

Commencal Meta HT 24

Commencal Meta 24

Commencal makes amazing bikes for kids, and the Meta HT 24 is no exception.  The bike’s fork has 120mm of travel, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, a Sram NX drivetrain, and Maxxis Minion tires.  At 26.67 pounds it’s not THE lightest mountain bike around, but with the build spec it is tough to be beat.

Price: $1,700

Cleary Scout 24

cleary scout kids mountain bike

The Cleary Scout is a trail worthy rig thanks to the 80mm air fork, modern geometry, and internal routing for a dropper post. (Dropper not included, however). 

For just over $1,000 this bike offers quite a bit of bang for your buck.  It also happens to look really good.

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Price: $1,062.00

Specialized Riprock Expert 24

Specialized Riprock 24 Expert

Much like their Jett series of cruiser bikes, the youth mountain bike line at Specialized has received some much needed upgrades. Gone are the heavy plus tires and a clunky fork that inhibited the bike and rider. Now with a Manitou Machete J-Unit fork (100mm), internal cable routing, Sram brakes and a Sram drivetrain, the Riprock is ready to rip….rocks….and trails in general.

Price: $1199.99

Norco Rampage 1 24

Norco Rampage 4.1

Norco builds a few hard tails for kids, the Fluid and the Rampage, but not many builders create dirt jumpers for kids. The Rampage has sliding dropouts and a single speed setup that screams dirt jumper but that doesn’t have to stop a parent with the know how from converting the frame to a geared trail ripper as well.

Others specs include a Manitou Machete J-Unit fork (100mm), boost frame spacing and and Tektro dics brakes.

Price: $1349

Marin San Quentin 24

With a moniker originating in one of the first hubs of mountain biking, Marin builds quality bikes at affordable prices. A Rockshox Judy fork paired with Shimano brakes and Vee Crown Gem tires provides a reliable, durable hard tail for all of the family adventure out there. There is new information out there indicating that the San Quinten is going to be updated so this model may change soon.

Price: $1099

Rocky Mountain Vertex JR 24

Rocky Mountain Vertex JR

With a similar build to many of the big names here, the Rocky Mountain Vertex also provides a decent build that will be durable and last. An 80mm Suntour fork, Shimano drivetrain, disc brakes and Kenda Amrak rubber make for a fast-rolling bike. Rocky also builds a smaller version of their newly popular Growler hard tail.

Price: $909

Tair Cycles Ripper

A relative new-comer to the kid’s bike market, Tair Cycles has built the ripper as a high end carbon frame that is ready to live up to it’s name. The Ripper can size up wheels from 24″ to 26″ and on to 27.5″ so that the frame can last through a longer life cycle with your growing preteen to teenager. With either a Sram NX, GX, or Shimano XT drivetrain in addition to Shimano XT brakes and a Rockshox Reba SL fork, this ride is ready to rip.

Price: $2,900

Fezzari Lone Peak 24

Fezzari is a small mountain bike company out of northern Utah that has been quickly gaining traction in the direct-to-consumer market. Their bikes have received great reviews and the team behind the brand knows what they are doing and what the current consumer is looking for.

The Lone Peak 24 is a shrunk down version of their adult model of the same moniker. With a Sram SX drivetrain, Tektro hydraulic brakes, an 80mm Suntour XCR fork and several house branded parts this bike is geared and ready to hit the trails. A few cool features like internal cable routing and 2.6 wide Vee Crown Gem tires show the builder’s attention to detail. Fezzari’s Website currently has the bike discounted so this is a great deal.

Price: $797

Rocky Mountain Growler 24

Rocky Mountain Growler 24

Like many other bikes in this category, the Growler 24 has an aluminium frame with boost spacing and is ready to charge down the trail. Several in house parts dress up the Growler. A Microshift drivetrain and Kenda tires keep this downsized hard tail fast and durable. Shimano brakes provide stopping duties. The tires are sized as 2.6 offering some extra stability and traction as well. Last, a 80mm Suntour XCM fork keeps things soft in the front.

Price: $929

Kona Honzo 24

Kona Honzo 24

The Honzo ESD has been a very popular adult model among hard tail afficianados. Though the shrunk down version is not steel, it is still a durable, fun bike. 2.6″ wide tires provide a stable platform to find new depths of traction and an 80mm Suntour fork keeps the ride from being too rough. A Shimano Altus drive train and Tektro brakes keep pricing down but do not stop short on quality or comfort. Several in-house parts round out the build.

Price: $699

Best Budget 24 Inch Hardtails

If you’re on a tight budget, check out these 24 inch mountain bikes. Keep in mind that prices have generally increased within the last few years and we may not have seen an end to those increases either.

