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Pogginz Kids Helmet Accessory Review

POGGINZ REVIEWFor cycling-obsessed parents, you’ll do anything to get your kids to be excited about biking. You’ll bribe them with pizza if they bike to dinner; you’ll spend an entire Saturday afternoon building them a bike ramp in the driveway. I bet you would even attach silly foam shapes to their helmet if it would get them excited to go ride.

Enter Pogginz, the brainchild of mom and triathlete Claire O’Neal. O’Neal wanted to encourage kids to get active outdoors (away from TV screens) and to do it safely. The result was a line of helmet accessories for kids. The “detachable and interchangeable” foam shapes come in a variety of models to include a dinosaur, shark, and a particularly cute tiara and veil “princess” design.

I’m all about less screen time and more bike time so when O’Neal asked me if I we would like to try her product, I jumped at the chance. Supporting a small mom-owned business is also a nice bonus.


We opened our package of two sets of Pogginz near bedtime on a Thursday night. My 3 year-old went wild and immediately ran off to find not only one, but two of his helmets.   Once I actually took the time to read the (very simple) directions, the shapes took only a few seconds to attach to the helmet. My little guy loved it, and pranced around the house with his helmet on until I wrangled it off of him for bed.

The shapes are detachable (they stick to the helmet with velcro), so you can easily remove if you need to. This came in handy a couple days after we had put them on when we wanted to bike to dinner in the cold and needed to fit my sons coat hood over his helmet. Because they are detachable, you can also mix and match shapes if you buy several sets.

All of the Pogginz products can be attached to any style helmet, so you can use them for biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, or any other action sport. I think they’d be particularly useful for picking out your kids on the ski hill, and we plan to use them for this purpose too.


I’ll admit that at first I was a little skeptical. If you know me, I’m a bit anti-“stuff.” I resist buying things that aren’t totally necessary and that aren’t going to last a very long time. The Pogginz are of a cheap-made-in-China-quality, BUT the kiddos love them and that’s the whole point. The more my little guy has worn them, I’ll admit they are pretty cute and clever and fun. For $16, it’s worth a good belly laugh and a bike ride you don’t have to beg for. Pogginz would make a great birthday present for the neighbor kid, or a stocking stuffer at Christmas.

Visit the Pogginz website for more info or to buy your own set.

Pogginz Giveaway

Thanks to Claire O’Neal, I have 2 sets of Pogginz to give away – one red dinosaur, and one blue shark. To enter use the Rafflecopter Widget below. There will be two winners and they will be emailed and announced on this post on March 3rd. This giveaway will be open to readers in the U.S. and Canada.

Please note: I’m in no way affiliated with Pogginz.  While I did receive free product to review this post and to give away, all opinions are my own.   I have not received any monetary compensation to write this review. 

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