30 Days of Biking: Days 1-5

This year we joined the 30 days of Biking pledge, in which we promised to ride our bikes every day during the month of April. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. While we always ride our bikes most days, I’ve realized it’s somewhat of a challenge to ride our bike every day. We’ve risen to the challenge though (and have had a lot of fun doing it). Here’s a recap of our 30 Days of Biking experience thus far.

Day 1: Road ride with my mom

My mom was in town taking care of Little P during Spring Break, so I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to kick off the month with her. We did a one-hour road ride with some good climbing to get the heart pounding. My mom is in her 60s and is in great shape. Both my parents have been great role models for me when it comes to living an active lifestyle. A lot of what I am doing in raising my son and starting Rascal Rides comes down to wanting to help instill those values in my family and in other families.

Family Cycling

Day 2: Family ride to the Park

This was probably our hardest day getting out on bikes. The wind was cold and we didn’t have any clear plan for getting out. When Mr B got home from work, we decided to bundle up and head to a local playground. We loaded up Little P on the Weehoo, and the two boys had lots of fun weaving up and down the curb (video below). It was a short ride, but the sort of thing I like best–a fun evening activity as a family. In the end, we didn’t even notice the cold.

Day 3: Ride around the block + bike ride to dinner

Mr B rode his bike to and from work so I knew that he wasn’t going to be up for a big evening ride also. Once he got home, I went for a run. As I returned, the boys were headed out for a bike ride. Of course, I had to join them! Little P rode his balance bike at a great clip while we rode alongside him. We did a fairly decent loop, and when we got back toward home he frowned and asked to go again. This is a huge step-up over just the last few months where he would ride half-way and then get tired. I see lots of fun rides with him in the future!

Our normal Friday night routine involves biking to dinner, but when we got back it was already pretty late, so I suggested we drive. Mr. B was having none of that (to his credit!), so we transferred P to the Chariot, made sure we had our lights, and took off for cheeseburgers.

Day 4: Mountain bike date

Before we had a kiddo, Mr B and I spent pretty much every waking moment mountain biking, mostly together. It was normal for us to do back-to-back 4 hour mountain bike rides on the weekends. Now that we are parents, we are lucky to get in a 2 hour ride and we almost never do it together. On Saturday, my in-laws were in town for the Easter weekend and they were nice enough to let us get out for a ride together.

The Jeremy Ranch trails over in Park City are in pretty good shape for early spring and they are close to home, so we headed there. The weather was amazing, the trails were fun (as always), and getting to ride with my husband was a special treat. This was the best day of the 30 days of biking thus far.

Mountain Biking

Day 5: A windy climb on the road + family ride to Easter dinner

Easter morning was warm but windy. After a big breakfast, my in-laws suggested the hubby and I go for yet another ride together. (Woohoo!) We decided to do a road ride from the house, up Emigration Canyon, and to the top of Little Mountain. As we got passed for the billionth time, I realized motherhood and winter haven’t been so kind to my fitness level. Regardless of speed, it was a fun ride and the view from the top is always amazing.

About one-third of the way back down the canyon, the wind picked up considerably. On what should have been a high-speed, no-pedaling decent, we found ourselves working REALLY hard just to maintain forward motion. There were a few corners where I gripped my handlebars tight and hoped I didn’t blow over. It was that windy! At home, little P was waiting on the front steps for us with his little pinwheel blowing in the wind. It’s nice sometimes to get in a little personal time, but always best to come home to my babe.

As if we weren’t tired enough from that windy epic, we also ended up riding to our Easter dinner. By that time the wind had died down though. Thank goodness.

All in all, it has been a great 5 days of biking thus far. It has also been fun seeing everybody else sharing their rides on social media. Here’s to the next 25 days of biking! Stay tuned for more.


Kristen is a project manager and writer. She spends all her free time mountain biking with her family on the trails in Salt Lake City and Park City, UT.

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