1Vitus Nucleus 24$799
2Trek Roscoe$549
3Scott Scale 24$729
4Specialized Riprock 24$700

Vitus Nucleus 24

Vitus Nucleus 24

Looking for a killer deal? Sit up and pay attention to the Vitus Nucleus 24. This bike offers a ton of bang for your buck.

The Nucleus offers a Spinner Grind 65mm air-sprung fork, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and even internal routing for a dropper post should you choose to add one.

Price: $899.99

Trek Roscoe 24

One of the biggest bike manufacturers in the industry, Trek offers a whole line of kids’ bikes. The Trek Roscoe is their 24″ mountain bike offering.  The bike boasts a quality build at an affordable price point. 

The only bummer is the weight which is a bit on the hefty side for a rigid bike.  Nonetheless, we like the mid- fat tires (2.8 inches) which can be ridden year-round and help add some cushion. The component build includes a Shimano drivetrain and Tektro mechanical disc brakes.

Price: $569.99

Scott Scale 24

Scott sponsors the biggest names on the cross-country race circuit which explains this race-oriented 24 inch bike. The front fork offers 50mm of travel, and Tektro disc brakes provide adequate stopping power.  The aggressive geometry is ideal for young riders, and the bike manages to come in under 26.5 pounds at a decent price.

Price: $729.99

24 Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Kids today are charging harder, jumping further, and soaring higher than ever before.  More and more ski resorts are scrambling to offer lift-served bike parks during the summer months.  This increase in both accessibility and skill level is causing bike manufacturers everywhere to scramble to make capable full suspension mountain bikes in smaller sizes.

Here are the best 24″ full suspension mountain bikes available.  A few of these are purpose-built DH rigs, most others are more trail-oriented full-suspension bikes that are capable of slaying at the bike park as well.  From budget to anxiety-inducing price-tags, we’ve rounded up them all.

Top 24 Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

BikeWhat Makes It SpecialPrice
1Trailcraft Maxwell 24Super light build, Stans Crest MK3 wheels, Highly Customizable$2,499+
2Early Rider Hellion X24Slack geometry, Shimano DT and brakes, 120mm travel$1,999
3Norco Fluid FS 24Dropper Post, Qaulity component build, 120mm /145mm travel$2,499+
4Cube Stereo 240Full Manitou suspension specc, Magura brakes, just over 26 lbs$2,430
5Transition RipcordFull Rockshox suspension specc, Shimano brakes, Stans wheels$1,899
6Spawn Rokk 24Flip chip/Up to 26 wheels, Brood (House brand) components$2,950
7Commencal Clash 24145mm Travel, Shimano brakes, Spank wheels$2,899
8YT Jeffsy Primus JP 24SDG Parts Specc, 27.11 lbs, Maxxis Minion tires, 130mm travel$2,489

Trailcraft Maxwell 24

Trailcraft makes some of our favorite mountain bikes for young riders. The Trailcraft Maxwell 24 is their smallest full-suspension bike and it is rad. Their goal has been “to build the lightest production 24” full suspension trail bike.”

It comes with everything your child will need so you won’t have to upgrade down the road. This includes a dropper post, Stans Crest MK3 wheels, RST Snyper (or Rockshox Reba) 100mm fork and Monarch R 100mm shock.

Read Our Review: Trailcraft Maxwell

Price: $2,499 to $4,899

Early Rider Hellion X24

Early Rider is a mountain bike company specifically for kids — which means their bikes aren’t an afterthought to bigger, more grown up bikes.  Early Rider bought Lil Shredder a few years back and the Lil Shredder Phenom was their 24″ DH/Trail offering. 

The frame design has been carried over and updated with the Early Rider branding. With 120mm of RST front fork travel and a DNM shock out back in addition to a Shimano drivetrain and brake setup, this bike is ready to flow down the trail. There is no doubt, that this burley 24″ machine can handle all the rocks and roots your little rider wants to tackle.

Price: $2,199

Norco Fluid FS 24

Norco Fluid FS24

The Norco Fluid FS  is more trail oriented but offers plenty of travel to serve dual purpose as a park bike a few days out of the year

The new version of the Fluid is sporting a RockShox Deluxe R out back with 120mm of travel and a Manitou Machete J Unit fork slackening the frame with 145mm of travel. One of the only builds including a dropper post, this bike is ready for long trail days and bike park, freeride frolics!

