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Kiddimoto Kids Bike Helmet Review

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


The adorable Kiddimoto bicycle helmets are unique in that they match the brand’s balance bikes, which makes them the only helmet-bike duo. (That I know of). 

When we sent my son off around the neighborhood with the Skullz helmet and matching Super Junior Max Skullz balance bike, heads noticeably turned.  Cuteness overload, folks.

The Kiddimoto skate-style helmet replicates the look and feel of the popular Nutcase and Melon helmets at a fraction of the price.  Unfortunately, it also lacks several of the really nice features of those helmets. 

That said, if you are specifically buying it to match your child’s balance bike, or you can’t justify the pricetag of the higher-end skate-style helmets, you won’t be disappointed with this cute little helmet.

Kiddimoto Helmet Review

Review In A Nutshell


  • Cute designs
  • Affordable
  • 1 year warranty


  • Lacks the features of higher-end skate-style helmets


  • 11 vent holes
  • Meets CPSC and ASTM safety standards for bicycle use
  • 370 grams

Price & Where To Buy:

Kiddimoto Helmet and Balance Bike

Cute Designs

As already mentioned, the Kiddimoto bicycle helmets match the designs of the Super Junior Max balance bikes.  They also have an impressive array of other bright, playful graphics, some of which match the Kiddimoto wooden balance bikes. 

My personal favorite, the pastel dotty, matches the pastel dotty bikes. If you have to wear a helmet, you might as well make it fun.

Kiddimoto Helmets


Kids helmets have to be replaced often.  If your child has a crash where they hit their head, or if they drop the helmet on a hard surface, you are supposed to replace it. 

At four years old, my son has already gone thru several helmets for this reason.  This is a good argument not to spend TOO much money on child’s helmet. 

It’s not uncommon for kids helmets to cost $7or $80, which makes the Kiddimoto helmet a really good deal at $45.  It also comes with a 1 year warranty.

Kiddimoto Helmet Size Guide and Fit

We tested the size small, which fits kids with a head circumference of 19-21 inches.  The size medium fist head circumferences of 21-23 inches. 

The best way to determine which size is best for your child is to get out the tape measure—read my post on how to measure and fit a kids helmet.

If you are giving this helmet as a gift or can’t take the measurements, you can assume that the small will fit most kids ages 2-4 and the medium will fit most kids 5-10.

The helmet adjusts via a small wheel at the back of the helmet.  This ensures that the helmet is snug on the child’s head.

Kiddimoto Helmet Fit Wheel

As with all helmets, the straps are also adjustable.  I did find the fit on the Kiddimoto helmet to be a bit awkward and to take some effort to get right.   To be fair though, I seem to have this issue with skate-style helmets in general.


The Kiddimoto helmet is CPSC and ASTM F1447 certified, which means that it meets U.S. standards for bicycle helmet safety.  It also meets other international safety standards.

One thing to keep in mind is that although it LOOKS like a skate helmet, it is not certified for that use.  It does, however, meet standards for roller skating.

It also does NOT have MIPS technology, which is quickly becoming the norm for kids bike helmets. If you want to make sure your child has the safest helmet possible, choose a helmet with MIPS instead.

Compared to Nutcase and Melon Helmets

As I already mentioned, the Kiddimoto helmet closely mirrors the aesthetic design of the popular Nutcase and Melon helmets.  All three helmets have a skate-style profile and colorful, artistic designs on the shell.

What the Kiddimoto helmet has going for it is that it is quite a bit cheaper than both Nutcase and Melon.  That lower price tag comes with sacrifices, however. 

The Kiddimoto is lacking the magnetic buckles, MIPS technology, sophisticated ventilation systems, and in-mold construction of its higher-end counterparts.  If cost isn’t a deciding factor for you, go with one of the pricier helmets instead.

Bottom-Line: A Cute Budget Choice

If you are on a budget, the Kiddimoto helmet is a good pick.  It meets all U.S. safety standards at an affordable price point AND it looks good.  And if you are buying a Kiddimoto balance bike to go with it, it’s a no brainer—the matching helmet and bike is as cute as they come.

If you can afford more, however, we’d recommend choosing a helmet the extra features of the Nutcase Little Nutty, for example.

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