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Prevelo Alpha Two 16 Inch Kids Bike Review

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


Your 5 year old can’t have a race car–but they can have a Prevelo Alpha Two.  Shiny, fast, and sporting racing stripes, this 16″ pedal bike inspires speed in kids and envy in adults.  The Alpha Two is both beautiful and functional, wrapping everything you could ask for in a kids bike into one small, sleek package.

Despite plenty of competition in the world of kids bikes, the Prevelo Alpha Two has earned a top spot on our list of the best 16 inch bikes. Find out why in this review.


2023: Includes new updates the Prevelo Alpha Two as well as additional information on how we scored the bike.

Prevelo Alpha Two Review in a Nutshell

Overall Score: 93


  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight frame
  • Child-appropriate geometry
  • Top-notch componentry
  • Dual handbrakes, no coaster brake


  • No steering limiter
  • Lacks the “extras” – bell, kickstand, fenders, name decals, etc

Price & Where to Buy:

Prevelo Alpha Two Video Review

Lightweight (and beautiful) aluminum frame

The most important thing about the Prevelo Alpha Two’s aluminum frame is that it is lightweight.  The complete bike tips the scales at 14.5 pounds, which isn’t THE lightest 16″ bike on the market, but it’s close.

Secondary in importance, the frame is gorgeous.  It is made of 6061 aluminum with custom formed tubing and attractive welds. 

The lack of paint shows off the brushed-aluminum, and the afore-mentioned racing stripes add a bit of pizzazz.  (If you want color, the bike comes in blue, pink, and red as well).

The rear brake cable is internally routed which helps keep things tidy looking.

Prevelo Alpha Two Kids Bike

Child-appropriate geometry

The Alpha Two hits a bit of a sweet spot–the geometry is neither too leaned over and aggressive nor too upright.  It is ideal both for riding fast and feeling comfortable and in control. 

The slight dip in the top-tube of the frame allows for easier stand-over and ease of getting on and off the bike.  A long wheel base (28.8 inches) provides stability, and custom-made cranks ensure ultimate comfort and power output.

Prevelo Alpha Two

High-quality componentry

The Prevelo Alpha Two has left no box unchecked.  Each component is high-quality and either brand-name or part of Prevelo’s own HEIR branded components. 

This includes Kenda Small Block Eight and HEIR saddle, stem, and cranks. We’ve been pleased with the quality of the HEIR components.

In practical terms, this means that the bike is going to (a) provide a smooth and enjoyable ride for your child, and (b) continue to do so for a long time.  The Alpha Two has the kind of quality that allows it to last thru multiple children and provide good resale value when it comes time to part with it on Craigslist.


The updated Prevelo Alpha Two is one of the smaller 16″ bikes thanks to the new Frame Hugger saddle.  The saddle hugs the frame which allows for a very low 17″ minimum seatpost height. This is 2 inches shorter than the Woom 3, for example.

This makes the Prevelo Alpha Two a great choice for parents who are looking to skip a 14 inch bike and go straight to a 16 inch bike. Bigger wheels make it easier to roll over obstacles, so if your child has a 17″ inseam I would certainly recommend going with the Alpha Two over a 14 inch bike.

Alpha Two 16" Kids Bike

Minor Cons

The only (minor) drawbacks of the Prevelo Alpha Two as compared to some other high-end kids bikes is the lack of “extras” and the lack of a steering limiter.

The Alpha Two comes standard without a kickstand, bell, or personalized decals.  Of course, these are easy and inexpensive things to add and Prevelo does offer a kickstand as an option at check-out.

It is also missing a steering limiter.  While I’m also not a fan of bikes that have a non-removable steering limiter (like the Frog 44), it is a nice thing to have as a removable option particularly for kids who haven’t mastered a pedal bike yet.

Dual handbrakes / no coaster

Thank goodness for all the coaster-free kids bikes coming to market.  The Prevelo Alpha Two comes standard without a coaster brake. 

