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Echo Reservoir Family Bike Ride on the Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail

Echo Reservoir Family Bike Ride

A while ago I wrote a blog post about the best places to bike with kids in the Salt Lake City area. Well, I have a new contender—the Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail along Echo Reservoir.

Last weekend, with the temps soaring around 100 degrees during the heat of the day, we headed out early to get in a bike ride and a swim. We parked at the Rail Trail trailhead in Coalville, UT—a 40 minute drive from our house in Salt Lake. If your kids are older, or you’re more ambitious, the rail trail begins in Park City and heads out all the way to the reservoir (28 miles one way).

The ride we did was 10 miles round trip—perfect for a lazy Sunday with a 2.5 year old. The trail begins from Coalville as paved, but quickly turns to dirt. For this reason, you probably want to be on a mountain bike or bike with beefier tires.

TykesBykes Balance Bike

P rode the first mile or so on his TykesBykes balance bike, and then crawled into the Weehoo. And the most amazing thing—he’s figured out how to pedal along with Dad! I’ve never seen a cuter thing in my life than his little legs pumping away furiously.

Because we wanted to go swimming, we had the Weehoo loaded up. Beach towels, water bottles, a picnic, swimsuits, and P’s balance bike were all strapped on or stuffed in.

For $4 per person, you can “walk-in” to Echo Resort, a nice shady, private beach. We chose to skip the fee and found our own nice quiet swimming area. Just look for narrow singletracks heading down to the beach.

The water was surprisingly warm and we had a blast splashing around, and then eating our picnic on the shady beach. We biked back to the car in our wet swim clothes which helped with the rising heat.

For a fun family outing, this ride cant be beat!

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