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Joovy Noodle Helmet Review: A Superior Toddler Helmet!

Author: Candice Dawson


As a parent, protecting my child’s head while out riding is my minimum requirement from a helmet. There are many options on the market that simply offer protection, but what if that helmet could offer more?

With added features such as a removable chin strap protector, molded visor, and an easily adjustable dial; that is what you can expect from the Joovy Noodle Helmet. It offers excellent protection with many added comfort features, giving both you and your child a safer and more enjoyable ride experience. 

It’s also on the more affordable end of the spectrum, and let’s be real–who doesn’t love saving a little cash? Read on to learn more about what we liked about the Joovy Noodle (and the few things we didn’t)….

side view

Review in a Nutshell


  • Form fitted shape
  • Cushioned chin strap cover
  • Easily adjusted headband dial
  • Molded visor offers excellent sun protection


  • Not available with MIPS

Price and Where To Buy:

Joovy Noodle Video Review

Good Fit And Easy To Adjust

I fell in love with this helmet once I came in contact with the headband fit dial on the back. I had previously been using a Bell Sidetrack for my kid’s helmet needs and the fit dial on it is much harder to adjust. In fact, the difference between the two in this area is enough to go with the Joovy Noodle.

The dial is easy to access, easy with fit adjustments, and easy to loosen. It secures the helmet in the proper place without slippage and gives audible clicks to indicate when it is snuggly secured. With this feature, I can put the helmet on and take it off without a struggle, easing my worries and keeping my already hectic day moving forward. 

rear fit dial

The next order of business with fit adjustment is the chin strap, which is where another great aspect of this helmet comes into play. The chin strap includes removable padding that also holds in the extra strap.

This eliminates any ridiculous dangling strap under the child’s chin. With the other helmets that exist within this price range, these added details make all the difference. 


The toddler version of this helmet is available in two sizes: Small (18.5-20.5 in) and Medium (20.5-22 in). Always be sure to take the time and measure before you purchase – my guess happened to be wrong. (If you need help figuring out how to measure your child’s head, read our guide on fitting a helmet).

Regardless, having two inches of growth out of a helmet that also does well to protect my child’s head was a pleasant surprise. It looks sleek even when tightened and eliminates that wide gap that can occur with less expensive helmet options. 

joovy noddle review

Comfortable And Good For Sleeping And/Or Trailer Use

Getting a toddler to make changes to their already established routine can be tricky, especially when it comes to what they wear. It took us quite some time to say goodbye to the old helmet and embrace the new one, but eventually the fit and weight of this helmet made that transition easier.

At a mere 224 grams, the Joovy Noddle is signficantly lighter than many other kids helmets. This is particularly important for toddlers, who have less neck strength than older children.

The helmet does not get in the way of the child being able to fully move their head and is comfortable enough for them to sleep in on long rides. If you’re child is in a trailer, it’s also nice that the back of the helmet is fairly flat, allowing them to lean their head comfortably back against the seat. (This is not true of all toddler helmets, by the way).

Plenty Of Ventilation

With 14 holes for ventilation, this helmet worked well for our hot days out on the trails. The front vents also include a mesh screen to protect flying insects from crashing into their foreheads, which was a considerate addition.

The helmet is molded to include a visor that does well to protect their eyes from the sun. Because the visor is built-in and not removable, it isn’t just another item that is eventually lost along the side of the road. 

vent holes

Unique Buckle Design

In regards to the buckle, it prevents chin pinches and also has a red buckle to aid checking that the buckle is clasped properly. It is quite a secure buckle, but with any curious fingers there is the possibility that this buckle could be opened depending on your child’s dexterity. The red buckle helps with quickly making sure that it hasn’t been partially opened during use. 

Durable Construction

The helmet is constructed from a dense foam with removable interior padding and sturdy outer shell covering the top. It feels stout and durable, though the brighter shell colors may fade in the sun.

I have dropped it several times without so much as a scuff on the surface and it is easy to remove any grime that is picked up along the ride. As we found out while stopped for a snack break, the molded visor provides the added bonus of protecting your child’s face from any trail side fall injuries – should they occur. 

Plenty Of Coverage…But No MIPS Technology

The coverage is ample, reaching far back on the head; placing the head strap dial firmly at the base of the child’s skull. It is designated as a “mountain bike helmet” for toddlers and for good reason. It offers the amount of protection that you would expect from any adult mountain bike helmet while also including plenty of ventilation for those sweatier rides.

The one drawback of the helmet is that it does NOT have MIPS technology. If you’re not familiar with MIPS, it is an additional layer of protection within the helmet that helps mitigate rotational forces to the brain in the event of a crash. For more information on MIPS and why you might want to consider it, read our guide to MIPS helmets.

That said, this is a well made helmet and both my child and I are happy to be relying on it. 

joovy noddle in action

Affordable But Not “Cheap”

We’ve seen way too many subpar; “cheap” feeling toddler helmets over the years. But many of the better helmets, like the Giro Scamp with MIPS ($65), cost substantially more.

The Joovy Noodle is not only an affordable helmet, it’s actually well designed. If you’re on a budget, but want a good helmet for your toddler, this would be our recommendation.

Bottom Line: Excellent Fit At A Budget Friendly Price

At this price point, it is difficult to find a better fitting helmet for a toddler. With the added features of the molded visor, padded chin strap protector, and well built head strap dial, this is a product that I absolutely recommend for a child’s first helmet.

The coverage and protection are undoubtedly suitable for any ride or stride that your child may embark upon, and if at first your child is skeptical a bit about putting something new on their noggin, just give them a moment to adjust. It is well worth it. 

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