Friday Night Pizza Ride

For as long as Mr. B and I have been a couple, we’ve always had the same Friday night routine.  We come home from work, exercise together, and go out for dinner.  Since Little P joined the picture, our exercise usually involves running, walking, or biking to dinner.

Last night P asked for pizza.  Since the weather was nice, and it is staying light darker, we decided to ride to Papa Murphy’s to pick up a half-Hawaiian/half-chicken Alfredo. Lately P has been asking to ride in the Chariot, and he asked to last night also.  Now that he is getting bigger, I think he is happier back there by himself and better able to keep himself entertained.  It’s also a little cold still, and he likes being able to cuddle up in blankets in there.

We knew we had limited daylight left, so mounted up the lights–and off we went!  In the neighborhood we live in (Sugar House), we are lucky to have lots of destinations close by, and relatively safe, quiet streets to get there on.  It was a beautiful evening, with the light low in the sky and snow on the mountains.

Little P in his bike trailer


Kristen is a project manager and writer. She spends all her free time mountain biking with her family on the trails in Salt Lake City and Park City, UT.

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