  • Price: $2,499+

Cube Stereo 240

Cube Stereo 240

Coming in at 26.67 pounds, the Cube Stereo 240 has a smart build spec that is ready to shred and can easily do so on trail rides and at the bike park. With a full 120mm Manitou suspension build (front and back), Magura brakes, and a stout pair of house built wheels the Stereo is ready to blast the trail volume loud.

Price: € 2,199.00

Transition Ripcord

The Transition Ripcord is a great all-around 24″ bike for kids.  It is light enough for cross-country duty but burly enough to handle downhill runs for little ones.  The 67 degree head angle and 381mm chainstays make a stable, but poppy bike. 

The component build is a mix with a SRAM drivetrain, Shimano brakes, and Stans wheels.  Other parts include lightweight 100mm front and rear Rockshox travel and Maxxis Minion tires. This thing has all the right components, smart geometry design, and offers cross country, trail, and downhill duties for parents who don’t want to spend a fortune on multiple bikes.

Price: $1,899

Spawn Rokk 24

From 12″ to 27.5″ bikes, Spawn offers some of the nicest mountain bikes available for kids.  The Spawn Rokk 24 is a highly-capable full-suspension steed that can convert from 24 inch to 26 inch wheels as your child grows. Take note of the “flip-chip” bolt on the rear of the chainstay. It uses a Horst Link suspension design and Rockshox Deluxe rear shock. 

Other components include Rockshox Revelation fork, SRAM Level T brakes, and SRAM NX drivetrain. Spawn offers the Brood Maxtion 2.3, a beefier tire that’s well worth the investment along with various other Brood parts in the build. With 140mm of travel this is nearly a DH bike for a 9 year old.

Read Review: Spawn Rokkusuta


Commencal Clash 24

Commencal Clash24

With 145mm of travel, the Commencal Clash 24 is a big travel bike that will provide your budding pre-teen with enough confidence to rage down the descents, but still offer a solid platform for climbing. Let’s be honest, this bike will keep you and your spouse chasing the kiddo up and down every trail!

Although this bike is not a full-on DH design, a modern frame with reach and angle numbers to rival the greatest enduro bikes (with kids sizing in mind of course), a Manitou Machete fork, a durable and functional component spec along with some grippy Schwalbe Big Betty tires provide a solid build that can take beatings from multiple days at the bike park and keep trucking.


YT Jeffsy Primus JP 24

Young Talent or YT is a relatively new contender in the mountain bike market. That said, they have had more time with a few more years of production under the belt and they have had some of the worlds best downhill and slopestyle riders under their brand.

The YT Jeffsy is a mid-travel model that quickly became a favorite of several riders and there is no doubt that this scaled down version will offer the same quality of ride for the 24″ sized rider in your life. Coming at 28 pounds with Manitou suspension, Sunringle Duroc wheels, a Sram NX drivetrain and SDG parts spec, this whip is ready to fly sideways down the bike park jump lines. It will also climb reasonably well too!

Price: $2,069.99 or € 1,899.00

Other Full Suspension 24 Inch Bikes to Consider

Chromag Minor Threat

Chromag Minor Threat 24
The Chromag Minor Threat is a stunning steed to behold.

There is no doubt, this four-bar trail slayer can do it all. With a full Rockshox suspension build and Sram NX/GX drivetrain the bike is able to be pedaled up the mountain. Once at the top, the Minor Threat is ready to open up and use all of it’s 140/150 mm of travel on the way down. Bike parks, no problem. Trail rides will take some work on the climbs, but if the downs are where your kiddo has the fun, this bike will meet their needs. An Eagle drivetrain, big travel, solid brakes and Chromag parts that round out the build make this a highly coveted machine (I wish I had one).

Price & Where to Buy:

Kona Process 24

Kona Process 24 2022

You can’t go wrong with the Kona Process 24. This is a recent upgrade from the previous Kona Stinky 24. The bike offers 100mm of travel, a Manitou Machete fork, in-house components, and Kenda tires. In addition, a Shimano divetrain and brakes round out a solid build making this machine trail ready.

Price & Where to Buy:

Vitus Mythique 24

New for 2023, Vitus has released their popular Mythique as both a 24 and 26 inch frame. Vee Tire Flow Snap’s offer an agressive tread that propels the bike forward while the 120mm front and rear travel (Manitou J Unit/ X-Fusion shock) smooth out the trail. Modern geometry with parts that fit their appropriate age group make this ride one dreamy trail bike.

Price and Where to Buy:

Marin Rift Zone Jr

Marin has created their entry into the kid’s market with the Rift Zone Jr. With 120 mm of suspension travel, Vee Flow Snap 24×2.4 tires keeping the bike glued to the dirt, and Shimano MT-201 hydraulic disc brakes keeping speeds in check this bike is ready to charge ahead and keep your kiddo chomping at the bit.

