Join The Team!

“Little Kid” Product Reviewer

We’re hiring! Are you an avid cyclist? Do you have young kids (ages 1-4)? Do you like writing and taking photos?

If you answered yes to all those questions, we want you on our team! We are looking for a “little kid” product reviewer for balance bikes, trailers, bike seats, and accessories.

This will be a part-time 1099 contractor position. You’ll get paid per review and get to help determine how much work you’d like per week, but figure around 5 hours per week. This is a great gig for a stay-at-home mom or dad.

The reviewer will:

  • Write detailed, thorough, and honest product reviews.
  • Take photos and video of the product, it’s components, and the product in action. (This might require a second adult to get action photos). You will NOT need to edit videos.

You don’t need experience writing professionally, but you do need to be good at writing. The ideal canidate will be a:

  • Strong writer. You know how to write in a conversational tone, and have a good grasp on sentence structure and article composition.
  • Decent photographer and videographer. Do you have a cell phone with a good camera and a willingness to run after kids for good shots? Sweet, you can do this!
  • Bike lover. You need to bike often a know bikes. We’re looking for a person that knows the difference between a threadless headset and a quill stem and can confidently explain that to others.
  • Parent. This one is obvious. You also need to be okay with photos/vid of your kids being published.
  • Reliable team member. You finish your projects on time, communicate progress, and give it your best effort!

What’s In It For You:

  • Free gear–get all the good stuff!
  • Monetary compensation on a per project (per review) basis
  • The opportunity to be a part of something cool, to help and inspire other families.

Before applying, make sure you’re familiar with our brand and our voice. Here are examples of product reviews you would be expected to create:

To apply, email Tell us:

  • A little bit about you and your experience with bikes.
  • Why you think you’d be good for the job.
  • How old your kid(s) are.

Also include:

  • A writing sample. If you’ve ever written an article, send it. If not, send 2-3 paragraphs on a bike/helmet/whatever that you currently have.
  • A photo sample. This could be a picture of your child riding, a product photo, soccer practice, whatever.