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Bunch Bike Mini Kids Bike Review

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


If your family has a Bunch Bike cargo bike, your little one might want one too. And they are in luck, because Bunch is now making a pint-size version: the Bunch Mini.

This little bike (appropriate for kids ages around 4-7 years old) has a beautiful, high-quality marine birch bucket for carrying toys and stuffed animals around the neighborhood. This isn’t the bike for long rides or learning tricks, but for kiddos cruising to the neighbors house will their dolls, you can’t get much cuter than the Bunch Bike Mini.

bunch bike mini review

Review In A Nutshell


  • Fun, can haul toys/stuffed animals/etc
  • Beautiful, high-quality wood bucket
  • Quick-release seatpost collar
  • Trike design works well as alternative to training wheels
  • Plenty of room for growth


  • Coaster, no handbrake
  • Heavy

Price: $285

Beautiful Wood Bucket Can Carry Toys/Stuffed Animals

The bucket on the Bunch Bike Mini looks just like the one on the grown-up version. It is made of high-quality marine-grade plywood and is beautiful.

The bucket is sturdy and can carry a fair bit of stuff. Imagine your kiddo filling it full of stuffed animals, their jumping rope, and a few snacks for a backyard picnic.

bunch mini bucket

Best Suited For Flat Roads, Neighborhoods

The Bunch Bike Mini is fun for kids to cruise around the neighborhood–assuming your neighborhood is flat. Because the bike is HEAVY it is tough for kids to handle on hills.

My son (who is a strong rider) struggled to get the bike up even a fairly mellow grade. Going downhill was a bit of a trial as well–the trike got a little tippy–and the coaster brake wasn’t quite up the task of stopping this much weight.

On flat roads, however, the bike did well and was fun to ride.

bunch mini in action

Not The Bike For Serious Riding Or Athletic Kids

Due to the limitations I just listed (weight, trouble with hills) this isn’t the bike you want to get for your kiddo to go on long family bike rides. Similarly, it’s not the bike for jumping curbs or goofing off with neighbor kids.

That said, for mellow neighborhood riding or for more timid kids, the Bunch Mini can be a lot of fun.

Trike Design As An Alternative To Training Wheels

I’m not a big fan of training wheels (for many reasons). The three-wheel trike design makes for an interesting alternative for kids who need additional stability.

At low speeds (not going down big hills), the Bunch Bike Mini is stable and may provide a good platform for kiddos who want to learn to pedal but struggle athletically. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll want to keep your child on flat roads and even pavement.


The bike has a 16 inch rear wheel and 12 inch front wheels. This means it is sized closest to a traditional 16 inch bike, but has a little bit more room for growth.

The bike is marketed as fitting kids between 4 and 7 years old, though it might be useable a little longer than that depending on how your child is. My 8 year old fit comfortably on the bike.

Because it’s a trike you also don’t have to worry as much about your child’s inseam matching the minimum seat height like you would on a regular bike. As long as your kiddo can sit on the seat and touch the pedals, they will be okay. They don’t necessarily need to be able to put a foot down in order to balance since the trike stays upright on its own.

We also appreciate that the bike has a quick-release seatpost collar. This means that you can easily (and without tools) lower or raise the seat height. This is particularly nice if your want to swap the trike between siblings or neighborhood kids.

quick release seatpost collar

One thing to take note of is that kids on the smaller side of the age spectrum may struggle with the height of the handlebar. The height is not adjustable, and is significantly higher than the seat when it’s in it’s lowest position.

Fenders Keep Things Clean And Dry

Both the front and back wheels have fenders. These do a good job of protecting your child from wet or grimy roads. Nice to have especially if you live in an area where it rains a lot.

Requires Professional Assembly (For Now)

Assembly of the Bunch Bike Mini requires professional assembly by a local bike shop. According to Bunch, this won’t be the case for future batches of the bike, but is for this first one.

My husband is a skilled bike mechanic, so he assembled ours, but assembly does require a headset press (a tool most people don’t have), so do yourself a favor and just take it to the shop.

Bottom-Line: A Fun Bike For Hauling Stuffed Animals Around The Neighborhood

If your child wants a bike to match your Bunch Bike, or simply would love the whimsy of being able to carry their teddy bears to the park, the Bunch Mini is a beautiful and fun option. It isn’t a cheap toy, it’s well made and should last a long time.

This isn’t the bike for MOST kids–and I’d still recommend buying your child a regular bicycle in addition the Bunch–but for a neighborhood or backyard cruise with their toys, this cuteness really can’t be beat.

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