Bike park days sprinkled in with long cross-country descents and adventures will offer years of family enjoyment. In addition, the Rift Zone Jr can upgrade from 24-inch wheels to 26-inch wheels extending the life of the bike much longer.

Price & Where to Buy:

Rocky Mountain Reaper

Rocky Mountain Reaper 24

The Rocky Mountain Reaper is touted as a trail bike, but is capable of the occasional day at the bike park thanks to the beefy suspension design (120/130 mm travel front and rear respectively), adjustable geo chip and quality component spec. Rocky also offers models sized for 26 and 27.5 wheels. 

With a component spec that battles any of the big brands, the Reaper is ready to ride any trail and do it with confidence. The travel length for the relevant age group provides a large platform for kids to push the bike deep and have fun. It’s like a mini Slayer!

Price & Where to Buy:

Propain Yuma

Propain Yuma 24 2022

With a direct to consumer model and availability soon in the US, the Propain Yuma is a sharp looking bike that I would love to have my son demo. The bike can convert to a 26″ bike, growing with the kiddos as they sprout even further into their lives riding with mom and dad.  The Yuma boasts 140 mm travel with the Manitou Machete J-Unit fork, a Rockshox deluxe rear shock,Sram Guide brakes, Newmen Evolution wheels, and Vee Flow Snap tires. Bikes can also be custom built with varying drivetrains and parts.

With two colors currently offered and the whole sweet of customization, this offering opens up a whole new world of possibilities only provided by Propain and a few other companies. Kids have it pretty good these days.

Price & Where to Buy:

Scott Ransom 600

Scott Ransom 600 2022

Scott builds beautiful bikes. More than looks, this rig can roll too. With X Fusion suspension front and back (130 -140 mm), a Syncros parts spec, Kenda Hellcat tires and Shimano brakes and drivetrain, this bike is ready for just about any form of mountain biking you can get your preteen into.

Price & Where to Buy:

Vpace Moritz 24

Vpace Mortiz 24 2022

Vpace is available in the EU and offers some world class mountain bikes. The Moritz 24 is trail oriented, but considering your grom’s pint size, it can serve as an occasional DH rig as well.

The Manitou fork provides the plush front suspension while a 125mm shock does all the work out back. A Sram GX groupset, Magura MT brakes and Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires round out the build. If you can get your hands on one of these your young rider will surely be elated over their new whip.

Price & Where to Buy:

Mondraker Factor 24

With geometry pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Mondraker was one of the first to build their frames “long, low, and slack”. The Factor 24 follows through with a full suspension frame that is ready to handle all of the trails. An ability to size up to 26 inch wheels and grow with your budding grom ripper aleviates some of the financial worry of a high end kids bike.

X-Fusion suspension with a 100mm of travel keep the bike plush and tracking over all of the rocks and roots. From internal cable routing in the frame to Sram brakes, SDG junior parts, and a Sram SX drivetrain parts have been well thought out and spec’d. Kenda Booster 2.4 tires are wide enough to offer maximum grip and keep the wheels under the bike.

Price: $1980 (On sale as of this update!)

Meekboyz Megabeast

The Meekboyz bikes are about as nice as you can get.  The 24″ Mega Beast is feather-light for a full-squish bike (26.5 lbs), particularly when you consider it comes with a whopping 180mm of travel. 

Meekboyz manages this impressive feat by using a full-carbon frame and top-shelf components.  Of course, you pay for what you get.  In this case, a gulp-worthy $8k+. One thing is certain, the Mega Beast is prepared to go down all the hills with a ferocious appetite for rocks and gnar.

Price & Where to Buy:

Slater Mobster

If you are up for the challenge of building up a rad downhill bike, consider the Slater Mobster.  Slater has expanded from a few models to include smaller mountain bikes and dirt jumpers. For 2023 a redesigned Mobster that will be offered as a frame or in a complete build package. The new frame will have a trail setting (130mm) and a “dh” setting, offering 150mm of travel and super slack geometry.

Price & Where to Buy:

Comparison Chart: 24 Inch Mountain Bikes

We’ll admit it–trying to choose between all these bikes is tough.  So many good choices!  Use the comparison chart below to help sort by price, weight, etc. Hopefully it is a helpful tool so you can make the right decision for your child and pocketbook.  Scroll right to see all columns.

