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7 Best Kids Full Face Bike Helmets (BMX, MTB) – 2019

kids full face helmet

The current generation of young mountain bikers are going faster, bigger, and harder than any before them.  Ten-year-olds are launching jumps at the old Red Bell Rampage site.  We’ve got 2-year-old balance bike riders hitting teeter-totters at Trailside and Valmont bike parks.  This kind of riding necessitates full-face helmets, and yet there is a considerable lack of them on the market for kids.

To save you some frustration, we’ve rounded up the best, lightest-weight options for kids–from the balance bike crew to the pre-teen rippers.  Here are our 7 favorite full-face helmets for kids for mountain biking, racing BMX, or just goofing around. We’ve also included a comparison chart and some advice on how to pick the best full-face helmet for your child.

Bell Sanction: Best for Young Children

Bell sanction helmet

This is the helmet my little guy has been wearing for the past year.  It’s been on downhill days at Spirit Mountain, Burke Ski Resort, and countless self-shuttled runs.  The Bell Sanction is small enough even for toddlers.  It’s not the beefiest helmet nor the fanciest but is perfect for younger children.

For more information, read my detailed review of the Bell Sanction.

Price (MSRP): $75

Kali Zoka: Best for Parents on a Budget

kali zoka

The Kali Zoka is a lightweight full-face helmet at a super reasonable price-point.  It has an adjustable visor, removable (washable) pads, and comes in a variety of colors. It is not ASTM DH certified, but works great for use at the BMX track or skills park.

Price (MSRP): $99.95

Bell Super 3R MIPS: Best for Aggressive Trail Riding

bell super 3r mips

This is an adult helmet but is small enough and light enough it works well for elementary-age children.  The Bell Super 3R isn’t a true full-face helmet; it is a convertible helmet with a removable chin bar.  This makes it ideal for kids doing aggressive trail riding and saves mom and dad the cost of buying two helmets.  We also like that it comes with MIPS for added peace of mind.

Price (MSRP) & Where to Buy:

$224.95 USD

Giro Switchblade MIPS: Best Convertible Helmet

giro switchblade mips

This is another helmet with a removable chin bar, but is more tailored to downhill riding than trail riding.  The Giro Switchblade offers a lightweight lid with all the extras: adjustable visor, camera mount, MIPS technology.  It is ASTM certified so is a good choice for kids who are going big.

Price (MSRP) & Where to Buy:

$229.90 USD

Fox Racing Rampage: Best Bang For Your Buck

fox rampage helmet

The Fox Rampage  is a light-weight helmet with a small profile.  Most importantly, this is the cheapest full-face helmet we know of that meets the ASTM-F1952 certification which makes it ideal for parents who want to keep their child safe on downhill days without breaking the bank.

Price (MSRP) & Where to Buy:

$129.95 USD

Fly Racing Default: Best for BMX Racing

fly racing default

This is a favorite out on the BMX track thanks to its flashy style, lightweight, and reasonable price. It does get a bit hot and sweaty so it’s not our top choice for long downhill days, but it works well for shorter rides and races.

Price (MSRP) & Where to Buy:

$109.95 USD

IXS Xact: Best for the Bike Park

We tested the IXS Xact at the Whistler bike park when we wanted to make our sure our son had a helmet certified for downhill riding. Despite a freak 85 degree day in June, he managed to stay (relatively) cool and comfortable; and mom was able to rest assured knowing his noggin’ was safe while he pushed the limits. It utilized double-D closures rather than a standard buckle, and EPR (Emergency Padding Release)  allows for quick removal of the helmet in the event of a serious accident.

Price (MSRP) & Where to Buy:


Other Options

These full-face mountain bike helmets didn’t make our top 5 list, but they are other choices to consider.

Comparison Chart: Kids Full-Face Mountain Bike Helmets

Here are how the top helmets on our list stack up.  For more help on choosing between the helmets, read our tips on how to pick a good helmet below.

HelmetMSRPMinimum Head CircumferenceMIPS?ASTM-F1952 Certification?Weight
Bell Sanction$75.00 52cmNoNo 950g
Kali Zoka$99.95 50 cmNoNo980 g
Bell Super 3R MIPS
$224.95 USD
 52 cmYesNo784 g
Giro Switchblade MIPS
$229.90 USD
 51 cmYesYes 964 g
Fox Racing Rampage
$129.95 USD
53 cmNo Yes 1,043 g
Fly Racing Default
$109.95 USD
53 cmNoNo1,133
IXS Xact
49 cmNoYes1,007g

How to Choose a Youth Full-Face Helmet

Kids Full-Face Mountain Bike Helmet


When shopping for a full-face mountain bike helmet, it is important to pay attention to certifications.  All helmets sold in the U.S. come with a CPSC certification, and most of these all have the European equivalent CE EN1078.  These certifications are not specific to full-face helmets and are the same standards found on other kid and adult helmets.

