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23 Kids Books About Bikes Your Child Will Love

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


Sometimes my husband and I joke that we are brainwashing our son. It started before he was born when we decorated his room with bicycle art.

Since then it has continued in the form of Danny Macaskill Youtube videos, balance bikes, pedal bikes, and Sunday mornings at the pump track.  And then, of course, there are the books about bikes–we love a good bedtime story about cycling.

If your family is equally passionate about bikes, here is a list of stories that both parent and child are sure to enjoy.  We can’t promise that they’ll make bedtime any less painful, but they will make story time more fun.

B is for Bicycles

b is for bicycles

“B is for Bicycles” is a delightful and engaging children’s book that combines the excitement and fun of cycling with the joy of learning the alphabet. As an avid cyclist and a mom, this book is close to my heart, as it’s a fantastic way to introduce young children to the world of biking.

The book is more than just an alphabet book; it’s a journey through the cycling world, where each letter of the alphabet is associated with a cycling-related word. For example, ‘D’ stands for drivetrain and ‘S’ stands for singletrack. This structure makes it an excellent tool for both teaching the alphabet and instilling a love and understanding of cycling in kids.

What sets “B is for Bicycles” apart is its vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling. The illustrations are colorful and lively, capturing the essence of biking adventures and the freedom and joy that cycling brings. The narrative is simple yet captivating, making it easy for young readers to follow along and for parents to read aloud.

The book also subtly imparts valuable lessons about the importance of outdoor activity, teamwork, perseverance, and the joy of exploration. It’s an ideal read for families like ours, who love spending time outdoors and embarking on biking adventures.

Mike and the Bike

Mike and the Bike

Mike and the Bike is one of my favorite bedtime books.  The story centers around a young boy named Mike and his beloved bicycle. Mike’s enthusiasm for cycling is contagious, and his adventures on his bike are both exciting and inspiring. The narrative follows Mike as he embarks on various rides, facing challenges and meeting new friends along the way.

One of the book’s strengths is its ability to engage young readers. The text is written in a rhythmic, poetic style that captivates children and makes it a joy to read aloud. The illustrations in “Mike and the Bike” are equally impressive, featuring vibrant and lively artwork that brings Mike’s cycling adventures to life.

The book also comes with a CD of music, but as I’ve had other parents agree, throw it away quick!  You can come up with your own fun tunes for the lyrics instead.

Taking The Lead

taking the lead

Taking the Lead is the follow-up book to B is for Bicycles (listed above).  Set in the whimsical world of Spokesville, home to an array of animal characters who share a love for cycling, the story revolves around the adventures of a dog named Buddy and his friends at the Buddy Pegs bike shop. The central theme of the book is about leadership and teamwork, as the characters work together to solve problems and help each other.

The narrative of “Taking the Lead” is engaging and filled with moments of excitement and learning. It’s not just about biking; it’s about community, friendship, and stepping up to take the lead when it’s needed. The book teaches children valuable lessons about cooperation, confidence, and the importance of being active and involved in their community.

The illustrations in “Taking the Lead” are beautifully done, full of color and life, which helps to capture the imagination of young readers. The characters are not only adorable but also relatable, each with their unique personality that adds depth to the story.

One of the most appealing aspects of this book is how it seamlessly integrates the love of cycling into a broader narrative about personal growth and community values. It’s a book that encourages kids to get on their bikes and experience the world around them, promoting physical activity and a sense of adventure.

If You Give A Girl A Bike

if you give a girl a bike

Of course girls bike, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at most of the kids books out there. We love this picture book that actually features a girl! If you’re raising a confident and courageous daughter, this is a must have.

The story follows a young girl who receives a bike and embarks on a journey of growth and discovery. This bike is not just a means of transportation; it becomes a symbol of independence, strength, and adventure. The narrative beautifully illustrates how cycling can have a profound impact on a girl’s confidence and sense of self.

The book is written in a simple yet engaging style, making it accessible to young readers and enjoyable for parents to read aloud. The illustrations are vibrant and dynamic, capturing the excitement and freedom that comes with riding a bike. The use of imagery and color in the book is particularly effective in conveying the emotions and experiences of the young cyclist.

