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Frog 55 Kids 20 Inch Bike Review

Author: Blair Burton


As children grow, finding a great bike to grow with them can be difficult. Often, parents will opt for a department store bike that is poorly assembled, is very heavy and cumbersome to ride, and typically doesn’t fit very well.

The Frog 55 is a 20-inch bike that fits kids in the 6-to-8-year-old range with a minimum 22-inch inseam. Your little one’s transitioning from their 16-inch bikes will love the Frog 55.

Similar to a few other brands out there, Frog has been designed with small riders in mind. No more heavy department store bikes or frames and parts that don’t fit their size.

Frog has paid attention to detail and stocked cranks, bars, seats and the like that fit a comfortable, durable frame all while looking good doing it. Moreover, there are a variety of color options to choose from that will satisfy most of the rascals out there. These bikes are great city bikes, but also do well off-road if you’re looking to take your kiddos for some dirt adventures as well.

Frog 5 12

Review In a Nutshell


  • Lightweight build
  • High quality components
  • Child appropriate geometry
  • Beautiful, colorful frames


  • Expensive
  • V-Brakes lack efficiency of disc brakes

Price and Where to Buy:

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Lightweight Bikes are Easier and More Fun

I am well aware that I keep referencing back to department store bikes, but the majority of families tend to purchase their children’s bikes that way. The weights that kids are pushing are astronomical and, frankly, not fun.

The Frog 55 is a 20-inch bike that weighs in at 19.4 pounds (8.8 kg).  As a better comparison, the Woom 4 is a 20-inch city bike that weighs 17.9 pounds (8.1 kg).

frog 55 lime green

Both the Frog and Woom cost significantly more than a department store bike but weigh far less and are significantly easier to ride. That reduced weight allows the rider to go further, longer, faster, and more easily maneuver. They are more fun!

The Frog 55 is a great bike and was designed with a lighter weight intentionally. Our demo rider was just ready to size up to a 20-inch bike and the 55 worked perfectly for her.

She was able to immediately pedal off quickly, shift gears easily, navigate other cyclists in the park and had a beaming smile the entire time. Her father mentioned that he appreciated the room for her to grow on the frame, that she was significantly faster, and that she really enjoyed the bright green color, as it is her favorite!

Frog 5 7

Components That Work

The frame and fit of Frog bikes are outstanding. The frames have a low stand over and tend to fit kids on the smaller end of the scale. The rider is in an upright, comfortable position due to the “mountain bike style” flat handlebar that is optimal for steady balance, steering and pedaling.

Both the front and rear wheels have quick release skewers which makes for quick wheel maintenance. The wheels are built with house-branded rims, Quando hubs, and Kenda tires. These tires have a small but substantial tread pattern that will serve a rider both on and off-road.

Frog 5 5

The Frog 55 we received has a Shimano Altus 8 speed drivetrain and shifter. Frog’s website indicates that bikes will be shipped with an Alivio 8 speed drivetrain, so there could be changes from the model we received. The Altus works flawlessly, has a shift window for easy reading of gear choice and keeps the shifting simple.

 One thing Frog stocks on their bikes that I love is the front chain ring guard. It’s simple, looks great, and does its job well while not being cumbersome and adding weight like a lot of chain guards.

This is more of a bash-ring/chain guide than a guard but still provides chain guard duty as any other would. There is an optional, full size chain guard one can install if desired.

Stopping Power

Tektro v-brakes stop the bike. Frog branding on the levers adds some flair.

They work fairly well for a 6–8-year-old riding in town and parks, but if you are planning on doing any real mountain biking with your child on this bike, be aware that there are no disc brakes and the v-brakes are not nearly as powerful on long, steep descents.

Frog 5 3

The remainder of parts are all house branded with the custom Frog logos printed on them. Everything from a kid sized saddle to grips and stem cap.

One can easily notice an attention to detail with little items like rubber protection on the cable housing that protects the frame. That quality is reflected in the bike’s aesthetic, and it shows.

