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Kid-Friendly Mountain Bike Rides Near Salt Lake City

Kid Friendly Mountain Biking in SLC

Salt Lake City, Park City, and the surrounding areas are a mountain biker’s paradise. Fortunately for the next generation of riders, many of the trails are suitable for kids as well. Here are our top picks for family-friendly mountain bike trails. These are rides our family does often, and are appropriate for trail-a-bikes (Weehoo Trailer) or for older kids riding on their own.

Note: These are all off-road mountain bike rides.  For tamer rides, including bike paths, check out this article

Kid-Friendly Mountain Bike Rides Near Salt Lake City

Round Valley and Trailside Bike Park

Round Valley is our favorite place to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  The trails range from easy doubletrack to mild, swoopy singletrack climbs and descents.  The trails are gentle enough for trailer-cycles and exciting enough for older kids who want to ride on their own.  There are also beautiful views of Park City and the ski resorts.

We like to park at Trailside Bike Park (which can also be a ride in and of itself).  Trailside has some huge features to keep even the most advanced adults challenged, but plenty of easy stuff for kids of all ages–including balance bike riders.  There are two pump tracks, a skills area, and a great beginner downhill trail, Yaba Daba Doo.

For more information on Round Valley, check out the article I wrote on The Kid Project for more details, as well as the Mountain Trails Foundation website.

Pello Romper

Little Valley

Little Valley connects into the Corner Canyon trail system in Draper (see below for more info on Corner Canyon), but this little hamlet is built specifically for kids and beginners.  A perfect introduction to trail riding, the Little Valley trails include a gradual uphill climbing trail, and downhill trails of varying difficulty levels (none TOO difficult).


Located just below the Utah Olympic Park, RTS and RTS Lower are fun and easy trails winding thru a grove of Aspens. Perfect for a quick, after-work ride with the family or for toddlers/very young children. If you are hoping for a longer ride, these trails also connect into the local system of bike paths.

Before you go, grab a map from the Mountain Trails Foundation.

Photo by Tom Kelly / CC BY 2.0

Antelope Island

While the west side of Antelope Island is known for technical, rocky trails, the Mountain View trail along the east side is buff, flat, and lots of fun. Pack a picnic lunch, and enjoy it while exploring the ranch on the south end of the trail.

Kids with a bit more climbing prowess will also enjoy the White Rock loop.  It has one long climb from the parking lot, but it never gets too steep.  The views of the Salt Lake Valley and the Great Salt Lake from the top of the trail are epic.

If you do go, just beware of mosquitoes in warmer months, goatheads in the spring, and buffalo all the time. (Yes, you’ll get to see buffalo)!  At the entrance to the park, you’ll be required to pay an entry fee ($10); make sure to ask for a trail map while you’re there or print one ahead of time.

Antelope Island

Jenni’s Trail to Loose Moose

This beautiful ride from the Park City Mountain Resort base area does contain quite a bit of climbing, but for the more experienced kiddos, this is a favorite.   The ride offers a little bit of everything, and depending on the time of year you might be treated to either wildflower and changing aspen leaves. Go up the one-way Jenni’s trail, and come down the fast, flowy Loose Moose trail.  (Kids also love the name).

Before you go, grab a map from the Mountain Trails Foundation.

Corner Canyon

From the Corner Canyon parking lot in Draper, kids can enjoy the Draper bike park or the easy lower Corner Canyon trails. There’s a pump track, skills park, and trails for every ability level. Plan on spending several hours here—there’s that much fun to be had.

Visit the Corner Canyon Trail Foundation website for more info.

Alexander Creek or Mormon Pioneer Trail

Higher up, Alexander Creek can be brutal, but the first few miles of this trail are a fun cruise for young riders. Minutes outside of SLC in Parley’s canyon, this trail is uncrowded and a great place to learn without pressure. On I-80 in Parley’s Canyon, take the Little Dell Recreation Area exit. Turn north and go just past the golf course. Park on the right side of the road where you see a gate blocking the start of a double track trail.

A little further up the road, at the Little Dell Reservoir lot, you can also connect onto the Mormon Pioneer Trail.  Like Alexander Creek, this trail gets steeper and more challenging the further you go.  The first several miles, however, are relatively flat and perfect for all ages.  From the parking lot, there is a short, steep drop to the main trail, but it can easily be walked.  Bring a picnic dinner to eat at one of the many picnic tables along the shoreline.

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Millcreek Pipeline

There are a few tricky spots and some exposure that might require younger kids to dismount, but overall Pipeline offers a fairly easy cruise for fledgling mountain bikers. Located in beautiful Millcreek Canyon, this ride can get busy on weekends so go early or on a weekday afternoon. There is a $3 entry fee.

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