What makes “If You Give a Girl a Bike” so special is its ability to resonate with readers of all ages. It’s not just a story about a girl and her bike; it’s a story about the possibilities that open up when we embrace new challenges and adventures. The book encourages young girls to be brave, to explore, and to believe in themselves.



For the balance bike crowd, Zoom! is a must-read. The story is about a little boy who loves to ride his Strider.

The narrative is all about movement, speed, and the exhilarating experience of riding. It’s a celebration of the simple joy that comes from pedaling through different landscapes, feeling the wind, and experiencing the thrill of moving fast on two wheels.

What sets “Zoom!” apart is its vivid and dynamic illustrations. The pages are filled with bright, colorful imagery that brings the sensation of speed and joy of biking to life. These illustrations are not just captivating; they are also instrumental in conveying the story’s emotion and energy, as there is often minimal text.

The book is designed to appeal to young readers, particularly those who are just discovering the joys of riding a bike. The simple yet powerful narrative makes it easy for children to engage with the story and for parents to read aloud. It’s an excellent tool for instilling a love for cycling at an early age.

A portion of sales benefit The Axel Project, a non-profit focused on getting young children on bikes.

Eric’s Big Day

Eric's Big Day

The story follows a young boy named Eric, who sets out on his bicycle to meet his friend Emily. However, it’s not just a simple ride; Eric’s journey turns into an unexpected adventure as he encounters various characters and challenges along the way. Each encounter is a mini-adventure in itself, with Eric stopping to help fellow cyclists in need. This adds a lovely layer of community spirit and kindness to the narrative.

One of the book’s most appealing aspects is its portrayal of cycling not just as a sport or hobby but as a means of connection and helping others. Eric’s willingness to assist others, even when he’s eager to meet his friend, is a beautiful message about the values of empathy, kindness, and community – all integral parts of the cycling culture.

The illustrations in “Eric’s Big Day” are delightful and engaging, adding depth and humor to the story. They beautifully capture the European countryside setting, giving a sense of adventure and exploration that is so central to cycling.

Moreover, the book subtly introduces young readers to various aspects of cycling – from different types of bikes to the importance of bike maintenance and safety. This educational aspect is woven seamlessly into the story, making it a great tool for parents and educators to introduce children to the world of cycling.

Gracie Goat’s Big Bike Race

Gracie Goat's Big Bike Race

“Gracie Goat’s Big Bike Race” is an endearing and motivational children’s book that combines the excitement of cycling with a meaningful message about perseverance and overcoming fears. As a mom, cycling coach, and enthusiast, I appreciate how this book introduces young readers to the joys of biking while also addressing important life lessons.

The story centers around Gracie Goat, who faces a significant challenge: she has never ridden a bike before and is understandably nervous about it. The book follows Gracie as she prepares for a big bike race, tackling her fears and learning to ride. Along the way, Gracie encounters various animals who offer support and advice, each adding a unique and encouraging perspective to her journey.

What makes “Gracie Goat’s Big Bike Race” so special is its focus on the theme of overcoming fears and the importance of trying, even when something seems difficult or scary at first. Gracie’s character is relatable and inspiring, especially for children who are just learning to ride a bike or facing their own personal challenges.

The illustrations in the book are colorful and engaging, perfectly capturing the emotions Gracie experiences and the vibrant world she inhabits. These visuals not only complement the story but also make the book more appealing and accessible to young readers.

Additionally, the story is written in a way that is easy to understand and engaging for children. It’s an excellent book for parents to read with their kids, offering opportunities to discuss fear, courage, and the importance of perseverance.

Along a Long Road

Along a Long Road

This beautiful picture book reminds us of the beauty of cycling and inspires a feeling of wanderlust as the reader journeys around town, through the countryside, and by the sea. 

“Along a Long Road” is a visually captivating and engaging children’s book that beautifully captures the joy and freedom of cycling. The story is told through minimal text and compelling illustrations. The narrative is straightforward yet evocative, focusing on the experience of the ride itself. The book takes the reader through various landscapes and settings, highlighting the diverse pleasures and discoveries that can be found while riding a bike.

This book is an excellent tool for teaching children about the joy of cycling and the beauty of exploring the world around them. The simplicity of the text makes it accessible to early readers, while the richness of the illustrations ensures that it will be a favorite for repeated readings.