Make and ModelTypeFrameDrive TrainSuspensionWheelsBrakesOther FeaturesWeightPrice
Cleary Scout 24HardtailAluminumMicroshiftSuntour 80 mm XCRAlex/Super ContactNutt HDTrail adjusted Geometry, internal routing for dropper~26 lbs$1,062
Commencal Meta HT 24HardtailAlumSram NXManitou J Unit 120 mmAlexTektro HDKS rage dropper, big travel, slack angles, Drool Worthy26.67 lbs$1,700
Diamondback Line 24HardtailAlumSram 3×8Suntour 80 mm XCRHouse/Vee Crown GemTektro HD~31lbs$700.00
Diamondback Sync’r 24HardtailAlumSram 1×11Suntour 80 mm XCRHouse/Vee Crown GemTektro HD2.8 tires~30lbs$950.00
Early Rider Seeker 24HardtailAlumBox 3NoneHouse/Vee Crown GemPromax DiscLight weight HT21.94 lbs$899.99
Fezzari Lone Peak 24HardtailAlumSram SXSuntour XCM 80mmHouse/Vee Crown GemTektro HD??$797.00
Frog MTB 62HardtailAlumShimano 9 spd/Shadow-AlivioFrog 65mm ForkHouse WheelsTektro HD5 yr warranty/House parts24.9 lbs$1,099.00
Giant STP 24HardtailAlumShimano Altus/RevoSuntour 80 mm XCRHouse/Kenda KarmaTektro HDInternal routing??$530.00
KHS Alite 24HardtailAlumS Ride 9 spdSuntour 80 mm XCRHouse/Kenda SB8Bengal Cable Disc??$599.00
Kona Honzo 24HardtailAlumShimano AltusSR Suntour XCM 80 mmHouse/Vee CG 2.6Tektro HD2.6 tires??$699.00
Marin San QuentinHardtailAlumMicroShift 9 SpdRS Judy 100mmHouse/Vee CG 2.6Shimano MT201House parts28.9 lbs$1,099.00
Mondraker Factor 24Full SusAlumSram SXX Fusion front and rear – 100mmKenda Booster 2.4Sram24 to 2627.1 lbs$2,899.00
Mondraker Leader 24HardtailAlumMicroshiftRigid – No susKenda Small Block 8Tektro HD25.6 lbs$749.00
Norco RampageHTAlumSingle SpeedManitou J Unit 100mmSchwalbe Table TopTektro MechHouse brand parts??$1349.00
Nukeproof Cub Scout 24HardtailAlumBox four 8 8spdManitou J Unit 100 mmWTB/Vee CGTektro HDKid specific house components/Internal routing24.64 lbs$1,399.99
Pello ReyesHardtailAlumSram X5/X7 9 spdAlu fork or RST First 60mmAlex/Kend or CSTTektro HD140mm cranks, QR seat collar22 to 24 lbs$639 +
Prevelo Zulu 4HardtailAlumShim Shadow 10 or SLX12Heir Fork 80 mmStans Crest MK3Tektro HDInternal Cable routing, Slack headtube23.24 lbs$1,049.00+
Rocky Mountain GrowlerHardtailAlumMicroshiftSuntour 80 mm XCRHouse/Kenda KadreShimano RT10House parts 24 or 26 wheels??$929.00
Rocky Mountain VertexHardtailAlumShimano DeoreSuntour 80 mm XCRHouse/Kenda KadreShimano MT200??$909.00
Salsa Timberjack 24HardtailAlumShimano Tourney/AltusSuntour 80 mm XCRNovatec/plus tiresPromax Mech discPlus tires~29lbs$559.00
Spawn Yama Jama 24HardtailAlumSram NXRS Reba 100 mmBrood/HouseTektro HDInternal Cable routing, house brand parts??$1,425.00
Specialized Riprock 24HardtailAlumShimano TourneySR Suntour 70mmHouse Brand/Big Roller tiresMech Disk??$700.00
Specialized Riprock Expert 24HardtailAlumSramManitou J-Unit 100mmHouse/ Ground ControlSram??$1199.99
Trailcraft Pineridge 24HardtailAlumShim XT/XTR to Sram AXSCustom TC 80 mm forkStans Crest MK3Shim MT, Deore, XTHouse brand parts, custom Fork20.2 to 22.5 lbs$1599 +
Vitus NucleusHardtailAlumBox four 8 8spdSpinner Grind 24 65mmVitus/Schwalbe RRTektro HDClutch derialleur??$899.99
Vpace Max 24HardtailAlumSram GXVpace Fork 60mmVpace/Schwalbe RRMagura MT4Light weight HT18.73 lbs€22499
Woom Off Air 5HardtailAlumSram X5RST 100 mmWoom BrandPromax HydroRigid Fork or Front Sus18.9 to 22.3 lbs$999.00
Commencal RamonesHardtailAlumShimano TourneyNoneHouse rim/ Vee CGTektro Mech disk24.25$449.00
Framed CableHardtailAlumShimano Acera 9 spdSuntour 80 mm XCRAlex rims/2.6 tiresPromax Mech disk165mm crank arms are long??$419.95
