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Prevelo Alpha One Review: A Great Bike For Your 3-Year-Old!

Author: Blair Burton


Finding a great bike for your 3-year-old can be a real challenge. There are only a few brands that build quality bikes designed for kids this young to easily ride.

The Prevelo Alpha One is a little 14-inch bike that is one of our preferred first pedal bikes for little kiddos. It is lightweight for easy handling, and has a high-quality build including child appropriate geometry and components.

If you are looking for a quality bike for your young soon-to-be pedaler, the Alpha One is one of the best choices. This bike assisted our tester in the transition to a pedal bike. She had ridden a balance bike and was using training wheels on a 16-inch bike.

Within minutes of placing her feet on the pedals she was off and rolling. You will be enamored with how excited and confident your little one is after learning to pedal on this beautiful bike.

The Prevelo Alpha One has gone through a recent redesign and the little details really show in the ride quality. Redesigned features include a new frame design, fresh colorways, and integrated ISCG tabs to fit a custom chainguard.

Prevelo has built a great bike that is ready to roll and keep your little rider safe.

our test rider on the prevelo alpha one

Review in a Nutshell

Overall Score: 96


  • Child-appropriate geometry
  • Lightweight
  • Quality components designed to fit little riders
  • High resale value
  • All-terrain Kenda tires
  • Lowest seatpost height around


  • Higher end of the price spectrum
  • Lacks “extras”

Quick Specs:

  • Weight: 13 lbs 7 oz
  • Age: 3-4 years old
  • Seat height: 14.5″-19.7″

Price & Where To Buy:

Video Review

This Bike Creates Smiles In Seconds

The Prevelo Alpha One is a great 14-inch bike. It only takes about 10 minutes to install the pedals, handlebars, and seat, and your kiddo is off pedaling the neighborhood!  

Our tester spent about 30 seconds with her mom holding onto the seat as she practiced balancing and pedaling. We stopped, raised the seat slightly, and she was off in a flash! I was impressed.

Once our tester was reminded of her brake and the ability to put her foot down when stopping, she had full control. At first, braking was hard to remember, and she used the balance bike foot-drag method.

After practicing with the brakes for a few moments she was successfully pedaling and doing some braking but still practicing (as should be expected). It’s a lot of fun seeing little kids mastering their bikes knowing that a great life-long activity and adventure awaits them.

When it comes time for little ones to learn to pedal, having a bike like the Alpha One is a game changer. It has a very low standover and seat height which makes it easy to maneuver.

The bike weighs a mere 13.5 pounds (6.1 KG). The light weight, in combination with the frame, cranks, and handlebars speced to the correct size, means that kids can learn to pedal almost immediately.

I think our little tester probably fit this bike more easily than her 16-inch bike and that was her key to success.

Prevelo A1 Side Shot

Once your little cuties are oriented with their new Prevelo Alpha One there will be no turning back. You will have to sell their balance bike or keep it in storage for younger siblings. Plans will change as you are now a bike family with the littlest member leading the family peloton around the neighborhood.

Child-Specific Geometry And Low Weight Make Learning To Ride Fun And Easy

There is a reason that Prevelo has been successful as a company. They design components for their bikes down to the millimeter to fit kids appropriately. Their bikes are also some of the lightest around.

The frame’s adjustable wheelbase and low bottom bracket provide excellent stability. Kids can easily touch both feet to the ground when stopping the Prevelo Alpha One. This makes learning easy and adds confidence to their riding ability.

Prevelo Alpha One

The Prevelo’s geometry is current and a great fit for the intended age. It has the look of a rigid mountain bike and a handlebar that sweeps up and back for a comfortable riding position. This provides young riders with full control of the bike, simple steering, and the ability to focus on the road ahead.

Moreover, even more important than the geometry of the Alpha One is its weight. Tipping the scale at just over 13 pounds, the bike is maneuverable for most young kids and weighs far less than most other bikes on the market. (A couple of exceptions are the Cleary Gecko and Woom 2).

In comparison, our son’s Specialized Hotrock was 15 pounds. Those couple of pounds make a big difference when the bike is half your body weight!