Duck on a Bike

duck on a bike

I discovered Duck on a Bike at the library one day and we ended up keeping it for so long that we had to buy it–oops! 

Written by David Shannon, the story begins with a curious duck who, on a whim, decides to ride a bike. As Duck pedals around the farm, the book introduces a variety of farm animals who react to Duck’s unusual activity in their unique ways. Some are amazed, some are skeptical, and others are just plain amused by what they see.

What makes “Duck on a Bike” so engaging is its playful narrative and vibrant illustrations. The story is told in a light-hearted manner, with each animal’s reaction adding humor and personality to the tale. Children are drawn in by the whimsical idea of a duck riding a bike and are kept entertained by the reactions of the other animals.

The illustrations in the book are bright, colorful, and full of expression, perfectly capturing the silliness of the story and the distinct personalities of each animal. The images complement the text wonderfully, making the book appealing to both young readers and adults.

“Duck on a Bike” is more than just a funny story; it’s a book that encourages imagination and the joy of trying new things. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most fun adventures are the ones that are most unexpected. The book is an excellent choice for reading aloud, offering opportunities for fun interactions and discussions about the animals and their reactions.

Pedal Power

pedal power

“Pedal Power” explores the true story of how the city of Amsterdam became the bicycle capital of the world. This book takes the reader on a journey through history, detailing the evolution of Amsterdam from a car-congested city to a bike-friendly paradise. It’s a story about community activism, visionary city planning, and the collective effort to make a city more livable and environmentally sustainable.

The narrative is engaging and accessible, making it suitable for children and adults alike. It provides a fascinating look at how ordinary people can initiate and drive change in their communities. The book illustrates how the citizens of Amsterdam fought for safer streets and a more bike-friendly city, showcasing the power of community action and the importance of environmental consciousness.

The illustrations in “Pedal Power” are vibrant and lively, capturing the spirit of Amsterdam and the energy of the cycling movement. The artwork adds a dynamic layer to the story, making the history and impact of Amsterdam’s cycling culture come alive on the pages.

What makes “Pedal Power” particularly compelling is its relevance to current global conversations about sustainable living and urban planning. It serves as a powerful example of how cities can transform and adapt to meet the needs of their residents while also addressing larger environmental concerns.

Tillie the Terrible Swede

tillie the terrible swede

“Tillie the Terrible Swede: How One Woman, a Sewing Needle, and a Bicycle Changed History” is an inspiring and beautifully illustrated children’s book that tells the true story of Tillie Anderson, a pioneering woman in the world of cycling. As someone passionate about empowering women in cycling and celebrating their achievements, I find this book particularly resonant and empowering.

Written by Sue Stauffacher and illustrated by Sarah McMenemy, the story is set in the late 19th century and follows Tillie Anderson, a young Swedish immigrant who moved to America. Tillie was not just any ordinary woman; she was a trailblazer who shattered gender norms and societal expectations by becoming a professional cyclist, a sport dominated by men at the time.

What makes “Tillie the Terrible Swede” so compelling is its portrayal of Tillie’s determination, courage, and skill. Despite facing numerous obstacles and skepticism, Tillie persevered and became a cycling champion, earning the nickname “The Terrible Swede” for her incredible speed and competitive spirit. Her story is not only about her remarkable achievements in cycling but also about challenging and changing the perceptions of women in sports during that era.

The book’s illustrations are vibrant and expressive, capturing the essence of the late 19th-century setting and the exhilaration of cycling races. The artwork complements the narrative beautifully, bringing Tillie’s story to life in a way that is engaging and accessible to young readers.

“Tillie the Terrible Swede” is more than just a biography; it’s a source of inspiration and a celebration of breaking barriers. It highlights the importance of pursuing one’s passion, challenging stereotypes, and being a pioneer in your field. This book is particularly meaningful for young girls, showing them that they can achieve anything they set their minds to, regardless of societal expectations.

Shred Til Bed


More animals on bikes–are you recognizing a common theme here?! While the topic might be similar to other books listed here, the illustrations in Shred Til Bed will make you glad that you picked it up. This is an A to Z alphabet book with spectacular pictures.

The characters are not only engaging for children but also accurately depict various mountain biking skills and scenarios, making it a visually stimulating book that captures the essence of the sport.