GT Stomper PrimeHardtailAlumShimano Tourney/RevoAll Terra 50mmHouse/Kenda SB8V brakes??$385.00
Scott ScaleHardtailAlumShimano Altus/Tourney 8 spdSuntour 80 mm XCRAlex Rim/Kenda BoosterTektro HD26.46 lbs$729.99
Tair Cycles RipperHardtailCarbonSram NX – GX/Shim XTRS Reba 100mmStans Crest MK3/Vittoria Barzo TNTShimano XTCarbon Frame??$2,900 +
Trek RoscoeHardtailAlumShimano Altus/Tourney 8 spdNoneHouse/Chen Shin 2.8Tektro HDKids plus wheels. Rigid25.58 lbs$569.99
Commencal Clash 24Full SuspensionAlumSram NXRS Delux 145mm/ Manitou Machete 145mmSpank Spoon/Vee FlowsnapShim MT 501Full Sus – optimized for kids 7 to 12 and small adult30.64 lbs$3,400.00
Cube Stereo 240Full SuspensionAlumSram GX 1×11Manitou Machete J Unit 120mm/Manitou Radium shockSunringle Duroc/Schwalbe Hans DampfMagura MT30Full Manitou Suspension package26.67 lbs$2,199
Early Rider Hellion X24Full SuspensionSee Lil Shredder PhenomShimano DeoreRST First 120mm, DNM rearHouse/Vee Crown GemShimano SLXEarly Rider and Lil Shredder merged25.35 lbs$2,199.00
Kona Process 24Full SuspensionAlumShimano Deore 10 SpRS Deluxe 100mm/ Manitou Machete J Unit 120 mmAlex DM/ Kenda KineticsShimano DeoreDropper routing. Nice parts??$2,399.00
Lil Shredder PhenomFull SuspensionAlumSold as a frame and shock or custom complete buildsSee Early Rider for detailsPart of Early Rider25.35$1350.00 for frame and shock
Marin Rift Zone JrFull SuspensionAlumShimano Deore 10 SpdX-Fusion Velvet/ O2 Pro 120mmHouse/Vee Flow SnapShimano MT201Upgrade to 26″ wheels, internal routing??$1,799.00
Meekboyz MegabeastFull SuspensionCarbonSram X01Fox X2/Fox 36 FloatCarbon /House BrandSram GuidesFull on kids DH bike26.5 lbs$8,350.00
Norco Fluid FS 1 & 2 24Full SuspensionAlumSram NX/SXFox Float/Manitou J Unit 145mmSunringle Duroc/ Maxxis MinionsShim MT 500JD Trans X Dropper Post29 lbs$2499
Propain YumaFull SuspensionAlumSram GX EagleRS Deluxe 140mm/ Manitou Machete 145mm Vee Flow SnapSram GuidesBasically a DH bike for kids/ 24 -26 wheels28.66 lbs$2,400
Rocky Mountain ReaperFull SuspensionAlumShimano Deore 10 SpdRS Monarch 130mm/ Suntour Raidon 130mmWTB/Vee CGShimano MT210Ride 9 Chip Adjustment. Cool looking….mini Slayer!28.2 lbs$2,239.00
Rossignol All Track Trail 24Full SuspensionAlumSram X5 1×10RS Monarch/ Silver 30 100mmHouse/??Tektro HDSingle Pivot Susp.30.64 lbs$1,599.95
Scott Ransom 600Full SuspensionAlumShimano Deore 11 spdX-Fusion Slant/ X-Fusion R (kids tune) 130, 140Syncros/ Kenda HellcatShimano MT50024 – 26 Wheels, Syncros parts build30.64 lbs$2,199.99
Slater MobsterFull SuspensionAlumNot sold w/ frame150mm – DNM shock with frameNot Sold with FrameNot sold w/ frameFrame, shock, headset and seat collar?? Variable$2,750 (Complete Build)
Spawn Rokk 24Full SuspensionAlumSram NX 11 SpdRS Deluxe/Revelation 140mmBrood (House Brand)/ Brood TiresSram LevelChainstay flip chip/Adjust up to 26″ wheels29.78 lbs$2,950.00
Trailcraft MaxwellFull SuspensionAlumVariable Sram AXS to Shimano XTRMonarch R 100mm/RST Snyper 100mm or Rockshox RebaStans Crest MK3/Vee CGShimano (variable)Highly customizable22 lbs to 25 lbs$2,499 +
Transition RipcordFull SuspensionAlumSram NXRS Monarch R/ Judy Fork 100mmStans Arch D/ Maxxis Minion DHF and DHRShimano MT410Sweet looking rig28.8$1,899.00
Vpace Moritz 24Full SuspensionAlumSram GXFox Float/Vpace house fork 120mmHouse/Schwalbe RRMaguraHouse parts -supposed to fit kids on 20″ bikes~22 lbs€2099
YT Jeffsey Primus JP 24Full SuspensionAlumSram NXManitou Machete J Unit 130mm/ Manitou McLeodSunringle Duroc/Maxxis MinionSram GuideSDG JR Parts specc27.11 lbs$2,069.99

