Kids Mountain Bike Jerseys: 4 Options Reviewed

If you follow Rascal Rides on Facebook, you probably know that my just-turned 5-year-old son is going through a bit of transition.  He used to be happy mountain biking in his signature kit (his pajamas), but lately he has wanted real cycling clothes just like mom and dad.  We’re just excited he’s enthusiastic about getting out for some long trail rides, so have been happy to make sure he has some mountain bike clothes he’s happy about.

Here are 4 jerseys that he’s been testing for us and our  impressions of each.

Kids Mountain Bike Jerseys


Fox Ranger Youth Jersey

Fox jersey

If you are a mountain biker, there’s a good chance you are already familiar with the Fox Ranger line-up of mountain bike clothing.  The fact that Fox Ranger bike jersey looks just like mom’s or dad’s is half of the appeal.  My son commonly points out the fox on his chest with great pride.

In addition to looking cool, the Fox Ranger Youth Jersey is also just a nice jersey.  The polyester material is wicking, bright, and hangs nicely.  We have the Small and it fits like a 5T shirt, with room underneath for a long-sleeve top on cooler days.  There is no tag to bother sensitive kids.

Although it hasn’t happened yet, I do worry that the material will be easy to snag with a fingernail or branch.  Other than that, the only real con for the Fox Ranger jersey is the price.  For a piece of clothing that will soon be destoryed by a 5 year old rolling in the dirt, the pricetag hurts a bit.  That said, if mountain biking is your families jam, you’ll probably be willing to suck it up.

Price & Where to Buy:

Woom “T-Shirt”

woom kids mountain bike jersey

Woom actually markets this top as a t-shirt, but we’ve been using it as a jersey.  The fabric is super soft and wicking, and is reminiscent of a Fox Dirt Shirt, if you ever had one of those.  The Small is a bit large (maybe comparable to a 6T top?), but not too baggy.  The adorable rear-pocket sports a “banana” graphic, and is large enough to carry a real-life banana as well.  I’ve also been pleased to learn that the fabric doesn’t easily grab stains — we’ve had two shirt-ending incidents, that ended up easily washing out.

Price & Where to Buy:

Spindaroos Spin2Kids Jersey

Spindaroos Kids Bike Jersey

The Spindaroos Spin2Kids jersey is a beautiful cross-country style jersey that constantly gets comments and second looks on that trail.  The construction is high quality, and has held up well over months of continuous use.  The full-zip front makes mid-ride layer-removal easy, and the large rear pockets provide a spot to stash a mid-ride snack.

Spindaroos offers lots of designs, so whatever your child’s favorite color or fancy, there is probably a jersey that they will love.  For the quality, the price is completely tolerable.  For more info, you can read my full review of the Spindaroos Spin2Kids jersey.

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Stampede Bikes Performance T-Shirt

stampede kids mountain bike jersey

Just like their bikes, the Stampede jersey offers plenty of bang for your buck.  The Stampede jersey is similar in design and material to the Fox Ranger, but at a fraction of the price.  It comes in several color options, but each sports the same “Lets Get Dirty” motto on the sleeve.  The small is still quite a bit too large for our 5 year-old, but he’s worn it a couple of times tucked in and will have plenty of room for growth going forward.  I like the print on this one, because it easily hides mud and food stains, so you can take your child out post-ride without being embarrassed.

Price & Where to Buy:

Other Jersey Options

Fortunately, these are just a few of the bike jersey options for kids this age.  For a complete round-up of the different jersey options on the market, check out our Ultimate Guide to Children’s Cycling Clothing.

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