Geometry that Fits

The Frog 55 is a simple bike that works great as a town bike and can function as a light-duty mountain bike. As children grow, finding bikes that fit comfortably without the added weight of department store options can be tough. This fun bike has some great details that were added to keep fitting comfortably while remaining light and simple.

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Crank arms (114 mm) and handlebars (460 mm) are key components that Frog sized to fit most 6-to-8-year-old children. The bottom bracket is 110mm wide, providing a comfortable Q-factor (the space between pedals) for long adventures of pedaling.

The house branded seat fits little sit bones and house branded grips are narrow for smaller hands. The entire cockpit positions the rider in an upright, mountain bike position with the flat bar to have maximum steering and braking control while enjoying the ride.

Frog 5 4

Fit and Size

The Frog 55 frame will fit a minimum inseam of 22 inches (55 cm). If you have a tall 6-year-old then you may be able to start them on this bike versus a 16” bike or another, smaller 20”.

Our tester is average for a 6-year-old and fit on the Frog 55 well. She has room to grow with it for a few years. The seat and stem can be adjusted so it will fit her comfortably as she gets taller.

frog 55 sizing

Inseam length and height are key measurements to use compared to general age requirements. Below is a link to our bike sizing chart if you need help figuring out the right size.

Accessories for All

As mountain bikers, we do away with reflectors, cassette protectors and kickstands, but understand their function for town bikes. Frog sells an additional kickstand if it is something you or your child want or need.

Department store bikes often will come stock with an old junky steel kickstand. These are not those, but rather a functional, spring loaded, sleek piece of equipment that one can rely on.

Moreover, the kickstand is just the beginning of the additional accessories. The demo bike we received came with a bell, additional chain guard and fender kit. If it is wet where you live, the fenders will be a welcome addition.

We mentioned the additional chain guard previously. It will add weight, but if you’re worried there is one provided. Frog also provides several sheets of touch up stickers and frame protection which is a unique, attention to detail.

A Rider’s Point of View

Our demo rider and her family had been in search of a new bike for her. She likes to cruise with her friends in the neighborhood and her little bike just wasn’t fitting or working as well for her anymore.

She mentioned that she loves the color green. Well, Frog definitely has that color in their lineup! She was elated to step over the top tube and get some help fitting the saddle to her height. Within seconds she was off testing out the new ride with a beaming smile.

During consecutive demo rides and photo shoots she had become very comfortable on the 55. Although the demo rider was on the shorter end of the fit spectrum, she was able to get up to speed and ride extremely fast.

Confidence exuded from her as I followed, and we cruised along a river path. She looked comfortable on the new steed and exclaimed that she loved the color green.

The bike’s steering was steady and balanced. Drivetrain shifts seemed easy and quick and brakes were applied with ease. The demo rider smiled and seemed genuinely happy to be cruising on the Frog 55.

Frog 5 10

Who Do We Not Recommend the Frog 55 For?

If your family is looking for a great 20” mountain bike, the Frog 55 is not that. It is definitely a town bike.

Frog does build mountain bikes with suspension forks and disc brakes, including all of the necessary components to shred trail. The 55 is capable going off-road and I encourage you to take your budding Frog rider out there, but if you’re getting serious about trail rides, then a bike more keen on off-road is necessary.

For the vast majority of riders, who are cruising neighborhood roads and greenbelt paths, the Frog 55 is the perfect bike.

Bottom-Line: Frog Makes Great Bikes for All Ages

Cycling can foster a love of nature, being in the sunshine and moving our bodies. Doing it on a quality machine that one can easily enjoy helps to solidify that foundation. Frog is one of the few making quality bikes for kids.

The Frog 55 is a lightweight bike that comes stock with quality components and in a variety of colors to fulfill the dreams of every budding rider. Shifting is a big component of 20” bikes and the 55 will help your little adventure buddy learn to do it efficiently. Frog has provided a bike with a focused attention to detail that makes riding easy and the adventures worthwhile.

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