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Burley Cub Bicycle Trailer Review

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


The Burley Cub is a high-end, double trailer that works well for one child or two.  Thanks to a myriad of “kit” options, the trailer can also be used a jogging stroller, regular stroller, and on snow.  This makes it ideal for active families who want to do more with their trailer than just bike on the road.  

The rest of this review is written by Becky Sax, one-half of a biking parent super-duo.  They’ve hauled their young daughter in the Burley Cub all around the country including South Dakota’s Mickelsen trail, Utah’s White Rim, and Idaho’s snowy Teton Valley. 

While the rest of us might not be quite as hardcore, we do appreciate Becky putting the Burley Cub to the test for us.  All words from here on out are hers….

burley cub review

The Burley Cub has been a daily part of our family’s lives for over a year. We began our daughter in the Cub at just 3 months old, going for jogs and gentle rides around the neighborhood.

At 7 ½ months old we took April to her first gravel bike race and competed with her in tow in the Burley Cub.  By 9 months old April had gone on her first bikepacking trip in the Burley Cub.

We have covered thousands of miles on pavement, gravel, sand, and snow with our daughter in the Burley Cub. Our daughter loves her Burley and often tries to climb in it before we are ready to go out the door.

We have found that there are several features we love about the Burley Cub, and the few dislikes are minor in comparison to all the Cub has to offer active families looking for a bike trailer.

Review in a Nutshell


  • Lots of space
  • High safety standards
  • Easy to clean
  • Several attachment options for a variety of outdoor activities
  • Collapses for easy transport
  • Lower cost than competitor (i.e. the Thule Chariot)


  • A few pounds heavier compared to competitors
  • No side ventilation
  • Zipper sticks when used in sandy/dusty environments

Price & Where to Buy:

  • $699 at
  • Accessory kits range from $69.00 for the stroller kit to $199.00 for the $We! Ski Kit

Burley Cub Detailed Review

Burley Cub Bike Trailer


Burley was a pioneer in advocating for child bike trailer safety standards. Indeed, the Burley Cub goes through six rigorous safety tests. This ensures not only that your child is safe and sound but also that you are safe pulling the Cub.

The Burley Cub has a full aluminum roll cage to protect your most precious cargo.  That said, the chances that your child will roll are slim. 

The Flex Connector feature allows the Burley to stay upright even if your bike is on its side. If you fall, the Burley Cub will not roll. I have taken a couple of falls on my bike while towing our daughter during the winter months, and the Cub has never rolled. 

We have taken our Burley Cub on jeep roads and ATV trails, steep side inclines on fat bike singletrack and sand dunes. We have always felt she is safe and, I’ll emphasize it again, we have never had a rollover incident.

In addition to a stable and solid frame, the Cub has UV protection (UPF 30)  in the windows and an adjustable sunshade that shields little passengers from the sun.   Wheel guards provide protection from rocks and other debris, keeping the rider safe from flying objects.

Finally, the Burley Cub has rear and front reflectors to make the trailer visible to drivers.  Burley also sells a light kit separately for night visibility.

burley cub safety

Space and Comfort

The Burley Cub is spacious. The Cub has seats for up to 2 children. With one child, the trailer offers a great amount of storage space.

While on bikepacking trips, we have used our Cub with our daughter in one seat and the second seat for storage of her toys,  clothing, and diapers. Even with two children in the trailer, there is ample storage space both underneath and behind the child’s seat.

The Burley Cub offers 24.5 inches of interior seated height space, 25.5 inches of interior shoulder space, 22 inches of interior seat space, and 19 inches of legroom. The Burley Cub seats most toddlers. The sides of the Burley Cub are bowed out, to allow riders maximum space. If you are looking for a spacious child bike trailer, this is a great option.

Other “comfort features” include the trailer’s suspension system and the “S.I.T Seat technology” that keeps harness straps from getting tangled and out of your child’s way.  The suspension is adjustable and allows your child to remain comfortable even when riding off-road and on bumpy surfaces.  This is one of the big attractions of the Burley Cub over lower-end, cheaper trailers.


Burley offers several kits for using the trailer in a variety of terrains.  These include kits for plus-sized wheels, skis, jogging, and strolling.

The plus-sized wheel kit is great for sandy beaches, snow-covered roads, and rougher terrain. The ski kit works well for towing the Burley cub on groomed trails.

The Burley Cub is smaller in width than most groomed fat bike trails which makes it ideal for winter biking with kids in tow. The jogging kit turns the Burley Cub into a spacious jogging stroller.

Burley also makes a stroller kit for the Burley Cub. The Burley Cub is ultimately a trailer for all seasons and terrain thanks to the wide variety of kits offered for the trailer.

burley cub bicycle trailer review

Storage and Transport

The Burley Cub may be the largest and most rugged trailer in Burley’s fleet but it’s also surprisingly easy to collapse and fold for transport. The wheels detach from the trailer, as does the tow bar.  The Cub weighs in at about 37 pounds, wheels and all, so it is easy to lift into the back of a vehicle for transport.

Durability and Warranty

The Burley Cub is extremely durable, as a whole. The Burley has a hard plastic bottom allowing for travel over rocky, rough terrain. The cover is a thick canvas with a plastic window.

The plastic window part of the cover does not break down in the dust, dirt, and sun. The zippers on either end of the front window do collect dust, dirt, and grime easily, making them hard to open and close over time.

Burley offers a 1-year warranty on fabric parts and a 5-year warranty on all plastic parts and the frame. We used our warranty to replace our Burley cover when the zipper broke last summer.

Burley was very quick and efficient in processing our warranty claim. We had a new cover for the Cub in less than two weeks from the time we initially contacted Burley.

burley cub

Comparison Chart: Double Child Bicycle Trailers

Not sure if the Burley Cub is the right bicycle trailer for you? Here’s how it compares to other high-end double trailers as well as other trailers in the Burley line-up.

BrandModelPrice (MSRP)CapacityWeightMulti-Use (Jogging or other)Suspension?
BurleyCub$7002 children  (100 lbs)37 lbsYesYes
ThuleChariot Cross 2$9502 children  (100 lbs)28 lbsYesYes
ThuleChariot Cougar 2$7902 children (100 lbs)28 lbsYesYes
CroozerKid 2$7492 children31 lbsYesNo
BurleyBee$2992 children (100 lbs)20.5 lbsNoNo


All of the soft goods used on Burley kids trailers will now be sourced from post-consumer recycled materials. Burley has updated the D’Lite X, Encore X, and Cub X models with the recycled soft goods in addition to adding new colorways and branding. The frame design, structure and ability to use multiple attachments remain for each model. 


If you are looking for a safe, reliable trailer that suits everything from sand to snow, then the Burley Cub is for you. The trailer offers adjustable suspension and seating for two children allowing for maximum fun on family adventures.

We feel that the Burley Cub was well worth the cost. We purchased the jogger kit, We! Ski kit, and plus-sized wheels to maximize our adventures with our daughter. We find that without the Burley Cub we would not be able to train as efficiently with a little one. The Burley Cub withstood close to 3,000 miles in just one year of use and isn’t even close to retirement.

Becky Sax is a mom and teacher from Teton Valley, Idaho. She enjoys camping and cycling with her husband, Bryon and daughter, April.   They share their adventures at

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