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POC Pocito Omne MIPS Kids Bike Helmet Review

If you are like me, you worry about your kids riding in or near traffic. Cars are the single most dangerous part of riding our bikes!

That’s why I like the POC Pocito Omne MIPS kids bike helmet–it’s EXTREMELY visible! This is thanks to both the bright fluorescent shell and plentiful reflective strips. In terms of visibility, there’s really nothing else like this out there.

The helmet offers extra safety in other ways too. The helmet features a quality fit dial as well as MIPS technology.

Read on to learn more….

Review In A Nutshell


  • Extremely visible thanks to fluorescent colors and reflective strips
  • Features MIPS technology
  • Large air vents at rear of head
  • Easy adjustments
  • Lightweight
  • Meets multisport safety standards for biking, skateboarding, and rollerskating


  • Kids might think it looks dorky
  • Fit dial plastic feels a little flimsy
  • Pricey


High Visibility Keeps Kids Safe Near Traffic

We strongly believe in getting kids outside on bikes. We just have to do everything we can to keep them as safe as possible while doing so.

This includes picking good bike routes, making sure they wear appropriate protective gear, teaching them to ride predictably around cars, and making sure they are visible. The POC Pocito Omne certainly helps with the last of these.

We’ve tested LOTS of helmets and none has even begun to approach the visibility factor on the POC Pocito Omne. The helmet comes in several color options–all of which are VERY bright.

Additionally, there are plentiful reflective accents. There is a large strip at the back of the head, as well as a strip at the front of the head, and reflective decals on the side.

I’ve been very impressed with how visible my son is wearing the helmet even from a distance. Drivers and other bikers and pedestrians seem more aware of him as well.

Excellent Fit

In terms of safety in a crash, the most critical factor in our opinion is fit. If a helmet fits well, it will stay in place. If it doesn’t, well, things aren’t going to end well.

That’s why in addition to the visibility of the POC Pocito Omne we appreciate how well it fits. This is thanks to a rear fit dial and easy to adjust straps around the ears and chin.

While we appreciate the functionality of the rear fit dial, it is worth mentioning that it that the plastic feels a little flimsy. While we haven’t broken it yet, I do worry that with a hard-charging kid, it won’t take long to snap.

Offers MIPS Technology

The POC Pocito Omne now comes with MIPS technology. The older version, the POC Pocito Omne Spin, did not have MIPS but was otherwise the same. (You can still find the Spin on clearance if you want to save some dough).

Not familiar with MIPS? It’s a technology that protects against rotational impact in the event of a crash.

While there is some debate around MIPS, chances are if you’re the kind of parent looking at this helmet in the first place, safety is forefront in your mind.

There is certainly no harm in the extra insurance MIPS provides, and we tend to look for MIPS helmets for our son. Better safe than sorry!

Large Air Vents

While there aren’t a huge number of vents on the POC Pocito Omne, the vents are large ones–particularly those at the rear of the helmet. We’ve been testing the helmet during cold months, but even then my son tends to get a sweaty head. This hasn’t been an issue with the Omne, which means the ventilation is more than adequate.

Not The “Coolest” Looking Helmet

The very thing that makes me like the POC Poctio Omne is the very thing that made me son not like it. He thinks the fluorescent color and reflective accents make the helmet look dorky.

And since I’m a firm believer that the number one way to get your child to wear a helmet is to give them a helmet that they think looks cool, I won’t be forcing my kiddo to wear this one now that we’re done with testing.

The helmet is definitely styled after the grown up POC road helmets, so if that’s what you’re wearing it might help your child to like this look. At our house, we mostly tend to wear mountain bike style helmets with a visor, so that’s what our son thinks looks cool.

The Omne also complies with the safety standards for skateboarding and rollerblading, which makes this a multi-sport helmet. Unfortunately, my kiddo won’t be caught dead at the skatepark in this lid.


The POC Pocito Omne comes in two sizes: XS and Small. The former fits heads between 48 cm and 52 cm; the later fits noggins between 51 cm and 56 cm.

If you’re not sure how to measure your child’s head, read our guide on kids helmet fit and sizing.

The XS size is one of the smaller helmets around, and is one of the best helmets for toddlers. Young elementary kids will fit well in the size small.

Older kids will be ready to move onto the adult POC helmets. Our son (with a 54 cm head) still fit in the Small Omne, but also fits the adult POC Tectal.

Price Is The Biggest Con

Like all POC helmets, the Pocito Omne MIPS is NOT cheap. The helmet retails for $100 which definitely puts it at the high end of kids bike helmets.

If you can afford it, by all means, the helmet is well designed and worth the money. That said, if the price tag causes you pain there are certainly other MIPS helmets out there at a fraction of the cost.

Middle Of The Road In Terms Of Weight

The POC Pocito Omne MIPS is neither the lightest nor the heaviest helmet out there. At 334 grams, it’s around the same weight as the Bell Sidetrack.

Compared to a skate-style helmet or a full-face helmet, the Omne MIPS is downright featherlight. Still, for very young kids an even lighter helmet (like the Smith Wilder Jr) might make a difference in their comfort level. (Most kids won’t notice at all).

Bottom-Line: A Perfect Helmet For Families Who Ride On City Streets

The POC Pocito Omne MIPS helmet is well designed for families who ride on city streets. It’s a more road oriented helmet with exceptional visibility.

As long as you can afford the rather hefty pricetag, we’d highly recommend the Omne MIPs.

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