Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Trailer Review

Author: Therese Davis


If you’re an active parent that desires to bring your little ones along with you on a fun-filled bike adventure, a trailer–like the Allen Sports Deluxe–is a great way to begin introducing your rascals to the freedom that bicycling can offer. Unfortunately, good trailers can be expensive and some of the more affordable trailers are junk.

That’s why we like the Allen Sports Deluxe. It’s cheaper than a trailer from bigger names like Burley or Thule, but is made well enough that it won’t end up in a landfill.

So pick up one of these babies, and let the kiddos lounge in the shade and take in the views while you lead the journey. Not to mention, it’s a pretty good leg workout.

kids climbing into trailer

Review in a Nutshell


  • Easily adjustable 5-point harnesses with velcro neck and crotch pads
  • Quickly collapses into a small footprint
  • Durable steel frame
  • Easy to zip or velcro the front flap for loading and unloading
  • Reflective strips, wheel reflectors, and safety flag for added visibility
  • Metal spokes and pneumatic tires


  • Our boys were tall enough to push the flap velcro open with their feet
  • Wish there was a bit more padding in the seat
  • Limited breathability, airflow
  • 16 inches wheels don’t roll as well as larger tires
  • Doesn’t convert to a stroller

Price and Where To Buy:

Exterior Design Details

There are two important components when we’re reviewing a bike trailer–the exterior and the interior. We’ll start with the stuff you can see on the outside.

Durable But Lightweight Steel Frame

The Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Trailer uses a thoughtful semi-teardrop design. This helps minimize wind drag while pedaling.

The hollow steel frame is very rigid and strong-feeling. Most trailer frames are aluminum, so the steel design on the Allen Sports Deluxe is unusual. We appreciate the durability of the steel construction.

Thankfully, in this case durable does not mean heavy. At only 24 pounds for the double trailer (and 22 for the single), the Allen Sports Deluxe is lightweight and significantly lighter than more expensive, multi-sport trailers.

Fabric Cover

The outer canopy material feels durable like most of the nylon/polyester you might find in a backpack aisle of your local adventure retailer. This seems like it will take a good amount of abuse.

The Allen team suggests to wipe down the exterior with a little soap and water occasionally. Then leave it in the sun to air dry. They also mention that the canopy is NOT machine washable; though this is typical for bike trailers.


The two side windows provide are exceptionally large and provide a nice wide open view for your passengers. Unfortunately, they don’t provide any airflow.

Many higher end trailers have mesh panels at the sides, which the Allen Sports Deluxe did NOT. During our hot months in our southwest region, we would love to have mesh side windows for additional airflow.

allen sports trailer review

Visible On The Road

We really like the bold color options, reflective strips, traditional bike reflectors, and safety flag that help call attention to the fact that you’re towing precious cargo. The last thing you want is a motorist thinking you’re just a solo rider.

Exterior Storage Space

One other point that we really appreciate is the two pockets in the back of the trailer that can be seen in the above picture. They are perfect for snacks, toys, water, and some small bike tools. Just make sure you fasten the little velcro strips well.

While better than nothing, the exterior pockets are MUCH smaller than the trunk storage space on the Burley Bee, for instance. There isn’t any place in this trailer to carry a balance bike or soccer ball.


The front door on the trailer is thoughtfully designed. There is a zipper that runs up each side for opening the mesh debris blocker.

Since it is the middle of summer, we opted to use just the mesh cover and keep the plastic window rolled up for optimal airflow. The plastic window is a great option for cold or wet days. It can be pulled down and attached with a clip and D-Ring on both sides.

What the door does NOT have is a sunshade. This is typical of trailers at this pricepoint, but is a nice-to-have feature that you start to see on more expensive bike trailers.

Wheels and Tires

One of the most notable things about the Allen Sports Deluxe trailer is the the metal-spoked wheels and pneumatic tires. On many “budget” bike trailers, you’ll find plastic tires and wheels, that are far less durable and don’t roll nearly as well.

While we really appreciate the construction, it is worth noting the wheel size. The wheels on the Allen Deluxe are only 16 inches. Higher end trailers have 20 inch wheels that roll easier over obstacles.

The tires are road hybrids, which is a fancy way of saying, they are road tires with a bit of off-road style tread. While this trailer certainly isn’t intended for heavy off-road use (for that you’ll want a trailer with suspension), you can certainly take it on some light fire roads or horse trail sidewalks. We rode around on a dirt road and had no problems.

trailer wheel

Interior Set Up

The interior of the Allen Sports Deluxe is simple. Unlike higher end trailers, you won’t find luxury padded seats or reinforced floors.


The Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Trailer is designed to carry a max load of 100lbs. Specifically, two rascals under 50lbs each. (The single trailer holds one 50 lbs child).

For the double trailer, the interior dimensions measure in at: 21″ W x 21″ L x 21″ H. Our two kids are 2 and 4 years old, and for the most part, they fit pretty comfortably. That said, the leg space was a little cramped. In fact, our boys were tall enough to push the flap velcro open with their feet. If they were much bigger, it might be a VERY tight fit. 

kids in trailer

Loading And Straps

To load them in, we had the full front door velcro unhooked and the top flap pulled back so they couldn’t mess with it on the way in. Starting with the 5-point harnesses very loose, we sat them back in place, slipped their arms through the openings, and clicked the center of the belts together. This all felt very familiar to their car seats.

