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Hamax Traveller Review: Bike Trailer & Stroller In One!

The Hamax Traveller is a great quality bike trailer that also converts into a stroller. In fact, it’s so great, it changed our minds on bike trailers!

We (Therese and Warren) didn’t think we would be bike trailer fans until we were introduced to the Hamax Traveller. We have always been focused on getting our rascals on balance bikes as young as possible and love the interaction of a front-mounted seat (like the Kids Ride Shotgun) for longer rides.

The Hamax Traveller’s quick assembly out of the box, the easy fold down and disassembly for transport, and the quick conversion to a stroller makes this bike trailer well worth the investment.

We were impressed by how smooth a ride it was being towed by a bike and how easily it maneuvered being pushed as a stroller. It has storage space to brag about and plenty of room for two toddlers to wiggle around in and enjoy their ride.

hamax traveller bike trailer review

Review in a Nutshell


  • Lightweight but very sturdy feeling
  • Easy to unfold and snap together
  • Easily converts from a bike trailer to a stroller within a minute
  • Plenty of space for wiggly toddlers
  • Nice sized storage in the rear compartment
  • Washable, rubberized floor mat


  • Limited breathability for warmer climates
  • Harness location was ackward
  • No padding on seats
  • No suspension

Price and Where To Buy:

Safety Features

We love that the trailer has reflectors on all sides for that extra visibility in low light scenarios. Two in the back, two on each wheel, and two in the front.

There is a brightly colored orange flag that is included as well. Anything that helps pedestrians and motorists realize that you have precious cargo is very welcomed in our books. 

One nice safety feature is the quick release foot parking brake. This is key for loading and unloading excited, wiggly toddlers.

Just step on the top of the brake until you hear a click to engage it. Press the little red button on the outside of the foot brake with your toe to release it.

Quality and Design of the Hamax Traveller Bike Trailer 

There are many things that stand out for us on the Hamax Traveller. It uses a rigid aluminum, metal frame that is lightweight, coming in at 28.66 lbs. This is a sweet spot in between a no-frills, bike-only trailer like the Burley Bee (20 lbs) and a multi-sport trailer with all the extras like the Hamax Outback (44 lbs).

The relatively light weight and quick folding design makes it easy for a petite mom to load into a small hatchback, which we appreciated.

The main compartment is a mix of high-quality backpack like material, clear plastic windows and mesh. The stroller handlebars are very sturdy and strong feeling, with some typical soft foam grips. It also has plenty of rear storage in the rear compartment for tools, toys, snacks and all your mini-adventure necessities.

Wheels and Tires

It has quick release pneumatic wheels that easily go on and off of the trailer for going on a ride or stowing away in your car. The tires are 20” x 1.75” road style tires with some light tread.

traveller wheels

It rolled very smoothly on the walking/bike path around our local pond. We don’t really feel like knobby tires are needed on a stroller/bike trailer, even if you are riding on smooth dirt trails. The size they chose is great because pretty much every local bike shop and maybe even some big chain retailers, offers a 20” bike tire.

We also far prefer 20 inch wheels to the 16 inch wheels that come on cheaper bike trailers. The bigger wheels are easier to roll up and over obstacles, and roll smoother at high speeds.

Age And Weight

As a double bike trailer, the inside compartment had plenty of room for our two-year old and almost four-year old to sit comfortably and enjoy their ride. It is meant for children who are at least 6 months of age who weigh no more than 48.5 lbs and are no larger than 3.86 feet tall.

kids in the stroller

Of note, the Hamax baby insert is NOT compatible with the Traveller, so if you are looking to use the trailer with a younger baby, opt for the Hamax Outback or a Burley or Thule trailer instead. For more info on biking with little ones, and the AAP recommendations, check out this article on biking with a baby.

Whatever the age of your kids, the Hamax Traveller can handle a maximum load of 103 lbs. This includes both kids and gear, and is on par with other high end trailers from Thule or Burley.


While the trailer has two padded 5-point harnesses, we did not like where the top straps were located. Our four-year old kept pulling them forward by his ears and head and didn’t want to keep it back near his shoulders.

The belts would probably still work functionally with the way he was sitting, but it looked strange and potentially uncomfortable. Rest assured, the boys were giggling and having a blast the whole time.

There is no padding on the seat, which is fairly standard on entry-level bike trailers, but in this price range, padding is something we’d like to see. Additionally, the seat is not adjustable for a recline position. If you want a trailer that’s a little more comfortable for sleeping, invest more and buy the Hamax Outback instead.

trailer interior

There are two interior side pockets that worked perfectly for our little rascals’ water bottles. That said, they are much smaller and don’t hold as much as the elastic mesh pocket on the Burley Encore X, for example.

The one thing we did really appreciate was the washable, rubberized floor mat. This is something we generally only see at higher price points (and sometimes not even then). The floor mat adds extra reinforcement as kids climb in and out, and means that muddy little feet won’t ruin the floor.


The Hamax Traveller has large windows which our rascals enjoyed being able to take in the sights of the ride at our local neighborhood lake path. There is also a top window, so WE could see the kids when using the trailer in stroller mode.

