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Mongoose Title Full Face Youth Helmet Review

Author: Christopher Del Sole


When I was a child back in the dark ages, we were lucky if Mom and Dad remembered to put a bike helmet on us before sending us off into the world each morning. Fortunately, things have changed, and today we all wear helmets, pads, and other appropriate PPE whenever we participate in the sports and activities we love.

With that increased safety awareness has come a drastic increase in the number and type of helmets available for kids, which is a good thing! Today’s parents can choose from half-shell, full-face, convertibles, helmets with and without MIPS – the list goes on and on, with a variety of price points to match. 

The helmet we’re reviewing today–the Mongoose Title Full Face youth helmet–falls into the full-face category. It is ASTM F1952 (downhill) compliant, has ten vents and air channels to keep kids cool, is goggle-compatible, and is priced nicely at just $99.

If your child is ready to take their riding to the next level and do some downhill riding, read on to learn why the Mongoose Title is a great choice for a full-face helmet!

Review In A Nutshell


  • Affordable
  • ASTM F1952 compliant for downhill mountain biking
  • Standard helmet clip closure is easier for kids to operate than a D-ring
  • Goggle strap channel to keep goggles in place
  • Adjustable visor


  • Doesn’t come with MIPS
  • Clip closure may not be strong enough for aggressive riding
  • Padding and shell are on the thinner side

Price & Where To Buy:

Why A Full Face? Why Mongoose?

The moment Mom or Dad realizes their child needs a full-face helmet is different for each family. Sometimes (but hopefully not!) it comes after a crash that involves scrapes, scuffs, or worse to the face. Sometimes it comes on the recommendation of a coach or friend that’s introducing the child to the world of downhill mountain biking.

Either way, when the time comes, there are a few factors that are important to consider. These include safety standards, strap closure style, and comfort. 

Mongoose is a storied name in the bike industry, having started in the early 1970s in the BMX world. Today, they manufacture products for BMX, mountain biking, scootering and other industries, all to a high degree of quality, fit, and finish.

An Affordable Downhill Certified Option

Parents can breathe easy knowing the helmet is certified to ASTM F1952 which is the safety standard for downhill mountain biking. We STRONGLY recommend choosing a full face helmet that meets this standard particularly if your child is doing lift-served or more aggressive riding.

You would think that all full face helmets would meet the ASTM F1952 standard, but you would be surprised how few do. Even more rare, is to find a certified helmet at this price point.

Although not a formal part of our testing process, our tester did fully test the helmet’s protection, sliding out on a dry, dusty downhill trail in Vermont. Aside from some scratches on the helmet itself, everything and everyone was fine!


The Mongoose Title Youth helmet is available in three different sizes. They are XS (47-48cm), YM (49-50cm), and YL (51-52cm).

Unlike most half-shell helmets today, full-face helmets don’t offer any sort of “roc-loc” or rear fit adjustment, so sizing the helmet properly to the child’s head is very important. Make sure to measure your child’s head before ordering.

Features You Might Not Expect At This Price Point

The Title has all the features we’ve come to expect out of adult full-face helmets, including a goggle-strap channel to keep goggles in place during fast, bumpy descents. We also appreciated the pivoting visor to protect little eyes from wind, rain, and sun. Finally, the helmet offers proper venting to cool the rider on hot days.

Standard Buckle

One aspect of the Title that we appreciated was the standard helmet clip closure (versus a motocross-style D-Ring). The regular buckle was much easier for our son to clip and unclip on his own. 

That said, a standard buckle may not be as safe in a crash as a D-ring style buckle which is less likely to come undone. If your child is doing really high speeds or aggressive riding, you may want to opt for a D-ring instead.

Incredibly Lightweight For A Full Face

Another aspect of the Mongoose Title that our eight-year old tester appreciated was its relative light weight. Children have heads that are proportionally bigger than the rest of their body to begin with, which is why they tend to have a higher center of gravity.

Adding a heavy full-face helmet to their head will only make things worse. So, as with nearly everything else in the bike realm, paying attention to weight will go a long way towards comfort and performance.

Most “lightweight” full face helmets weigh around 1,000 grams. For comparison, the Mongoose Title weighs 775 grams making it exceptionally lightweight. In fact, it’s the lightest full face kids helmet we’ve tested at Rascal Rides!

This is particularly important for very young kids who’s necks aren’t all that strong yet.

Thinner Padding And Shell

The Mongoose Title Full Face Youth helmet is super affordable, is lightweight, and is ASTM downhill certified. There has to be a catch, right?

Indeed there is. Most noticeably, the padding inside the Title is both thinner and less soft than more expensive full face lids. The exterior shell also fills thinner and less substantial.

These factors may mean the comfort and durability of the helmet doesn’t live up to more expensive kids full face helmets. But if you’re on a budget, or your child won’t be using the helmet all that often, the price more than makes up for these.

Bottom-Line: A Safe and Versatile Helmet

The Mongoose Title Full Face Youth helmet is great for kids that are just beginning to get into downhill mountain biking. At $99, it won’t break the bank, and it provides superior protection when compared to a half-shell helmet.

The Title is comfortable, has a strap clip that can be easily manipulated by children, offers enough vents to keep kids cool on hot days, and also has killer looks. Finally, it has that legendary Mongoose name, making it more likely that children will want to wear it! 

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Since the writing of this article Chris has left his track down the trail and passed on. He will be forever missed and thought of often. Chris, thank you for the indelible mark you left on this world.

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