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15 Best Kids Bike Gloves (Toddler, Mountain Bike, BMX)

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


When my little guy first started biking with us (at 12 months), he immediately noticed that everybody else had bike gloves on and HE DIDN’T. After letting him wear my gloves for a ride or two, we went on the hunt to find him a pair of little gloves that fit him.

At that point in time, he obviously didn’t NEED gloves, but they did help make biking with the family fun for him. And now that he’s older and racing BMX and riding downhill mountain bikes, gloves have saved his little palms from getting scraped up more than a time or two.

If you are in the market for new bike gloves for your kiddo, consider one of these choices. I’ve rounded up my favorite kids’ bike gloves for toddlers and preschoolers, for bigger kids, for mountain biking and BMX, and for cold weather riding.

Best Bike Gloves for Kids
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Table Of Contents

Why Bike Gloves Are ImportantMountain Bike / BMX Gloves
Toddler and Preschooler GlovesCold Weather Gloves
Big Kid Gloves

Why You Should Buy Your Child Bike Gloves

When parents buy their child a new bike, I always recommend getting a new helmet AND gloves at the same time. Here’s why.


Along with a helmet, I consider bike gloves as essential safety gear. Bike gloves protect little hands in the event of a fall or crash.

Many tears and skinned palms can be avoided by wearing a bike glove. If you’ve ever picked gravel out of a child’s hand, you know what I’m talking about.

Fly Racing Helmet, Goggles, and Kit


For toddlers and real young kids, this probably doesn’t matter so much. Once kids start riding harder and farther, however, a bike glove can be useful for providing grip. Sweaty little hands can slip off bars if they are bare.


For under $20, gloves can go a long way towards making a child excited to bike. Even for toddlers who are riding in a bike seat or trailer, bike gloves can make the experience more fun.


Not all bike gloves will keep your child’s hands warm, but some are designed for cooler weather riding. These work better for biking than generic gloves.

Bike Gloves For Toddlers And Preschoolers

While there are TONS of options for bigger kids, finding gloves that fit the youngest riders can be a challenge. Here are a few that actually fit even the smallest hands.

Aero Tech DesignsHalf Finger1-10
Woom TENSFull Finger3-10
ZippyRooz Half-FingerHalf Finger1-6
ZippyRoozFull-FingerHalf Finger1-6
Mac Ride Full Finger1-6
StriderHalf Finger2-5
StriderHalf Finger2-5


Does your one year-old NEED bike gloves? Probably not.

But when my then 12-month old started asking to wear my bike gloves, I figured we should get him some of his own. The ZippyRooz are some of the only bike gloves that will fit kids this young. They also come in cute designs, and come in both half-finger and full-finger versions.

The half-finger gloves have pull loops to help kids take them off on their own (genius!). Three sizes fit kiddos ages 1-6.

Read Our Review: ZippyRooz

Price: $16.95 (Last updated: 2024-03-29 at 23:07 – More Info)

Woom TENS Bike Gloves

The Woom Tens Bike Gloves actually work well for bigger kids too, but the smallest sizes fit little ones as young as 3. They come in multiple colors to match your child’s bike (if they have a Woom).

The gloves slip on and off easily without any velcro, and don’t have any weird seams to irritate sensitive kids. They are pretty lightweight, but the synthetic leather palms and silicon grips do a good job of protecting little hands.

Price: $19

Aero Tech Designs

ATD is one of our favorite companies for decent kids cycling clothes at an affordable price. And like their clothing, their gloves don’t disappoint.

The ATD half-finger gloves come in a variety of colors and have a reflective safety strip. 4 sizes fit kiddos between 1-10.

Price: (Last updated: – More Info)

Mac Ride Gloves

For real trail worthy gloves for the teeny tiniest riders, you can’t beat the Mac Ride gloves. Made by the creator’s of the Mac Ride bike seat, these children’s gloves come in three sizes for kiddos ages 1 to 6.

These gloves are a bit more durable than the other toddler gloves on this list. The protection on the palm is substantial and the index finger and thumb are reinforced.

Like you find on many adult gloves, the fingers have silicone pads that are touch screen compatible. Which means you can enlist your child to take vid of you hitting that jump.