The certification to pay more attention to is the ASTM-F1952 standard.  This one is specific to downhill helmets and adds additional levels of safety for high-speed, serious crashes.  Unfortunately, not all full-face helmets have this certification, including a lot of the full-face helmets that are suitable to kids (lightweight, smaller profile).  If your kiddo is doing serious riding–high speed, big gravity–you want to make sure their helmet has the ASTM certification. 

For younger kids and those doing more conservative riding or for kids racing BMX, the ASTM cert is less critical.


The biggest limiter in searching for a full-face mountain bike helmet for kids is the weight.  Although many full-face helmets may fit your child in terms of head circumference, the weight may still be way too much.  Kids neck muscles are not as developed as an adult’s and many full-face helmets are just way too heavy.  The younger and more petite your child is, the more concerned you need to be about the weight of the helmet.

Spawn Rokkusuta Review

Head circumference

In order to ensure you are buying a helmet that will fit, it is important to measure your child’s head first.  Grab a flexible tape measure, and measure around your child’s head right above the eyebrows.  Note their head circumference — in centimeters.  Make sure the helmet you choose is small enough for your child.  Don’t be tempted to buy up a size, the helmet won’t be safe.

Riding Style

Why does your child need a full-face helmet?  Are they spending time doing lift-assisted runs at the bike park?   Or are they a crash-prone pre-schooler?  The answer to this question is going to result in very different helmet choices.  The best helmet for the pre-schooler is the Bell Sanction; the top pick for the downhiller might be the Giro Switchblade.  And for all the kids somewhere in between, we like the Bell Super 3R.

More Kids Helmet Options

18 thoughts on “7 Best Kids Full Face Bike Helmets (BMX, MTB) – 2019”

  1. Thank you for your reviews! I’ve referred to your site several times. Today was for some full face ideas for my smallish 9 yr old (50#’s!). He’s confidence is getting higher and he is riding aggressively for his level of experience. I think this means his 1st bad spill might be a little rougher than most, so he might have a full face under the Christmas tree.

    Again, thanks for the great info!

  2. After many nights of surfing the net for help for my 7yr old Grandsin’s full face helmet to go with his brand new bike bought today-advice that I know is THE BEST & SAFETY ADVICE that gives me peace of mind for his future so he can have all the fun he wants -NO WORRIES-A MILLION THANX-SO APPRECIATE UR IN DEPTH RESEARCH-AWESOME-BLESS UZ Happy Nanna Australia

  3. This is great. Just what I was looking for. I have 3 boys and they are getting more and more confident with riding. One trip to the indoor bike park in Portland (The Lumberyard) and it was obvious I need to get full face helmets for them.

  4. I was wondering if anyone has found a full face helmet for 3.5yr olds? My daughter is quite petite but aggressive riding so I am looking for something light with the smallest circumferential dimensions on the market.
    Thank you

  5. Take a look at the Fly Default. It’s as light as the lightest on your list, right over $100, and a YS is 47-48 cm. All the 5 and unders on our BMX race team are wearing them.

  6. My 5 yo daughter had a big spill and actually knocked herself out in a Giro Scamp. Obviously she was out riding the helmet and this article will help greatly in my search for a replacement. I’m happy with Giro products, so I will be looking at the switchblade if the fit is right.

  7. My grandsons are triplets and not quite 3yrs. They are also fearless! They are amazingly fast o their balance bikes love hills and my son has already started building small ramps for them. The first helmets I got for their age over a year ago were too small. And watching them I think they need the full face helmets but 750$ is a lot to shell out every year or whenever they get bigger or the helmet has to be replaced sue ti a fall/damage. Am I ok with a $100+ helmet? What’s my best option without breaking grandma’s bank or risking their little heads?

    • Hi Meg, Yes, for kiddos that little they really aren’t going that fast or falling that far. (It might seem like it for their age, but ultimately they don’t need ASTM-certified helmets yet). I would go with the Bell Sanction. You should be able to find it for around $60.

    • Hi Christian,
      Of the helmets on this list, I would go with the Fox or Fly Racing helmets. That said, by 14 years old, helmet weight and head circumference are going to be less of an issue. You should be able to fit any adult full-face helmet that you like.

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