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5 Best Kids Bike Goggles (Dirt Bike, Mountain Bike, BMX)

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


If you have a little person getting into dirt biking, motocross, mountain biking, or BMX, you need to invest in a pair of kids bike goggles for them. Dust and mud in the eyes can be annoying, but it can also actually damage your child’s developing eyes–which you certainly don’t want!

The goggles on this list are sized for small faces and work well for any of the two-wheeled sports listed above. In fact, my son uses the same pair of goggles for riding dirt bikes, racing BMX, and doing downhill laps on the mountain bike.

Fly Racing Youth Focus Goggles

Fly Racing Focus Goggles

The Fly Racing Youth Focus goggles are our favorite pair of kids goggles, and the ones my son uses several times per week. They fit his face well, don’t fog up, and stay put. (He’s super picky about the way things fit and feel).

They come in a bunch of colors and are also super affordable which you’ll appreciate it. The only bummer is that they don’t come with any sort of dust bag, so you’ll have to get creative on how you store and protect them when not in use.

Price & Where To Buy:

Fox Youth Main Goggles

Fox Youth Main Goggles

Pretty much every kid I know thinks that Fox gear is the coolest. If that’s your child, they will love the Fox Youth Main Goggles.

But these goggles don’t just look cool–they work well also. They come with stock lenses but you can also swap them out for injection molded lenses (sold separately). If you’re riding in muddy conditions, there is also tear-off lens functionality.

Finally, we appreciate that they come with a cloth bag for storage.

Price & Where To Buy:

100% Strata Jr (and Mini Strata) Goggles

100% Strata Jr Goggles

However old your child is, the 100% Strata goggles are a good choice–they come in both a Junior and Mini version.

What else can you expect? Lenses and curvature that fit young riders well, dual-layered foam that soaks up sweat on hot days, and scratch-resistant lenses. “Cause you know that your kiddo is gonna beat these babies up.

They also come in a “mud” versions for riders who frequently ride or race in inclement weather.


Scott Youth Agent Goggles

Scott Youth Agent Goggles

On a tight budget? Check out the Scott Youth Agent goggles.

These babies pack a bunch of value for the price. They come from one of the best bike and motosport brands, offer high-quality, but recognize that you don’t want to spend a fortune on a 4-year-old.

Just be aware that these goggles are designed for younger riders, and the best fit will be for toddlers up to age 6 or so.

Price & Where To Buy:

Oakley O-Frame XS Goggles

Oakley O-Frame XS Goggles

The Oakley O-Frame XS goggles are the same as the adult version but in a pint-sized package.

They are comfortable–there’s adequate foam padding and they don’t create any weird pressure points. They also come in some pretty awesome colors and designs, which your kids are sure to love.

As far as lenses go, you can buy additional colors as well as tear offs for muddy conditions.

Price & Where To Buy:

Things To Consider When Choosing A Pair Of Kids Bike Goggles

Before hitting “add to cart,” here are a few things to think about.

Do You Need Tear-Offs?

If your child is racing motorcross, or riding in frequently muddy conditions, you want to look for a pair of goggles that is compatible with tear-offs. These are critical when racing, and nice to have on muddy days at the bike park.

Not all youth googles have this functionality, so look for it if it’s important to you.

Replacement Lenses

Kids aren’t great about caring for their things, and even the most conscientious children will eventually end up scratching their lenses. That’s why we like to buy kids bike goggles that offer replacement lenses that you can order. With replacement lenses, just because the lenses are scratched, doesn’t mean you have to replace the frames.

Age Of Rider

Smaller riders will do better with smaller goggles. We really like the 100% Strata Mini and the Scott Youth Agent goggles for toddlers and preschoolers. Older kids will do great with any of the other goggles listed above.

Getting the right size goggles is also important if using them with a full face helmet. (Which I assume you are). A pair of goggles that are too big will struggle to fit in the opening of the helmet, and can get pushed down over your child’s nose. Which, of course, is a good way to get a cranky kiddo.

Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch and UV Protection

Look for a pair of goggles with high-quality lenses. Ideally these will include anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV protection. Cheaper goggles generally don’t offer these features, which mean you’re wasting your money.

Silicone Straps

You want a pair of goggles that will stay secure over your child’s helmet. All of the goggles on our list have a silicon backing on the strap, but cheaper goggles may not. If choosing a different pair of goggles, makes sure the strap has silicon and is durable.

Quality Brand

There are a lot of cheap knock off brands selling kids bike goggles on Amazon. While these *might* work okay, if you want to ensure that you’re getting a good quality pair of goggles, I’d recommend sticking to the more recognizable name brands–like those that we’ve included on this list.

Sadly, we’ve seen knock off goggles that have glue on the straps rather than silicone, cheap foam that falls apart after a few uses, and other issues that pretty much ensure they will end up in the trash can.

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