The Prevelo Alpha One is designed with 14” wheels which is a good choice for most kids for a first pedal bike. Compared to smaller 12″ wheels, the bigger wheels are able to roll up and over obstacles more easily.

When trying to decide between the two wheel sizes, we definitely recommend the larger wheel size–unless your child is just too small for it (more on that later).

Finally, the new colorways of the Alpha series really set Prevelo apart from other kid’s bikes. The paint job is beautiful, and makes the bike aesthetically pleasing in addition to being functional.

Freewheel vs Coaster Brake

Prevelo stocks all of their bikes with dual hand brakes. They also provide the option to choose between a coaster brake or a freewheel.

Per U.S. law, the Prevelo comes built with the coaster brake wheel, but for an additional $29 you can also purchase a rear wheel with a freehub. We recommend doing this because coaster brakes are confusing for new pedalers, and the bike has hand brakes anyhow!

Prevelo A1 RW
Freehubs are the bees knees.

Our little tester learned to brake with the easy-to-use levers and never had to rely on back pedaling to stop.

If you need help in deciding which option is most appropriate for your child, read this article outlining the pros and cons of both.

Saddle Time

The saddle on the Prevelo Alpha One is a high-quality design. The Heir saddle is comfortable, sleek, and sturdy.

Prevelo A1 Seat
Custom saddle? Yes please!

Moreover, one of our favorite components that Prevelo has specced is a custom quick release seat post collar. Being able to quickly adjust the seat height up or down without any tools is ideal for parents and the littlest riders. It certainly helped in our testing adjustments.

Tires For All Terrain

The Kenda tires that come in stock on the Alpha One are awesome. These tires have small lugs that provide traction for off-road, gravel and grass riding.

They have a width of 1.5 inches and provide a stable base for cruising. The lugs are small enough that town riding will still be quick and efficient. It’s not a road tire but rolls quite fast.

Prevelo A1 WandF
Kenda Small Block 8 tires do great on and off pavement.

Kenda makes great tires and Prevelo did an awesome job speccing these on the Alpha One. Moreover, Prevelo supplied rounded nuts to mount the wheels that won’t snag on pants or little legs. A great attention to detail!

Easy Pedaling With A Simple Drivetrain

The Prevelo Alpha One has 85 mm crank arms and a narrow Q-factor (the spacing between the pedals) that are designed to fit small kids. Several other brands don’t take this into consideration or fall short when sizing down. It’s small details like this that set Prevelo apart from other brands and makes their bikes top notch.

Prevelo A1 Cranks and Chain
85mm crank arms are sized to fit correctly.

The gearing on the Alpha One has a 25-tooth front chainring and a 14-tooth rear cog. It is a single speed, as are all other bikes in this size.

The gearing is well thought out and designed to let little legs pedal without spinning out. Little riders are also able to do some gradual climbing with this gear ratio.

Chain-ging Of The Guard

The United States has some seriously outdated laws regarding children’s bikes. They require a coaster brake, reflectors, and a chainguard.

The chainguards on most kid’s bikes are cumbersome, heavy, and nearly useless. The chainguard on the Alpha One has been designed as a lightweight, unobtrusive solution to an antiquated law.

Prevelo A1 CG
A new chainguard design keeps the bike light and safe.

This chainguard has been improved with ISCG tabs providing the mounts for a clean, functional chain covering. It does a great job of keeping kids safe and their pants clean.

It is easily removed if you want to drop a little weight or just don’t feel it’s necessary.

High-End Cost But It’s Worth It

If you are on a budget, $379 for a kid’s bike can be a deterrent. Department store bikes come in under that price. Moreover, this is a bike that will be outgrown in a year or two.

That said, these bikes hold their value in the secondary market unlike department store bikes. Dedicated enthusiasts understand the difference in quality and pricing and are generally the families buying these types of bikes.

The cost is worth it. Seeing how much your little’s riding will improve will be a game changer. You will want to go on family bike adventures and that is worth every penny.