What’s more, “Shred Til Bed” isn’t just about mountain biking; it’s a tool for learning. By associating each letter of the alphabet with a character and a biking term, it helps children with letter recognition and vocabulary building in a fun and memorable way. This approach makes learning interactive and enjoyable, perfect for young minds.

Ellery’s Magic Bicycle

“Ellery’s Magical Bicycle” is a delightful tale that combines the joy of cycling with a touch of magic, making it a perfect read for families who share a love for biking adventures. The story revolves around Ellery, a young and spirited character, who discovers an enchanting bicycle. This isn’t just any bicycle; it’s imbued with magical properties that unlock a world of possibilities and adventures.

As Ellery embarks on her cycling journeys, she learns important life lessons about courage, friendship, and the importance of perseverance. The bike, being magical, takes her on extraordinary paths, from lush, enchanted forests to mystical, distant lands. Each destination brings new challenges and opportunities for growth, teaching Ellery (and young readers) about the value of exploring the unknown and embracing new experiences.

What makes “Ellery’s Magical Bicycle” particularly engaging is its ability to capture the essence of cycling as a metaphor for life’s journey. The book skillfully intertwines the physical activity of biking with imaginative storytelling, creating a narrative that is both entertaining and inspirational. It’s a story that resonates with young minds, sparking their imagination and encouraging them to see their bicycles as more than just a means of transportation, but as vehicles for adventure and discovery.

Moreover, the book’s vivid illustrations bring Ellery’s world to life, complementing the story’s magic with visual charm. Readers, especially those who are cycling enthusiasts, will find themselves drawn into the narrative, imagining their own bikes as magical companions on their life journeys.

Ryan Goes Mountain Biking

The title says it all here. Ryan has a great day making a hearty breakfast, going over the gear checklist, and having a fantastic day out biking with her parents. It’s a fun story that shows the heart and magic of mountain biking.

“Ryan Goes Mountain Biking” is an engaging and inspiring children’s book that vividly captures the thrills and challenges of mountain biking through the eyes of a young protagonist, Ryan. This book is especially close to the hearts of those who cherish outdoor adventures and the exhilarating world of cycling, making it a wonderful read for families who share a passion for biking.

One of the key aspects of “Ryan Goes Mountain Biking” is its focus on the learning process. Ryan doesn’t start as an expert; she makes mistakes, falls, but gets back up again, each time learning something new. This aspect of the book is particularly encouraging for young readers, teaching them that it’s okay to fail and that mastery comes with practice and patience.

The book is also notable for its vivid illustrations that bring the excitement of mountain biking to life. The images of lush landscapes, diverse trails, and dynamic biking scenes add a visually stimulating element to the story, captivating the imaginations of young readers.

There are also some general safety tips and a recipe for banana pancakes in the back of the book!

Even More Kids Books About Bikes

  • “The Little Red Bike” by Robert Copeland – A simple, but fun, picture book about (you guessed it) a little red bike–with a bell!
  • “Tiny The Cycling Fox” by Richard Cantle – Tiny’s bike is missing, but he finds plenty of friends to help it look for it.
  • “The Red Bicycle: The Extraordinary Story of One Ordinary Bicycle” by Jude Isabella – This book follows the journey of a bicycle from North America to West Africa, emphasizing themes of sharing and social impact.
  • “Bear on a Bike” by Stella Blackstone – Aimed at younger children, this book is a whimsical tale of a bear traveling on various vehicles, including a bike, teaching kids about different modes of transportation in a fun and engaging way.
  • “Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen” by Cari Best – This book tells the story of a young girl who loves cycling and eventually builds her own bicycle. It’s a great story about creativity, independence, and the joy of cycling.
  • “Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle” by Chris Raschka – This book is perfect for children who are just learning to ride. It’s encouraging and supportive, illustrating the ups and downs of learning to ride a bike.
  • “Bike On, Bear!” by Cynthea Liu – A heartwarming story about a bear who can do everything well except ride a bike. It’s a tale of perseverance and the importance of never giving up.
  • “New Red Bike!” by James E. Ransome – This is a simple yet engaging story about friendship and sharing, centered around a young boy and his new red bike.
  • “Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face” by Larissa Theule – Set in the late 19th century, this book tells the story of a girl who challenges gender stereotypes and societal norms to pursue her passion for cycling.

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