Kristen Bonkoski

Kristen Bonkoski is the founder and owner of Rascal Rides and Femme Cyclist, two brands dedicated to getting families and women outside on bicycles. She is also the host of the Femme Cyclist podcast, and a USA Cycling certified coach. A dedicated mom, Kristen began Rascal Rides when her son was born 11 years ago. As an avid cyclist and mountain bike racer, she wasn’t ready to give up biking! But at the time, there wasn’t much information available on how to bike with kids. Kristen shared what she learned as she learned it. Fast forward a decade, Kristen has tested and reviewed hundred of kids bikes and products, coached young mountain bikers, and helped families figure out how to get outside on bikes! She continues to push herself as well, most recently completing the Smoke N Fire 400 bikepacking race.