Price: $22.99

Strider Gloves

If your child has a Strider balance bike, an affordable and easy option are the Strider bike gloves. They come in both half finger and full finger options.

These gloves aren’t anything fancy, but they fit small hands and keep them safe. They are advertised for toddlers as young as 18 months, but have found they provide the best fit for kiddos around 3 years old.

Price: $19.99

Big Kid Gloves For Recreational And Road Riding

For grade school age kids who are commuting to school, riding trails with friends, and maybe even doing some longer distance road rides, these are gloves that can do a little bit of it all.

Giro DND Jr IIFull Finger4-12
Louis Garneau Jr. Ride GloveHalf Finger6-13
Bontrager Kids GlovesHalf Finger4-10
Specialized Kids Body Geometry GloveHalf Finger4-12

Bontrager Kids Bike Gloves

bontrager kids gloves

The Bontrager kids bike gloves (made by parent company Trek) are good quality half-finger bike gloves that come in cute designs. The palms have a good deal of padding to help absorb vibration from the road, and the thumbs have soft terry cloth for wiping little noses.

The size small/medium is advertised for ages 4-6 and the size Large/X-Large for ages 7-10. In our experience, they run a little smaller than advertised, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Price: $18.99

Louis Garneau Jr. Ride Glove

Louis Garneau Kids Bike Gloves

If you are looking for a simple, classic half-finger bike glove, opt for the Louis Garneau Calory Jr. . These cycling gloves come in multiple colors.

The well-padded palm offers protection in the event of a crash. Four sizes fit kids ages 6-13.

Price: $17.99 (Last updated: 2024-03-26 at 11:08 – More Info)

Giro DND Jr II

If your kiddo is already rocking a Giro helmet, the Giro DND Jr gloves match! The wide opening and Velcro strap make it possible for kids to get these on all by themselves. Four sizes fit riders ages 4-12.

Price: Price not available (Last updated: 2024-03-30 at 10:18 – More Info)

Specialized Body Geometry Youth Glove

Much like several adult models of half finger gloves, the BG provides comfort on the grips with a single, soft, padded palm layer that provides a sensitive feel on the bars. The upper mesh area provides some air flow and keeps things cool. A securing velcro wrist cover provides ease in getting little hands in and out of the gloves.

Price: $20

Kids Mountain Bike And BMX Gloves

Serious kids need more serious protection. These full finger gloves will do double duty for both mountain biking and BMX. They are a bit more spendy than the casual gloves mentioned above, but do a great job of protection and keeping hands planted firmly on the bars.

100% iTrackFull Finger6-12
Fox Dirtpaw Full Finger6-12
Troy Lee Designs Youth AirFull Finger6-12
Dakine ProdigyFull Finger4-12
Commencal Youth GloveFull Finger6-12
Fast House Speed Style Youth GloveFull Finger6-12
Specialized Trail Youth GloveFull Finger4-12

100% iTrack

100% kids mountain bike gloves

If you’re looking for a REAL mountain bike glove for your little ripper, look no further than the 100% iTrack.  It’s sort of pricey for a kids bike glove, but it offers excellent protection for little hands and it also has the coolness factor.  These are minimalistic gloves so work great for riding in hot weather.

Read Our Review: 100% iTrack

Price: $24.53 (Last updated: 2024-03-26 at 11:08 – More Info)

Fox Dirtpaw

Dirtpaw Kids MTB gloves

If you have a child that is either going big at the bike park or is extra crash prone, the Fox Dirtpaw should be your top pick.  These are heavy-duty gloves with extra protection on the palms and knuckles. 

The Dirtpaw gloves are what we put on our son for lift-assist days at the bike park and for serious trail rides.  They are thicker and warmer than most the gloves on this list, so they also work well for cooler weather riding.

Read Our Review: Fox Dirtpaw gloves

Price: Price not available (Last updated: 2024-03-26 at 11:08 – More Info)

Troy Lee Designs Youth Air


Troy Lee Designs makes some of MY favorite bike gloves, and they don’t cut corners for their youth gloves either. The Troy Lee Desgins Youth Air is lightweight and breathable glove (great for hot weather) that still offers plenty of protection.

