Muna Balance Bikes Now Available in the U.S.

muna pro balance bike

WeeBikeShop, a popular online retailer of kids bikes, released an announcement a few weeks ago that they will begin importing and distributing Muna balance bikes in the United States.  (It was already possible to get some Muna balance bikes on Amazon, but only a select few models and we understand that those older versions have been discontinued).  Muna is a South African company that makes premium balance bikes.

There will be four different models available: the Zing and RBG 12″ steel balance bikes, and the higher-end GLO and Pro 12″ alloy balance bikes.  All the models come with pneumatic (air)
tires and a rear hand brake, two things we always recommend looking for on a balance bike.  The beefy tires are particularly well suited for families who plan to do off-road riding with the bike.  We also like the fact that the bikes comes with an internally-routed rear brake cable to keep things clean and tidy.

Muna Balance Bike Sizing

The seatpost on the 12″ Muna balance bikes adjusts from 13″ to 18.5.”  This means that the bike is best suited for children in the 2 to 4 year age range.  The steel and alloy frame versions weigh in at 11 lbs and 10.5 lbs respectively.  While not excessively heavy, the Muna balance bikes are certainly not the lightest bikes on the market and are better suited to athletic pre-schoolers than young toddlers.

The Different Muna Balance Bike Models Compared

The Zing and RBG are essentially the same balance bike, just in different colors.  Presumably “boy” and “girl” models, which we’re not crazy about, but you can order which ever model your child might like best.  As previously mentioned, the Zing and RBG are made of steel and weigh in at 11 lbs.

The Glo and Pro are also different color versions of the same bike.  This is a slightly nicer bike.  The aluminum frame and handlebar saves about half a pound, which isn’t significant, but some of the other upgrades are nice.  The alloy version includes rust-free steel spokes and an upgraded headset.

How the Muna Balance Bikes Compare with Similar “Premium” Balance Bikes

How do the Muna balance bikes stack up against other balance bikes in the same price range? You can compare them to additional balance bikes in our Ultimate Guide to Balance Bikes.

Note: this chart is best viewed on a desktop computer.  If you are on a mobile device, try turning it sideways (landscape view).

Bike Wheel Size Price (MSRP) Suggested Age Seat Height Frame Material Tire Type Bike weight Brake? Multiple colors
Muna  Zing/ RBG 12″ $120 2-4 years 13″-18.5″ Steel Air 11 lbs Yes Yes
Burley MyKick 12″ $119 2-3 years 12.5″-15.5″ Steel Air 11 lbs No Yes
Stampede Scamper 12″ $130 2 years – 4 years 12.5″-17.5″ Aluminum Air 10 lbs Yes Yes
Muna Glo / Pro 12″ $160 2-4 years 13″-18.5″ Aluminum Air 10.5 lbs Yes Yes
Yedoo Too Too 12″ $159 18 months – 3 years 12″-18″ Steel Air 8.4 lbs Yes Yes

Where to Buy

As of December 2017, Muna balance bikes are now being distributed in the United States exclusively by WeeBikeShop and their selected retailers.


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