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MTB Hopper Lite Review

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


Jonesing for a fun new toy, that’s not quite as expensive as a brand new mountain bike? Let me introduce you to the MTB Hopper Lite.

This portable bike jump folds up into a backpack (yup, you heard that right). Throw it on, jump on the bike, and pedal wherever your little heart pleases.

mtb hopper in action

We got our MTB Hopper Lite in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when all the playgrounds were closed and we had watched one too many Sam Pilgrim YouTube videos. We needed off the couch and out into the real world.

Things have now started opening up, but we haven’t gotten sick of the MTB Hopper Lite. If anything, we’re still daydreaming of all the places we want to take it.

mtb hopper lite review

May 2023: Updated to add information on how it’s held up long term as well as updated price and additional purchasing options.

Review In A Nutshell


  • Easily portable thanks to backpack design
  • Adjustable heights for progression
  • Easy and quick to assemble / disassemble
  • Easy to store


  • Expensive!
  • Gets dirty easily
  • Too big for smaller kids

Price & Where To Buy:

MTB Hopper Lite Video Review

Unique Design Allows Jump To Fold Into A Backpack

The MTB Hopper Lite is cool just as a jump, but as a portable backpack jump it reaches a whole new level of awesomeness. We’ve had ours for about a month and have taken it with us camping, to the park, to grandma and grandpas, and just about anywhere we notice a good landing.

The jump folds up easily and has two straps that allow you to wear it like a backpack. Its too heavy for my 7-year-old, but fits my frame just fine. It’s not comfortable to pedal with for TOO many miles, but under 5 miles, I’ve been fine.

Quick And Easy To Assemble/Disassemble

Wherever you end up pedaling with the MTB Hopper Lite, you can get it set up in a jiffy. It takes under 5 minutes to assemble or disassemble, and gets even quicker the more times you do it.

The pieces quickly snap together, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. There are also a couple of elastic-y straps that helps hold everything together once it’s assembled.

Once it’s time to head home again, simply reverse the process.

Adjustable Height Positions Provides Room For Progression

There are several height positions so that you can raise the jump as you progress. I’m always happy to leave it in it’s lowest setting, but it’s quick and easy to raise when my husband and son want to go bigger.

This makes the jump a good choice for kids who are just getting into jumping, but whom you can tell are going to want to go bigger soon.

Folds Down For Easy Storage

In addition to being easily transportable, because the MTB Hopper Lite folds up, it’s easy to store as well. This is ideal if you don’t want to leave a big ramp out in the driveway, or if you live in a condo or townhouse without a ton of space.

We know (or hope!) we’re moving soon, which was one of the reasons we opted for the MTB Hopper Lite rather than a different jump. It will be easy to pack up and take with us when we move to a new house.

Provides Lots Of Fun….But For A Price

We’ve squeezed every penny of value out of the MTB Hopper Lite, so I think it’s worth the price….but the pricetag will give you pause. Because it comes from Lithuania, shipping isn’t cheap.

I ordered ours on Amazon, and with shipping and tax it came to $509. That’s not exactly affordable for most families, especially when you can find some free scrap wood and make a pretty great jump.

Still, if budget isn’t a huge issue for you, and you’re looking for a fun new toy, I’d still recommend the MTB Hopper Lite, even with the steep price tag.

Best For Kids Who Are Already Comfortable Jumping

Despite the MTB Hopper Lite being the companies “begginer” jump, it’s pretty darn big. It’s a kicker jump with a pretty good lip at the end, and even if your child is already comfortable with jumps of this size, the kicker can be intimidating.

This is a good jump for kids who have already had plenty of practice jumping and are ready to start progressing and catching some real air.

mtb hopper lite

Get’s Dirty Easily

Okay, I just saw you roll your eyes. I know that a mountain bike jump is going to get dirty. But, I’m a reviewer so I’ve got to mention the gnitty-gritty.

After only a couple uses, our MTB Hopper was marked up pretty good. The CNC-machined plywood jump has a matte paint on it that doesn’t wipe or wash easily.

This isn’t a big deal–we got the jump to have fun riding, not to decorate the front yard, but if you care about such things, maybe look for a jump that’s easier to wash off.

tire marks

Long Term Durability

We first reviewed the MTB Hopper Lite back in 2020, which means we’ve now been riding with it for three years. I’m happy to say it’s held up beautifully during that time, despite a TON of use.

Other than the tire marks that I complained about to start with, it’s still in great shape. We try to keep it out of the elements as much as possible, but it’s even managed to withstand some rain storms while on camping trips.

Bottom-Line: A Fun “Toy” For Families Who Like To Play On Bikes

If your family would rather ride bikes then do, well, just about anything else…then you need the MTB Hopper Lite. Even with the high pricetag, we’ve squeezed plenty of value out of our investment, and if you like biking as much as we do, then I’m confident it will be a good investment for your family too.

The MTB Hopper Lite provides hours (days and weeks) of fun, can come with you wherever you go, and folds away easily for storage even in a small space like an apartment or a van. We’re giving it two big thumbs up.

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  1. Very nice review. Is the ramp still holding up well (durability)? How thick is the plywood used for the ramp?
    Very tempted to buy, but see they have an intro ramp now that is half the price.


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