How to Choose a 24″ Mountain Bike

24" downhilll mountain bikes for kids
Photo from Rocky Mountain

Things To Consider When Choosing


Most 24″ mountain bikes are appropriate for kids in the 8 to 11 year old age range.  Of course, this is widely variable depending on the size of the child, and the geometry of the specific bike you are looking at.  The best thing to do is to measure your child’s inseam and compare it to both the stand over height of the mountain bike you are considering and the minimum seat height.  Of course, it is also awesome to be able to demo a bike before buying it to make sure it fits and is comfortable for your child.  Unfortunately, it is harder to find demos and local dealers for kids bikes than it is for adult bikes.

Type of Riding

We’ve divided all the bikes listed here into two categories: either hard tails or full suspension.  The full suspension bikes are true mountain bikes that are intended to ride chunder and provide the support that only a full suspension can whereas, most of the hardtails will be lighter and better suited for general trail riding.   For the select few, there are only a few true downhill bikes offered with 24″ wheels, and they come with a pretty hefty pricetag.  That said, the cost is worth it if you have a child who is serious about downhill riding.

The “hard tail and full suspension” bikes that we have listed are capable of both downhill and trail riding.  This is ideal for most families who will do both trail riding as well as lift-served bike park type riding.  These bikes also have the added benefit of being built for general mountain biking, and saving you the expense of multiple mountain bikes if you plan on doing riding in both disciplines.


The more suspension a mountain bike has the better suited it is going to be for true downhill mountain biking.  Also, the more aggressive your child is, the more important bigger suspension is going to become.  If you plan on using this bike primarily for bike park and shuttle riding, we recommend looking for a mountain bike with AT LEAST 140mm of travel.  There are a couple of these on our list above.  If you plan on doing a bunch of trail riding, with some downhill days thrown in, you might be able to get by with a little less.  In general (but not always), the less travel there is, the lighter the overall build is.


This one should be obvious, yet we see way too many kids out on the trails riding mountain bikes that are WAY too heavy. In fact, many of the bikes on this list weigh more than my mountain bike, and I weigh double what most kids this age weigh. That’s a serious bike weight to body weight ratio issue.

The weight of a downhill mountain bike is far less important than the weight of a cross-country mountain bike.  That said, you shouldn’t discount weight all together.  Kids at this age still do not have the upper-body strength and dexterity of an adult.  Give a kid a bike that is too heavy and they will have trouble maneuvering and jumping the bike.  They will also get tired sooner.  Buy the lightest bike with the most travel that you can afford.

Of course, the lightest bikes on the list are also the most expensive. Try to opt for the lightest bike you can afford.

You’ll thank me when your child is riding faster, having more fun, and complaining less.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes vs Mechanical Disc Brakes vs V-Brakes

We’ve intentionally NOT included any bikes on this list that have v-brakes. I’m sure your mountain bike doesn’t have v-brakes anymore and we don’t think your child’s should either. The benefits of disc brakes are too great, and the price has come down enough that they are reasonably affordable.

The question then comes on whether to choose hydraulic disc brakes or mechanical disc brakes.

The easy answer is to buy a bike with hydraulic disc brakes. They offer better stopping power and are much easier for small hands to pull without experiencing fatigue.

trailcraft blue sky 20 brake rotors

That said, the bikes on this list with hydros are more expensive so this is one area where you can cut some cost. Mechanical disc brakes are also easier to maintain, so if you don’t like working on bikes that’s something to consider.

Still, if you can afford it, go with the hydraulic disc brakes.

Tire Size

Ah, the great tire size debate. For some reason this issue causes more upset than any other, so I’ll prepare myself for the fire that’s sure to come.

