5 Best Kids Dirt Jumpers

Ah, to be young and spoiled. Or, young and totally rad?

If your family loves hanging out at the local dirt jumps and you’re looking for a kid-sized dirt jumper, you’ve probably already discovered that your options are pretty limited.

Fortunately, the few options that do exist are all pretty awesome. The 5 kids dirt jumpers on this list range from 16″ wheels to 24″ wheels and are built to impress.

norco youth rampage kids dirt jumper
Photo credit: Norco*

Norco Rampage

Norco Rampage 20

Norco has really been stepping it up lately with their youth offerings, and it shows in the Norco Rampage Youth. A sized-down version of the adult dirt jumper, the bike comes in both 20 inch and 24 inch options.

Depending on how much you want to spend, you can choose a Manitou Machetti 100mm fork or a more budget-friendly option. Brakes are Tektro mechanical disc.

We also like that the bike is built up with SDG youth components, like the SDG Fly Jr saddle (one of our faves).

Wheel Size: 20″ or 24″

Price: $1,049+

Spawn Kotori

Spawn Kotori 24

Anybody who knows kids bikes, knows Spawn. The original kids mountain bike maker also makes some of the best dirt jumpers around.

The Spawn Kotori comes in 20 inch, 24 inch, and now ever 26 inch models. Depending on the size, the fork differs (Brood, Rock Shox, X-Fusion), but the rear Tektro hydraulic disc brake remains constant across models.

You’ll also be pleased by the high-quality in-house Brood components. Spawn has done a killer job of creating high-quality, high-performance wheels, bars, and cranks.

Wheel Size: 20″, 24″, and 26″

Price: $1,175+

Commencal Absolut 24

commencal absolut 24 dirt jumper

The Commencal Absolut is a popular dirt jump option now offered with smaller 24 inch wheels. It looks sleek and has top-notch components as well.

The frame is built up with Manitou Circus Junit 100mm fork, SRAM level hydraulic disc brake, and SDG touchpoints. We also appreciate the sized down cranks and stem that show that this bike doesn’t just have smaller wheels, it has appropriately sized components as well.

Wheel Size: 24″

Price: $1,149


VPACE Danny 24

The VPACE Danny 24 is a gorgeous little dirt jumper. That pretty frame is built up with has an RST Snyper 100 mm fork and Magura MT4 disc brake.

The only problem is actually getting the bike. While VPace with ship to North America, I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle. But you can decide for yourself….

Wheel Size: 24″

Price: €949,00

Slater Gateway

Slater Gateway 20

Whatever you’re looking for in a kids dirt jumper, Slater can probably provide it to you. The Slater Gateway comes as a frame only or in any variety of custom builds.

The frame can accept quite a variety of wheel sizes including 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch or 22 inch. (I didn’t even know 22 inch wheels were a thing).

Rigid fork, suspension fork, cheap build, expensive build–whatever you want, they can do it.

Wheel Size: 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″

Price: $385+

Lil Shredder Icon

Lil Shredder Icon 24

Update: the Icon is no longer available, but a quick search shows several for sale used. If you can find one, it’s a good score.

Have a mini shredder that’s ready for a dirt jumper? Consider the Lil Shredder Icon.

The smaller version is 16″ to 20″ convertible, allowing it to grow with your child for quite a while. (Just swap out wheels as they grow).

If you’ve got a bigger kid, the Lil Shredder Icon is still worth a look. It comes in a 24 inch version as well.

Wheel Size: 16″, 20″, or 24″

Price: N/A

Comparison Chart: Youth Dirt Jumpers

BikePriceWheel SizeBrakeFork
Norco Rampage 20"$1,049+24" Tektro MD-280 Mechanical discManitou Machetti, 100mm OR RST Dirt 80mm
Norco Rampage 24"$1,049+20"Tektro MD-280 Mechanical discManitou Machetti, 100mm OR SR Suntour XCM Jr Air 80mm
Spawn Kotori 20"$1,17520"TEKTRO AURIGA HYDRAULIC DISCBrood Eldorado 80mm
Spawn Kotori 24"$1,39524"TEKTRO AURIGA HYDRAULIC DISCRock Shox Reba 100mm
Spawn Kotori 26"$1,39526"TEKTRO AURIGA HYDRAULIC DISC X-Fusion Velvet
Lil Shredder Icon 16/20N/A16"/20"CustomCustom
Lil Shredder Icon 24N/A24"CustomCustom
VPACE Danny€949,0024"Magura MT4 hydraulic discRST Snyper 100 mm
Slater Gateway$385 (frame only)16", 18", 20" or 22" CustomCustom
Commencal Absolut 24$1,14924"Sram Level hydraulic discManitou Circus Junit, 100 mm

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