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5 Best Girls 16 Inch Bikes & How To Choose!

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


Searching for a girls 16 inch bike for your daughter (or granddaughter)? With so many options out there, it can be confusing to know what to buy.

And the bad news is that *most* “girls bikes” that you can buy at Walmart or on Amazon are cute but don’t actually ride that well. They tend to be heavy, have awkward geometry, and are built with cheap sub-par components.

Here we’ve offered up our five favorite girls 16 inch bikes. These bikes are pretty but even more importantly, they are lightweight, have kid-specific geometry, and are durable. Because you shouldn’t have to choose between looking good and being fast.

Down below we’ve also included a comparison chart, and tips on how to choose a 16 inch girls bicycle.

guardian original 16 learning to ride

But First, Do You Need To Buy a “Girls Bike”?

First things first: there’s no such thing as a “boys” bike or a “girls” bike. Kids bikes are kids bikes are kids bikes.

Unlike adult bikes that do come in gender-specific models, “girls bikes” are merely more feminine versions of their counterparts. Girls bikes don’t have different geometry, or a special saddle, or any other difference of any actual functional purpose.

That said, there are plenty of girls out there who do want a “girls bike” (i.e. a bike with girly colors, streamers, etc). And that’s fine. I happen to be a very girly girl myself when it comes to bikes and bike accessories.

On this list we’ve included bikes that are both girly AND functional. Additionally, you can add a few “girly” accessories to any bike to snazz it up a little. Check out our article on the Best Girls Bike Brands for a list of our favorite accessories for girls.

Our Top Picks

BikeWhat Makes It SpecialPrice
1Woom 3Lightweight build, color-coded brakes$449
2Prevelo Alpha TwoChild appropriate geometry, customer service$429
3Cleary HedgehogDurable steel frame, flip-flop hub$500
4Frog 44Bright colors, comes with fenders$480
5Pello RevoBrand-name components, wide tires$399
6Guardian 16SureStop Braking Technology$289
7Spawn Yoji 16Off-road capability$495

Woom 3

woom 3 purple

Don’t want to spend a bunch of time doing research? Go with the Woom 3. It is THE best 16 inch bike on the market.

It’s extraordinary light, is easy to learn how to ride, and has a high-quality build that will last through multiple hand-me-downs. We also love that Woom has made it easy to accessorize. The bike comes in a bunch of bright primary colors with helmets and gloves to match.

Read Review: Woom 3

Price: $449

Prevelo Alpha Two

prevelo alpha two 16 inch girls bike

Learning to ride a bike doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, the Prevelo Alpha Two makes it easy. This 16 inch bike is optimized to make riding easy and enjoyable.

The bike has been designed in excruciating detail to include custom-made cranks, upright frame geometry, and high-quality components. We love the dual Tektro hand brakes and Kenda tires.

You can also add custom-color grips and custom name lettering for the frame.

Read Review: Prevelo Alpha Two

Price: $429

Cleary Hedgehog

The Cleary Hedgehog is a head-turner. Unlike the other bikes on this list, the Hedgehog has a durable steel frame with a powder-coated paint job. Add to that the stylish faux-leather saddle, and a bike can’t get much prettier.

Fortunately, the bike doesn’t just look good, it rides good as well. All the components on the Hedgehog are top notch, it is lightweight, and is durable enough to last for years.

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Price (MSRP): $500

Frog 44

frog 48 spotty

Frog is a U.K. company well known for making great kids bikes. Their bicycles come in a wide array of fun colors and designs, so whatever your child’s fancy, they are sure to find one they love.

The Frog 44 comes standard with a freewheel (no coaster brake) which we love and dual Tektro handbrakes. It also comes with a set of fenders and a bell, because you know, sometimes its the little things that count.

Read Review: Frog 48 (slightly older model)

Price (MSRP): $480

Pello Revo

Pello Revlo

This bike is made to go places. The Pello Rover has nice beefy, fat tires that make it perfect for girls who like to explore. We love this bicycle for families that want to ride dirt trails, head to the bike park, or explore the road less taken. Of course, it works well on the preschool commute also.

The bike has dual handbrakes, Kenda tires, a Cane Creek headset, and all sorts of other quality components. It is lightweight so your child can make it long distances with ease.