The Traveller has three front cover options that have a small store-away on the top of the trailer – mesh, waterproof, and sunshade – that easily pull down and attach to the front entry of the trailer using some quick clips at the bottom of the trailer opening.

The clips can easily get kicked off if you have a taller child who wants to stretch out their legs. We didn’t have this problem with our boys but have read a few stories online of it happening.

The shade does not offer UV protection which is something that we would want for a trailer in this price range. We did notice that even with the mesh front cover, the inside of the trailer did not get great airflow.

We are located in Southern California and did this review at 10am during the month of August. Let’s just say, it can get very hot on bike rides even in the mornings or evenings when the day is typically cooler for a bike ride. When it was time to get the kids out of the trailer, they were pretty sweaty and the inside of the trailer felt very warm even though it was a morning ride.

Easy Conversion To Stroller 

The Hamax Traveller has quickly become our replacement to the monstrous double stroller that we own. It quickly converts to a stroller by removing the bicycle arm and attaching the front stroller wheel that’s included.

The front wheel is a single swivel wheel that sits under the front of the trailer which allows for its ease of movement. Lock the foot brake, buckle in the little ones, pack up your stroller essentials in the rear storage compartment and you’re ready to stroll. The detachable push bar can also be adjusted for height by turning it upside down.

stroller wheel

The Traveller was a very smooth push while strolling on the sidewalk around our local pond. We even did a short jog with it to see how it would do and it seemed to glide easily though Hamax says it is truly meant for a mellow walk or on a trip to run errands.

It is easy to push and maneuver as far as strollers go. Three wheeled strollers can sometimes feel a bit wobbly in the front, or like it could topple over easily.

We did not have this feeling at all with the Hamax Traveller. We really like how well it functions as a stroller and will be taking it with us on our next trip to the zoo. 

hamax traveller in stroller mode

Only Comes In A Two Seat Version

The Hamax Traveller only comes in a two seat version. If you have two kids, this is great, but if you only have one child, it could be more trailer than you need. A double trailer is wider, heavier, and less maneuverable than a single seat.

Hamax Traveller vs. Burley Encore X

The closest competitor to the Hamax Traveller is the Burley Encore X. So, which is better?

We’d give the slight edge to the Burley Encore X. It has suspension, which can make a big difference if you are riding on gravel or bumpy roads. The seats in Encore X are also nicer with more padding and structure. That said, it’s also $50 more than the Hamax Traveller.

The Hamax Traveller also has the rubberized floor mat, which the Encore X does not. And it looks a little sleeker, in our opinion.

Easy to Unfold and Assemble Out of the Box

The Hamax Traveller is easy to unfold and assemble right out of the box. The majority of the Hamax Traveller Trailer comes all nested together in the box. We like to start with unwrapping everything and laying it all out on the floor in front of us. The instruction manual has nice photography to help point out where everything goes. 

We started with unfolding the main canopy. With the trailer siting on the frame, walk around to the back and open the trunk. Lift up on the top frame rail and pull back on the middle frame rail. You should feel it all click into place once you’ve reached the right position. To unfold, pull on both white knobs on both sides of the trunk at the same time. The whole main canopy should release and collapse.

Now let’s put the wheels on. You’ll notice a rubber button in the center of the wheel axle that visibly says “Push” on it. That is the quick release for attaching and removing the wheels. Hold that button in and insert the axle into the receiver. From what we can observe, it doesn’t matter which wheel goes on the right or left. A little note, we like to make sure the wheel is secure with a little tug on them after inserting.

The next item is the wheel guards. They are the shark fin looking plastic pieces included in the box. Those mount to the frame, in front of the wheels, with one hex screw and the provided hex wrench. These were a little tricky to wiggle the long bolt into the hole and tighten, because the trailer cockpit material is tight against the frame. However, after some patience was practiced, we were able to make it come together nicely.

Let’s put on the front trailer arm next. Tip the trailer up so it looks like the trailer is doing a wheelie. Stand back, mutter to yourself: “oh yeah… that’s cool.” Okay well that’s what we did. Slip the front arm into the square hole on the front of the trailer. There should be a circle thumb button that you’ll have to depress in order to allow the arm to insert fully. Click! After that’s done, the next step is to attach it to your ride.

Locate the black metal axle adapter. Depending on your bike, you will have to remove the nut on your rear axle, or in our case, remove and unscrew the through axle bolt and slip it through the provided axle adapter. Make sure everything goes back nice and snug, and that your wheel isn’t crooked.

trailer hitch

Now we are ready to connect the trailer arm to your bike. Slip the trailer onto the adapter, then secure it with the pin and clamp. There is a secondary webbing strap with a clip that is more of a fail-safe if the main pin were to remove itself somehow. 

Everything should be hooked up now! We prefer to do a few minutes of test riding with no kids inside just to make sure everything is set up correctly and that you are well adjusted to the way your bike rides with a trailer attached. Jumping not suggested! (haha)


All in all, the Hamax Traveller is a great option if you are looking for a high-quality bike trailer to tow two kids that also converts easily to a stroller. Unfold the trailer, snap on the wheels, attach the bicycle arm to the trailer and your bike, and you’re ready to load up the rascals for a bike ride.

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