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Little Rider Co Kids Bike Jersey Review

What are the jersey options for young riders? Hmmmm, not much, especially for the five and under crowd.

This gap in the market is exactly what Little Rider Co is trying to address with their long-sleeve mountain bike / BMX jerseys for the toddler and preschool crew.

We recently got our hands on one and were pleasantly surprised by the high-quality construction, attractive fit, and cool graphics. If you’re looking for a mid-weight jersey for your little ripper, check out Little Rider Co.

little rider co kids bike jersey review

Review in a Nutshell


  • Good quality construction
  • Nice fit
  • Sweet design and graphics


  • Limited sizes and styles
  • “Life behind bars” slogan may be offensive to some

Price & Where to Buy:

Little Rider Co Video Review

Fabric and Fit

The Little Rider Co jersey is made of 100% polyester which means that it wicks sweat and dries quickly.

While polyester often means “hot”, the fabric is made with thousands of little holes to help keep it breathable. This makes it the ideal weight for fall or spring days, where it’s cool enough for a long-sleeve but warm enough to get sweaty. If your little one plans on riding on cooler days, order up a size so you can put a layer underneath.

The fabric isn’t overly thin and feels substantial and well-made. The stitching also looked decent enough, although only time with tell how it holds up. (We’ll update later if there are any issues).

The fit is definitely loose (but not too loose) and fits the current trend for downhill jerseys.

The sleeves have a separate band sown on for the cuffs which do a good job of keeping the sleeves from slipping up or down, and out of the way of the handlebars.


The jerseys are intended for toddlers and preschoolers and come in sizes 2-5. Because they are baggy, they do run a little bigger than a normal top.

My (admittedly petite) 6 year old who normally wears a 6T fit comfortably in the size 5 jersey. This is nice because the jersey provides a little room to grown and/or add an additional layer underneath.

Cool Graphics and Colors

The jerseys come in black (pictured here) or in several bright neon accent colors. All are ridiculously cute and look great on the trail.

On the rear of the jersey there are two graphics. The first reads “Life Behind Bars” and the second advertises the Little Rider Co Instagram account.

There are some vocal folks in the bike industry (like Amanda Batty) that do find the “Life Behind Bars” slogan offensive, so there’s that. But if that doesn’t bother you, you’ll find the jersey graphics equal parts cool and adorable.

(Almost) No Tags

For kids with sensitive skin, or sensory processing issues, you’ll be glad to know that the jersey doesn’t have any tags — well, almost. There is one teeny tiny size tag that I was able to easily cut out without causing any problems.

Bottom-Line: A Good-Quality Mid-Weight Jersey for Young Kids

Both mom and kid gave this jersey two thumbs up. It looks cool, functions well on the bike, and quite frankly is one of your only options for young riders. Our only wish is that there were more sizes and styles, but hopefully that will come with time.

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