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Lifts And Trails Board Game Review

Author: Blair Burton


One of our favorite things to do as a family outside of biking is playing games together. Chutes and Ladders was one of the first games we played with our son when he was really young. It is a classic game that many little humans are introduced to early on in their board game experiences.

Lifts and Trails takes that classic gameplay style and adds in an element of downhill mountain biking to the mix. There is also a Lifts and Runs version of Whistler for the skiing enthusiasts in your life.

Price: $34.95 CAD

Lifts and Trails Box
The cover box has the same great art that the board game itself uses.

How The Game Plays

The basic function of the game is as you would expect. Roll the dice, move your player piece according to the dice rolled.

To win the game you must reach the top of the mountain, or square 100, first. The only difference between Lifts and Trails compared to Chutes and Ladders (or Snakes and Ladders) is that biking is fun. I want to have to take the trails back down!

The Look and Function

The artwork is a fun rendition of Whistler Mountain Bike Park. There are images of riders hitting steeps, tricking off jumps and relaxing at the top.

My family and I got to return to Whistler this summer and it has made the gameplay extra special. All of the little details like bears, rock rolls, and even the way the trails are shaped down the mountain reminds us of our adventures at the actual resort.

Lifts and Trails Game

Where It Originated

The concept for the game came about as an idea from one Rio MacDonald. He was six at the time and is 9 now.

Hopefully he and his team can come out with a few other games to throw into the mix. My family really enjoys the game. It may be simple, but the added element of our favorite activity, mountain biking, gives it that extra something to keep us coming back to it.

Bottom Line

Board games are a great family activity that pairs well with a long day of biking. Families can enjoy each other’s company and reminisce on their day’s adventures with a game like Lifts and Trails.

Moreover, If your kiddo has a birthday party coming up for their bike buddy, then this game is certain to be a great gift for their friends. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a few of these as gifts.

The artwork is fantastic, the gameplay is fun, and it was the idea of a kid-biker. What more could you want?

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