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Koova Wall Mounted Bike Rack Review

Author: Blair Burton


Working from home and owning the business that we do creates a need for a lot of stuff. Most of that stuff being bikes and bike related gear.

Organizing all of that stuff is a challenge. I have built a huge shelf/rack in our garage that holds 14 bikes in addition to 16 feet of storage space. And still we have a storage shortage!

30ish bikes, a few dirt bikes and a workout area don’t leave much room for anything else. Luckily, I was contacted by Koova Rack!

Koova makes a simple wall mounted rail system with attachments for just about anything one can think of. Simple instructions, a load of bike and gear hooks, and two rails to mount on a wall left me with only one problem. The problem is I have no space left after building shelves upon shelves in our garages.

Luckily, I was able to clear a sweet Porsche poster from our exterior garage that we inherited from the previous home owner and use that space to test the Koova Rack system. I didn’t know what I was missing and hopefully I can entice you to try it at home too.

bikes hanging from the koova rack

Review In A Nutshell


  • Easy to install
  • Durable, steel construction
  • Part of a larger storage system for storing kayaks and other sport equipment
  • Easier and cheaper than building something yourself


  • Need open wall space
  • Requires a stud finder

Price & Where To Buy:


Installation of the Koova Rack is quite simple. There is a single sheet with instructions that clearly spells out the quick install.

A 5/16th socket mounted to my drill, stud finder, level, tape measure and the lag bolts were used in about two minutes to mount two separate struts. I then placed all of the Koova nuts inside the struts in the order of how I wanted to mount the bicycle hooks and helmet hangers.

Once the nuts were set into the struts I was able to quickly mount each bike hook and helmet hanger in about two more minutes. Within 5 minutes of work I had storage for 5 bikes and gear. I had no idea I needed more storage, but now my bike cave has more floor space and feels cleaner.

Durable, Quality Goods

The struts, hangers, nuts, and bolts are all steel. The design is lightweight but designed to hold up to 150 lbs. per strut and 3 bikes. Koova makes shelves, racks for skis and snowboards, kayaks, tools, and nearly anything that you can think of that would need a storage space.

I immediately loaded up our new storage solution and don’t have a single worry about the durability of the system. This is a durable storage solution that will last a lifetime and look good doing it.

testing out hte koova rack

Organize All the Things

Now that I have a six-bike-holder installed, I might just go buck-wild and buy more. My homemade bike shelf works well considering the ample storage for bikes and shelf items, but it also weighs a veritable ton. Also, if all of the rack and shelf systems matched then my work space would just look more organized and make me feel more organized.

diy bike shelf

My homemade bike storage works well but doesn’t look quite as nice.

With the ability to add shelves, ski racks, bike racks, skateboard racks, kayak racks and tool racks, I can create a cleaner, more efficient work space. I am an organization fiend.

My workspace might seem cluttered (because it is) but there is a method to my madness. I know where everything is, and it all has a space. Now I can just make things more easily accessible.

Who Is the Koova Rack For?

There have to be other people out there like myself that are constantly coming up with new ways to improve their home and work spaces. Frankly, these racks could be used in an office setting too. The applications are endless.

As previously mentioned, I struggled to find some open wall space to install the rack and there might be others out there like myself. We struggle with change even if it means an improvement to our lives.

Some people might not be mechanically inclined and would struggle installing the racks, but most people have a pretty good understanding of how to use a stud finder and a screwdriver or drill. If you don’t have those tools, well, maybe you can find a neighbor that does?

Valued Time, Money and Space

As far as cost goes, the Koova Rack system is quite affordable. Most people are going to want just the bike or ski system….at first.

The time taken to install is barely anything. One might take more time to plan out how to most efficiently utilize a chosen space. I might re-evaluate my utility and garage spaces now that I have a solution.

Making space is probably the biggest challenge, but that’s the whole concept behind the Koova systems. You are making space and organizing the things in your life. That is priceless.

Bottom-Line: A Great Storage Solution For Everyone

Sometimes, organizing our lives first requires us to organize our stuff. The Koova Rack system is durable, easy to install and helps to organize all of our stuff in a usable fashion.

Although we have to first make space, the rack system will then create more space through organization. The cost compared to lumber and DIY project is far cheaper than one’s own money and time are worth.

If you are looking for a solution to store your bikes, the kiddo’s bikes, all of your family ski gear, your kayaks, skateboards, Nintendo’s….you name it….get creative and figure out how to organize your stuff with a Koova Rack system.

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