Read Review: Pello Romper (It is the 14″ version of this bike, but pretty much everything else is the same between the two bikes).

Price (MSRP): $389

Spawn Yogi 16

spawn yogi 16 in pink

The Spawn Yogi 16 is a great choice for families who want to do a little off-road riding as well as pavement. This more mountain bike oriented bike performs great on dirt, gravel, and grass.

We appreciate the flip flop stem and headset spacers that allow the bike to grow with your child. The build is top-notch with in-house Brood componentry that you find on their much more expensive bikes.

Read Our Review: Spawn Yogi

Price: $495

Want More Options?

You don’t have to limit yourself to the bikes on this list. As previously mentioned, all kids bikes are unisex so the options are wide open.

For even more great 16 inch bikes, including some “budget options” and additional reviews, read our article on the Best 16 Inch Bikes for Kids.

Comparison Chart: Girls 16 Inch Bikes

Not sure which of these bikes is best for your child? Here’s how they stack up in terms of weight, price, and size.

BikeWeightMinimum Seat HeightFreewheel OptionDual HandbrakesTraining WheelsFrame Material
Prevelo Alpha Two14.9 lbs18″YesYesNoAluminum
Woom 312.26 lbs19”YesYesNoAluminum
Frog 4414.0 lbs19″YesYesNoAluminum
Pello Revo16.2 lbs20”NoYesNoAluminum
Cleary Hedgehog16 lbs19”YesYesNoSteel
Guardian 1617.5 lbs18″YesNoNoAluminum
Spawn Yogi 1614.7 lbs18.5”YesYesNoAluminum

How to Choose a 16 Inch Girls Bike


Weight should be one of the first things you pay attention to when choosing a bike for your child. Many kids bikes, especially those at big box stores like Walmart, are HEAVY.

Girls, in particular, tend to be more petite and less muscular than little boys, making it especially important for them to have a lightweight bike. A lighter bike is easier to learn how to ride, easier to manage and will go faster.

We’ve seen time and time again kids riding heavy bikes who get frustrated easily. If you want your child to enjoy biking, then spend the extra money to give them a bike that will be fun and easy for them to ride.



For a good quality 16 inch bike, you need to be prepared to spend about $300. If that is way too much for your family, don’t despair. Look for one used! High-quality kids bikes can be handed down to several children before they wear out so they are great to pick up second hand.

The other thing to keep in mind is that if you buy a good quality bike you can always fetch a fair price for it when you are done with it. That makes the investment a little better.

There are also several companies, like Woom and Prevelo, that offer a trade-up program, so when your kiddo is ready for a 20″ bike the investment isn’t quite as painful.


Most kids bikes come with a coaster brake. You probably remember these from your childhood, right? A coaster is a brake in the rear wheel that engages when you pedal backward.

The problem with coaster brakes is that they can make it difficult for children to learn to pedal and they can actually be quite dangerous!

Tektro Handbrakes on Cleary Hedgehog

We far prefer bikes with dual hand brakes and no coaster. That’s why we’ve picked bikes for our list that offer dual handbrakes and a freewheel (rear wheel with no coaster).

That said, if for whatever reason, you still prefer the idea of a coaster, several of these bikes come in both a coaster brake and a freewheel version so you can

Training Wheels

You’ll notice we picked out a bunch of bikes that don’t have training wheels. Why? Because your child doesn’t need them!

If your kiddo started out on a balance bike when they were younger, they should be able to transition easily without training wheels.

off road riding on the woom 1

If they didn’t have a balance bike, no worries. Buy any one of the bikes on this list, lower the seat all the way, and remove the pedals. Have your child practice scooting around without pedals. They will find their balance and be ready to pedal (sans training wheels) in no time.

More Reading to Help You Pick the Best Bike For Your Child

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  1. What are your thoughts on the 16 inch Guardian Original compared to these bikes? I like the sound of the Guardian bikes, but they don’t seem to show up on many of your lists.

    • Hi Erin,
      I haven’t tested the Guardian 16 first-hand, but we did test the Guardian 20 inch and like it. You can find my review here:
      I think a lot of my observations on the 20 would apply to the 16 as well. They are a little heavier and not quite as nice as the “Top 5” bikes like Woom, Cleary, Prevelo, etc, but nicer than a lot of the big bike manufacturer kids bikes.


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