We believe the best tire size for kids this age is between 2.1″ and 2.3″. This provides plenty of traction and volume without adding rotational weight. The biggest issue with plus-sized tires for kids is that they tend to be heavy and as we already established the lighter the bike, the happier the kid.

pello rover kenda tires

Still, there are some legit reasons to choose a larger tire. First off, a higher-volume tire is often a better choice than a sub-par suspension fork for creating a plush ride. Second, plus-sized tires create the ability to ride a bike year-round since kids are light enough to ride plus-sized tires even in the snow.

Coil Fork vs. Air Fork vs. Rigid Fork

Again, we come up against budget constraints, but whenever possible, choose a bike with an air-sprung fork. They are lighter and infinitely better performing than a coil fork.

prevelo zulu heir front suspension

Another option is to choose a mountain bike with a rigid fork. This is a super legit option especially for kids riding mellow or buff trails. A rigid fork saves a ton of weight and might be all your child really needs if they aren’t riding technical trails.

The Extras

This stuff is less important….unless you’re a serious mountain bike aficionado (like I am). If you’re truly looking for the BEST mountain bike for your child, then don’t forget to pay attention to:

  • Frame Geometry — What kind of riding is your child going to be doing? Pick a bike with appropriate geometry. Kids who plan on racing will be best off with a more aggressive design like that on the Trailcraft. If your kiddo is going to be spending most of their time at the bike park, look for slacker geo like that found on the Prevelo Zulu 4 HEIR.
  • Internal Routing For a Dropper Post — Want to put a dropper post on your kiddos bike? A dropper can be hugely helpful for quick seat drops before a big downhill. But if you think you might add one, make sure to look for a bike that offers internal routing, because adding a dropper without routing, while possible, is a bit of a pain.
  • Tubeless Tires — If it was up to us, every kid’s bike would have tubeless-ready rims and tires. It allows tires to be run at lower pressures for better traction. And nearly eliminates flat tires.
  • Thru-Axle – Chances are, your mountain bike has a thru-axle. We think your kids mountain bike should have one too. Compared to a quick-release, a thru-axle provides greater stability and safety.
  • Crank Length – The best crank length for kids this age are between 140mm and 150mm. The smaller you child and the shorter their legs, the shorter the optimal crank length. Anything over 150mm I would think twice about.

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21 thoughts on “Best 24 Inch Mountain Bikes For Your Child”

  1. Great post, thanks for the feedback. I’ll be heading to Utah in about a week, any family day trails (just passing through) you recommend in Salt Lake area?

    • We love Trailside Bike Park and the Round Valley trails in Park City. Fun for all ages. The Draper Bike Park and corner canyon trails in Draper are family faves as well. You can find them all on Trailforks. Hope you have fun and let me know if you have any questions.

    • People who are dedicated to MTB and spend several times this on their own bikes. It’s not far off other expensive sports like downhill skiing or high end hockey equipment. These bikes hold value very every well, so people recover a lot of their initial investment on the used market, but yeah, that sticker shock is real.

    • These are top of the line bikes. The bad news is that these prices are unlikely to go down. But please don’t let this article discourage you, there are plenty of affordable 24 in bikes. And kids looooove riding bikes, any bike…

    • You should also not discount second hand as an option. Many of the bikes discussed here have been on the market for a number of years. There are many hardly used 24 inch bikes on Ebay. Your little one will in all likelihood only spend a year or two on the bike before going on to 26 or 27.5 inch, and a second hand bike with a few scratches will make no difference to them, but will cost you half the price.

    • I picked up a used Kona Stinky 24 in excellent condition for $400 a couple years ago… you can find used full suspension bikes for 500.00 – 750.00 all day long on pinkbike, craigslist, etc.

  2. I’m surprised none of the Nukeproof options are in the mix. The Cub Scout 20, 24 and 26″ bikes seem very competitive with these, at a slightly lower price.

  3. Hi Kristen!
    I’m between the woom off 5 air and the zulu four (budget around $1000)
    Which would you recommend for a petite 7 year old (23″ inseam)? She joined a MTB team that meets 3 days a week riding XC trails and regular MTB trails (some uphill climbing on those days).
    Right now she’s on a woom 4 off and she loves the climbs but struggles a bit on descends (our trails are very rocky and sometimes steep). We’re looking to make the switch in December (when she turns 8) so she can grow a bit more and get stronger for a heavier bike.
    Has your son tried out the zulu four?

    Thank you!

  4. A trail mountain bike is the second lightest among MTB types. Compared to a cross-country bike, a trail bike is an all-purpose MTB that you can use on steep and rough roads. They typically weigh around 13.2kg or 29lbs.


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