Das Optics Grom Sunglasses Review

In can be hard to find high-quality, trendy mountain bike sunglasses that fit young riders. The Das Optics Grom glasses, fortunately, are one option that will actually work.

In our original review of Das Optics Sendees, Kristen mentioned that Das Optics “provides high quality sunglasses to protect your child’s eyes (or yours), helps you give back to the organization of your choice, and supports a kid-founded business.” All of those things are true for the Das Optics Grom glasses as well.

A redesign of their original frames, the Das Optics Grom model has provided a stylish pair of sunglasses that fits most kids around 10 to 16 years old. These frames are a bit smaller than the original Sendees.

My just-turned 10-year-old loves them. He is at an age where eye protection is no longer just functional, he wants to look cool as well.

If your kids need eye protection on the bike (any outdoor sport), make sure to consider Das Optics.

Das Optics Grom Smiles
When he wears his Grom Sunglasses he is all smiles.

Review In A Nutshell


  • New frames are appealing, safe, and versatile
  • Give back to the organization of your choice
  • Glasses are affordable and of good quality
  • Multiple lens options
  • On-trend


  • Still a little big for younger riders

Price: $49.99

Das Optics Grom
The Das Optics Grom

Fit Works Well For Pre-Teens & Young Teens

Das Optics markets the Grom to kids ranging from 10 to 16 years old. My son just turned 10 but the frames are still a little big.

They do fit him better than the prior pair we reviewed and he has room to grow. Even with them a little big, he looks pretty freakin cool in them and most pre-teens and teenagers will look absolutely rad in them.

Protection and Coverage

Developing eyes are much more sensitive than adult eyes and that is a great reason to help your little protect their vision when playing in the great outdoors. The Grom is a big lens that follows current trends, but offers substantial coverage on the face and for vision.

They are close to the size of my son’s downhill mountain bike goggles. They offer almost as much protection as goggles in addition to UV protection as well.

Fit and Function

Das Optics are not a normal pair of sunglasses. They were designed to meet the needs of budding cyclists and that starts with fitting with a helmet.

These sweet shades integrate well with most helmets. They also have ample coverage, the ability to change lenses for different conditions, and use quality rubber ear and nose pieces for grip.

Das Optics in Action
The Das Optics in action.

Affordability, Comfort and Maintenance

The Das Optics Groms come in at a reasonable $49.99 which is an increase from the original version, but they also have a new design, added technology and more options available. You can sleep easy knowing that if your kiddo broke or scratched their Grom glasses, replacing them wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg like a pair of custom kid’s Oakleys.

The pair of glasses we received also came with a zippered case to help keep the glasses safe when not in use. In addition, we received five lens options and a cleaning cloth bag.

Das Optics Lens Options
A lens for every occassion.

You Pick The Organization And A Portion Of The Purchase Price Is Donated

One of the coolest features of Das Optics as a company is that each pair sold contributes $10 to an organization of your choosing. If your son or daughter’s youth cycling team decides to do a group buy, then they could raise some money for their bike club all while styling out in their sweet new shades! As a general feature of the business, the donations make buying new sunglasses worthwhile.

Das Optics at the river
The Grom sunglasses work well outside of sports. They fit great with P’s A-Line hat too.

Supporting a Kid Founded Business Makes You Feel Good

Grady started Das Optics (with help from his Dad) from an idea realizing that kids needed an affordable option that both looked cool and functioned well without having to worry about the cost of a new pair if they break. Once they did some initial testing with his friends, the company was created and their first orders were fulfilled. Not only do we get to support a young entrepreneur, but also help him grow in his career and lifestyle.

Bottom-Line: Affordable, Quality, Cool Glasses that Help People

Eye protection is imperative in action sports. I have had my own personal issues (especially snowboarding) and might just borrow these from my son.

I appreciate that they are current, affordable, have several lens options for different conditions and fit my son better than most options of the market. Kids are often overlooked and finding quality eye protection can be a challenge.

The Das Optics Grom fits the bill. When the time comes (and it will) I will be picking up another pair of these for myself.

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