Little Valley Instructional Trails: Ideal Mountain Biking for Kids and Beginners

One of the best places in the Salt Lake valley to take kids mountain biking is the Little Valley Instructional Trails.  Fortunately, these superbly constructed “flow” trails are just as fun for adults as they are for children.  Tucked up in a small mountain valley in Draper, the trails also connect Corner Canyon for those looking for a longer, more challenging ride.

Little Valley Instructional Trails

The system is comprised of a “main” trail, a wide smooth track headed up the center of the system that acts as the “uphill trail.”  Then there are four different downhill runs: the A line, B line, C line, and D line.  The “A line” is the green circle (aka beginner) trail and is a good place to start.  From there you can branch out to the others, all of which are blue squares (intermediate trails).  None are too difficult, and my just-turned-4-year old rides all with confidence.

Little Valley Trails

There is a trail map at the trailhead as well as at the top of the system.  All trails are well signed, and there are even “instructional” signs throughout that give riders tips.  Depending on which line you take, you’ll get to practice riding switchbacks, bridges, berms, jumps, and small obstacles.  All the trails are smooth, gentle, and never too steep.

The Little Valley Instructional Trails are appropriate for pretty much everyone and every skill level.  The “A line” is perfect even for toddlers on balance bikes.  Bigger kids can play on the more challenging Little Valley loop trail, or take Ann’s trail over to Corner Canyon for a bigger, longer ride.

For young kids, the ride up the main trail may be a bit challenging but fortunately it is short.   My 4 year old manages to ride up it solo a couple times, but after that is worn out.  We like to hook up to the BicycleBungee and haul him up after that.  Walking is also ok.

Using the BicycleBungee at Little Valley

Little Valley Instructional Trails Video

Here’s a little video I took on our most recent visit.  My 4 year-old son is riding his 14″ Pello Romper.

How to Get There:

From the I-15, take the Bluffdale exit.  Turn east toward the mountains and follow Highland Drive.  Take a right on Traverse Ridge Road and continue straight for a little over a mile.  You will see a sign and a nice, large gravel parking lot on the right side of the road.  There is a porta-potty there but no water, so plan ahead.

For other family-friendly rides in the area, check out my post on the “Best Kid-Friendly Mountain Bike Rides Near Salt Lake City.”

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  1. Another great post Kristen. You are so lucky to have somewhere that all ages from balance bikers upwards. I wish there were more places in the UK that cater for this very young age range – our trails tend to start out much longer than the little legs can cope with. Now my boys are getting to an age where they are into more technical riding and it’s great to be able to get some longer distance riding in.


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