The gloves have screen-compatible grippers on the fingers and the best velcro closure we’ve used (it actually stays put).

Price: $25-$32

Dakine Prodigy

dakine kids bike gloves

We love the nice wide opening on the Dakine Prodigy gloves. They make them easy for kids to get on and off by themselves but still velcro securely closed.

We also like that the gloves held up well over time, provide good grips, and wash clean easily. They also come in a wide variety of colors.

Price: (Last updated: – More Info)

Commencal Youth Glove

A leather palm and silicone on the fingertips provides traction on the grips and brake levers. A velcro closure and mesh upper keep the gloves secure and comfortable. These are small replica of the same adult glove.

Price: $20

Fast House Speed Style Youth Glove

Fast House is quickly becoming a staple name in the mountain bike community. With ties to motocross and big mountain riding, how could they not provide sweet gear like the Speed Style glove. Several features from a Clarino palm and thumb guard to lycra finger gussets that stretch and a neoprene cuff with hook and loop closure add durability and comfort.

Price: $26.00

Specialized Trail Youth Glove

An AX suede palm does most of the gripping duty on these miniaturized gloves. Silicone on the finger tips helps with braking and the upper nylon mesh keeps things light and comfortable. As with many other gloves, they will do the job and add some cushion to the ride. Specialized has four youth sizes that should cover a fairly wide age range.

Read Our Review: Specialized Trail Youth Gloves

Price: $13.99 – $20

Cold Weather Gloves

Most bike gloves are designed to provide grip and to protect hands in the event of a crash–not to keep them warm. But what about families that like to ride in all weather conditions (maybe even in the winter)?

Just a few years ago, there were virtually no cold weather cycling gloves for kids. Fortunately, that has changed. These options do a good job of providing grip AND keeping small hands warm.

Woom Warm TensFull Finger3-8
Fly Racing Youth WindproofFull Finger6-12
100% Youth BriskerFull Finger6-12

Woom Warm TENS

We love just about everything that Woom makes. The Woom Warm TENS gloves will protect kids from snow, rain, wind, and cold.

The gloves are also reflective which helps in the lower light conditions we ride in during the winter months. The elastic cuffs are nice and wide, and the gloves are easy for kids to take on and off thanks to the fabric grip strip.

Price: $19

Fly Racing Youth Windproof Gloves

fly racing youth windproof bike gloves

The Fly Racing Youth Windproof gloves are made of (you guessed it!) windproof fabric. The gloves are still fairly light weight but do a good job of keeping hands warm in cooler weather.

Great for downhill mountain biking and BMX racing on crisp fall days.

Price: $29.95

100% Youth Brisker

100% brisker kids bike glove

The 100% Brisker gloves are higher quality than anything you normally find offered for youth. These gloves are intended for true cold and wet weather trail riding.

The Brisker is made of neoprene and is lightly insulated. Despite being warm the gloves aren’t bulky, so kids can still maintain good control of the handlebars.

Price: $34.50

More Protective Gear For Your Kids

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  1. Fingerless gloves are pointless.
    Fingerless= dirtier fingers,less protection.
    I never always ride with full-finger gloves.
    I recommend Poc Index DH VPD 2.0,
    I got them and in my opinion they are the best MTB gloves on the market right now,they offer good protection.
    Sizes :XS, S, M, L, XL
    I have not tried the POC Resistance Strong Glove yet, but I assume they are as at least as good as the Index DH,

    I have used Giro DND gloves too, they are nice gloves,
    but i wanted More protection, so i got the index DH.
    I have used Giros Remedy X glove , which is awful:

  2. The best kids gloves are ShredXS, they have there own design for 3yrs to 6yrs that fully open. Lots of thought in the design.
    I got them and in my opinion they are the best MTB gloves on the market right now,they offer good protection.
    Kids Sizes :S, M,L age 3 through to 6
    Youth Sizes : S, M, L age 7 through to 9

  3. I always choose to wear gloves when cycling. It enhances my cycling experience while providing me with maximum comfort and additional protection.


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