Then with an easy tug on the seat belt webbing, we made sure they were secure in the harness. Make sure all four straps are adjusted correctly.

allen sports trailer harnesses

For a little comfort, Allen made sure to include some padded neck protectors on the belts. They are the light gray triangle looking pads in the photo above. You’ll also notice the mesh behind the head. This allows for a little give where your child’s helmet pushes up against the seat.

After the adventure is over, all you need to do is press the red oval button for a quick release.

Interior Storage

There are a few extra little stash compartment spots for snacks or toys inside on the left and right sides. Other than that, the interior is pretty minimal. 

Padding (Or Lack There Of)

There is a small amount of thin padding for your little one’s seat, but it would have been nice if there was a bit more. There are no headrests in this trailer.

Since there isn’t any suspension on this bike trailer, any little extra cushion would probably help. However, the amount of padding Allen designed into this model is fairly standard of all budget trailers.

The lack of comfort did not seem to deter our rascals from enjoying the ride, but this isn’t the trailer we would recommend if you plan on biking local distances or on rough roads.

Fabric Floor

Like all “budget” trailers, the Allen Sports Deluxe does not have reinforced floors. With time, as kids crawl in and out of the trailer, the fabric floor will start to show wear and sag.

Connecting the Trailer to Your Bike

Like most bike trailers, the Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Trailer connects to the adult bike via the quick release on the rear wheel. It can quickly release from the trailer via a pin and clip after being installed.

Keep in mind that the connection ONLY works on a bike with a quick release skewer. If you have a thru-axle on your rear wheel you will need an adaptor like the one from Robert Axle Project.

Once you have the receiver attached to your bike, make sure that the receiver for the quick release is facing towards the rear of the bike. Then pick up the trailer arm and attach it to the receiver.

Lastly, slip the pin through the holes and finish with the clip. We went on a test ride to make sure everything felt correct before loading up the rascals.

trailer hitch

Towing Experience

Riding with the Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Trailer is pretty straightforward. With kids loaded it feels a little heavy, but it really rolls well.

The spring in the towing arm does a lot of work to make things much more smooth for you as the bike rider and for your little ones in the trailer. You’ll see you can still take pretty tight turns as the spring bends to allow it. 

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but the weight is fairly noticeable while riding. Not only does it test your leg muscles while you are pedaling, but also tests your brakes when trying to slow down on light downhill grades.

With all trailer, make sure to ease into riding hilly terrain. Smooth park pathways are probably a good place to start if you aren’t a strong rider.

I couldn’t help but notice that the kids were giggling every time I went up hills, which made me giggle, adding to the difficulty of the climb. So I looked back and noticed that with every labored pedal stroke, the trailer lurched forward, making the boys tip back and forth a little in their chair. They seemed to absolutely love it, so I wasn’t too concerned about it.

allen sports trailer in action

Comes In Both A Single And Double Version

You can get the Allen Sports Deluxe trailer in either a single (one seat) or double (two seat) version. If you have two kiddos, it’s obvious which to get, but what if you only have one?

Go with the single if you want to save on weight and fit thru tight spaces a little easier. Go with the double if you want a little extra space for your passenger and the ability to carry a bag of groceries or a diaper bag.

Price Point

The Allen Sports Deluxe is on the VERY affordable end of the spectrum, but doesn’t sacrifice much quality. Some trailers come with a front wheel and handlebars so it can convert into a stroller, but those models begin to creep into the upper $160+ range. This trailer does not convert to a stroller and is a bike trailer only. For the quality build and ease of assembly the Allen Deluxe offers, it’s a great deal.

Easy to Assemble and Collapse

We were really curious about how difficult the Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Trailer would be to assemble, and what tools might be needed. To our surprise, it was very easy to unbox, set up, and get rolling within around 15 minutes or less.

After cutting open the box, the whole 26 lb trailer is easy to pull out and spread on the ground. It only takes a quick look to see that most of the work has been done by the Allen team.

No small nuts, rivets or screws need to be assembled. Plus, not a single tool is needed to build the trailer. (You might need a wrench later for your axle nut, depending on your bike).


We really like how easy and small the trailer folds down to store away in our garage. We have currently opted to leave the wheels on while storing, as it makes it easy to wheel around and out of the way without having to lift it, as you can see in the left side of the photo above. There is the option to remove the wheels and store them inside the main canopy for an even smaller package which allows for transport in a smaller car if you are driving to a trail or other bike riding spot.


All in all, the Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Trailer is a great choice for enabling fun-filled mini adventures. It’s easy to assemble, made with quality components, offers all of the safety options you could want, is available at an affordable price, and folds down into a nice little package when you want to store it away or transport it.

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  1. After reading this review, I bought the single version. Ended up returning it right after assembling and inspecting it. One wheel had a damaged rim and was badly out of true. Both wheels had play in the axles, indicating bearings too loose. There seems to be no way to tighten the bearings. They seem to be tensioned with a spring washer, and this is very inadequate. I am a bike guy, I have built bicycle wheels, and I know loose bearings and bad design when I see it. Lastly, the tow arm appears to be sized for the double, so the single I bought would ride off center behind the bike, to the left. All in all, some fatal flaws in an otherwise well built product. Too bad. I just ordered a Burley.


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