Instead, it boasts dual handbrakes with easy-to reach, easy-to-operate handbrakes.  The bike used to come with Tektro v-brakes but have recently been replaced by off-brand levers. Still we’ve found that they work just as well.

Prevelo Alpha Two Prevelo Brakes

Trade-Up Membership

For $69, you can buy a membership to the “Trade-Up club” which offers you 40% back on the purchase of your Alpha Two when you buy the next size bigger bike within the next 24 months.  So say you buy the Alpha Two for your five year old.  In another 18 months, they are going to want the Alpha Three (20″ bike).  After the cost of the membership, you would end up saving $78–a pretty decent deal.

UPDATE for 2023

Prevelo Zulu One

Alpha One and Two frames now have even lower standover, lighter weight, tidy’d up cable routing, and the ability to clear up to 2.1″ tires. U.S. regulations require a full chainguard, so the team at Prevelo has mitigated the situation and added some ISCG tabs to mount a lightweight guard (pretty cool stuff!).

Colorways offered are now silver, blue, red, and pink. Prevelo decided to drop their purple model.

How We Scored The Bike

Quality Of Components9/10
Child Appropriate Geometry / Ease Of Riding10/10
Customer Service10/10
We gave the Prevelo Alpha Two a score of 93 out of a possible 100 points. That’s a solid A grade!

The only 16 inch bike that scored higher than the Prevelo Alpha Two is the Woom 3. It received a score of 99/100. The Early Rider Belter 16 tied the Prevelo Alpha Two with a score of 93 as well.

Where the Prevelo lost a few critical points was on weight and quality of components (both are weighted at 30%). The Alpha Two weighs 14.4 pounds, and while certainly lightweight, that’s over a pound more than the Woom 3 or Belsize 16.

In terms of components, the Prevelo lacks the same level of brand-name components as it’s competitors. The Alpha has preserved it’s pricepoint by switching from brand-name parts to some off-brand.

The Prevelo Alpha Two also lost out on a single (non weighted point) for aesthetics. The only bike that got a perfect 10/10 was the jaw-dropping Early Rider Belter.

In the “geometry and ease of riding” category the bike earned a perfect 10/10. We’ve seen kid after kid thrive on this bike!

We also gave Prevelo a 10/10 on customer service. This is a small, family-owned business and they really care. It shows and creates loyal customers.


The Prevelo Alpha Two is an exceptional bike that meets all the criteria for a high-end 16-inch bike for kids. With its sleek design, lightweight frame, child-appropriate geometry, top-notch componentry, and dual handbrakes, this bike is worth every penny.

Although it lacks a few “extras” like a kickstand, bell, fenders, name decals, and steering limiter, these can easily be added. Moreover, the Trade-Up membership is a fantastic deal, allowing you to save money when you buy the next size bigger bike within the next 24 months.

So, if you are looking for a bike that is beautiful, functional, and provides a smooth and enjoyable ride for your child, the Prevelo Alpha Two is definitely worth considering.

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3 thoughts on “Prevelo Alpha Two 16 Inch Kids Bike Review”

  1. I am looking at bikes for my five year old, a very petite five year old. I read your review on the cleary 16” hedgehog and now this one on the prevelo 16” alpha two. I am thinking because I have a petite little girl the alpha two may be my winner. I have no bike knowledge and would love to hear your thoughts on my reasoning!

    • Hi Danni,
      I think you’re on the right track. I’d go with the Prevelo Alpha Two also. It is a bit lighter and has a shorter minimum seatpost and standover height, making it the better pick for a petite kiddo. Hope that helps!

  2. My son just turned 4 and has been riding the Woom 2 for a few months now. He’s a pretty aggressive rider (trying different tricks) and has no fear! He’s ready for a 16″ bike and I’m debating between the Woom 3 or the Prevelo Alpha Two. We mostly ride around the neighborhood and some basic trails, but I could see him also wanting to ride in bike parks. I can’t seem to find a lot of information comparing these two bikes, just that they’re both “great.” What are your thoughts? Thanks!


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