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How Dutch Moms Take Their Kids to School

In the Netherlands, cycling is a way of life. The Dutch ride their bikes to work, on errands, and to drop their kids off at school. It’s almost unheard of for a parent to DRIVE their child to kindergarten.

An amazing 31.2% of the Dutch population list their bike as their primary means of transportation. How is this possible? Fantastic cycling infrastructure. “Cycleways” are separated bike highways with their own lanes and traffic lights. Protected bike paths, on-road bike lanes, and “bike streets” allow commuters to get to their destination quickly and safely.

Parents tote their kids around via bike seats or “bakfiets.” Bakfiets are the dutch-mom equivalent of an SUV. These cargo bikes have a box up front that can haul kids, groceries, you name it.

How Dutch Moms Take Their Kids to School

Toting a little tike in the bakfiets:

Image by Amsterdamized/CCBY2.0

Who needs a minivan?

Biking with Kids in the Netherlands
Image by Amsterdamized/CCBY2.0

Dads get in on the action too:

Dad Biking with Kid
Image by Cindy Higby/CCBY2.0

Get the Dutch Mom Style

While we don’t have the fantastic cycling infrastructure of the Netherlands here in the U.S., there are many cities that are making strides toward developing a more family-friendly cycling culture. And especially for short trips, like the one to your kids school, there is usually a low-traffic road that make the commute feasible.

If you want to deliver your kids to school in style, consider one of these products—imported directly from the Netherlands and used by cool moms everywhere.

Yepp Bike Seats

Yepp Bike Seats

The Yepp bike seats are as stylish as they are functional. Compliance with strict European safety requirements provides moms with peace of mind. Yepp offers the front-mounted Yepp Mini and the rear-mounted Thule Yepp Maxi. The Maxi is a favorite of parents with a long-tail cargo bike, because it mounts easily to the rear rack.

Where to Buy: Amazon

Bobike Bike Seats

Bobike Mini
Image by Mark Stosberg/CCBY2.0

The Bobike brand is synonymous with quality. The front-founted BoBike City features highly-adjustable straps, and optional accessories like hand bars, sleep pads, and windshields. The BoBike Junior is one of the only bike seats on the market that fits kids up to 10 years old, and when it is not being used for hauling a kiddo it doubles as a cargo carrier.

Where to Buy: Amazon

Babboe Bicycle

Babboe Cargo Bike

Specifically designed for transporting young children, the Babboe is a bucket-style cargo bike. The Babboe City provides seating for 2 kids, and the Babboe Big Cargo Bike offers 4 3-point seatbelts. They also offer electric-assist options for those who live in hilly areas.

Where to Buy: Aika Trading

Bakfiets Bicycle


If you want THE iconic piece of Dutch cycling gear, the Bakfiets is it. The bike is heavy, but nearly impervious to weather, rain, and abuse. The CargoBike long has two benches for kids to sit on

Where to Buy: My Dutch Bike

Taga Bike

Taga Second Child Seat

The Taga bike is a stroller and bike in one.  Perfect for moms in urban areas, it converts in only 20 seconds so you can ride to the farmers market and then stroll around too.  Nifty accessories allow it to work with a carseat or to carry multiple kids.

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