Trade-Up Club And Resale Options Are A Good Investment

Prevelo offers a program or “club” that provides 40% of the value of the current purchased bike as a discount on the next model purchased. This is a great way to reduce the cost of quality bikes for your kiddo as they grow and inevitably need a new ride.

One can always choose to sell the bike second hand once your kiddo has outgrown it. Prevelo is well known for their quality and durability, thus, there is a second-hand market for their bikes as mentioned prior.

Prevelo A1 NDS
There is nothing better than cruising in the park on a sunny day.


The Prevelo Alpha One fits most kids around their third birthday. If started out at three, they have time to learn pedaling and spend on the bike before they grow out of it.

Thanks to the redesign of the Prevelo Alpha One, which allows the saddle to be lowered even further than in the original design, the bike now has THE LOWEST saddle height of any first pedal bike that we’re aware of. At 14.5″ it is even lower than the Cleary Gecko.

That said, while the saddle height is lower, the Prevelo Alpha One is still the bigger of the two bikes thanks to the bigger wheels and frame. We’ve successfully put 2.5 year olds on the Cleary Gecko, but feel that the Alpha One is a better fit for kiddos who have at least hit their third birthday.

Prevelo vs Cleary
Although the Prevelo is behind the Cleary it still appears larger.

Kickstands Welcome

The Prevelo Alpha One does not automatically come with a kickstand, but one can be added to your order for an additional $15.00. Most mountain bikes don’t have one and there is no real need for one, but if your kiddo wants one, the option is there. I like the fact that Prevelo gives the purchaser the option vs. just charging them for a part that will never be used.

Additional Accessories…For A Price

In addition to their kickstands, Prevelo offers the ability to customize the bike a bit with varying hand grip colors, bells, custom name stickers and a light set.

The only thing here of note, is that like the kickstand, Prevelo charges extra for the “extras.” This is a different tactic that some of the other bikes at a similar (or slightly higher) pricepoint that include them.

Prevelo Alpha One Vs Other 14 Inch Pedal Bikes

After testing plenty of 14-inch pedal bikes, we can confidently say that the Prevelo Alpha One is a top tier bike. The Woom 2 is the biggest competitor in our eyes, coming in at a slightly higher cost and slightly lower weight.

Both are great bikes so don’t overthink it. But if you’re child is going to be doing some mellow off-road riding (including pump tracks), the Prevelo is a better pick. For on-street riding, I’d go with the Woom.

If you want to do some more research, you may also want to check out our list of the best 12 inch and 14-inch pedal bikes for kids ages 3 to 4.

Prevelo A1 SS
Our tester has some new adventures ahead.

Prevelo Alpha One Overall Score

Prevelo Alpha One
Quality of Components10
Child Appropriate Geo/ Ease of Riding10
Customer Service10
Total Score96%

We gave the Prevelo Alpha One an overall score of 96/100. That is an amazing score! As mentioned prior, the only bike to outscore the Alpha One is the Woom 2 because it is slightly lighter.


Wheel Size14″
Handlebar height24.6″
Headtube angle69°
Effective Top Tube Length13.7″
Minimum saddle height14.5″
Maximum saddle height19.7″
Crank length85 mm
Stand-over height14.5″
Weight limit130 lbs
FrameAA 6061 aluminum 
Headset1and1/8th Internal Threadless
HandlebarsHeir 19mm  grip diameter, 460mm width
GripsCustom Prevelo Grips
StemHeir 30mm
Front chainring25T
Rear cog14T
TiresKenda Small Block 8  1×1.5
WheelsAluminum Prevelo Rims
BrakesCustom Prevelo brakes (sold with coaster which we recommend swapping for the freewheel), Jagwire cable

The Run-Out: A Top Choice

The Prevelo Alpha One is designed with comfort, durability and consideration for the smallest riders.This is a beautiful bike that conveys a masterclass of bike knowledge from its creators.  Although the price is higher than some, it is worth the investment.

Your kids will learn to pedal so fast you won’t be able to run after them quickly enough. When looking for a quality bike that is lightweight, comfortable, and sized correctly, Prevelo checks all of the boxes. Consider the Alpha One for your 3- to 4-year-old.

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