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Prevelo Heir Carbon Crankset Review

Author: Blair Burton


Cranks are one of the most important components to consider for our kiddo’s comfort and enjoyment on the bike. Having cranks at the right length keeps knees aligned, reduces pedal strikes, and creates an efficient pedaling cadence. The status quo has been for most of the big brands to just stock adult sized cranks on kids bikes.

Luckily, we have a few brands like Prevelo changing that standard and providing great options for our little pedal buddies. If you’re looking to upgrade your childs bike, then a set of new, lightweight Heir Carbon Cranks are ready to spin up the mountain.

Heir Force One

Review In A Nutshell


  • Lightweight carbon crank arms at 145mm
  • Lightweight alloy spindle
  • 4 varying Direct Mount chainrings
  • Compatible with BSA 30 bottom brackets


  • Additional expense
  • Bottom bracket change
  • One size


  • Cranks – 10/10
  • Spindle – 10/10
  • Ride Quality – 10/10
  • Weight – 10/10
  • Q-Factor – 10/10
  • Customer Service – 10/10
  • Aesthetics – 10/10

Price & Where To Buy:

Spinning Through the Details

Carbon cranks are at the top of every bike enthusiast’s upgrade list. We all want a set. They are light, fast, and beautiful! Well, the carbon Heir cranks are no exception.

They meet all of the requirements for a sweet crankset. With a 170mm Q-factor, and at 410 grams per pair, these sweet little carbon fun sticks are meant to propel your big kid for miles on end.

The alloy aluminum spindle is 30mm and pairs with a BSA 30 bottom bracket. If you are switching from the original Heir set on a Prevelo Zulu, then you will have to replace the bottom bracket to fit the new spindle. (Verify the diameter and fit of your childs bike before swapping cranksets).

Both components are designed to keep weight down, follow current trends in the cycling industry, and provide a solid interface for the cranks to spin on. Prevelo offers four different direct mount chainrings, a 28 tooth with either a 3mm or 6mm offset, and a 30 tooth with either a 3mm or 6mm offset.

Your child’s bike’s rear hub width will determine which offset you need. Generally, boost spaced bikes (148mm rear hub) require a 3mm offset and standard spaced bikes (135mm or 142mm rear hubs) require the 6mm offset chainring.

Prevelo has designed their new carbon cranks to pair with a BSA 30 bottom bracket shell. Moreover, the BSA30 is one of the more common bike standards anymore.

Revolutions In Rotation

Yes, these cranks are $300 and that is not cheap for a component. In fact, when your kiddo was smaller you probably bought them an entire bike for that much money! Conversely, if you are buying a new Zulu, there is an check-the-box option to upgrade to the carbon cranks and receive the bike with them already installed.

Well, I sound like a broken record here, but mountain bike enthusiasts are going to want the best for their son or daughter’s Prevelo Zulu! Lightening up a build can help our smaller ride friends to keep up and provide a more nimble steed to rally. Like the constant cadence of a crankset up a climb, we are always finding new ways to make family rides more enjoyable.

These cranks are offered in one size, 145mm, a length that meets the needs of bigger kids riding 24″ or 26″ bikes. Some smaller adults might benefit from the Heir Carbon Crankset too.

If you are not mechanically inclined then finding a bike shop to install your aftermarket cranks on a direct-to-consumer bike might be a little challenging. Sometimes it just takes a tasty craft brew to persuade a good mechanic. Again, one can buy the carbon crankset as an upgrade with a new Zulu.


Once I installed the Heir Carbon Crankset on my son’s Prevelo Zulu, he was off and riding. I instantly noticed his pace was faster.

We pedaled up through our neighborhood to the first downhill run we can access and he flew down it. The cranks have remained solid, and offer a consistent pedaling cadence. The cranks have kept pedaling light and rapid through several rides including a few jump lines and harsh landings.

I personally rode the bike around–it’s so fun now that they are big enough!–and was able to tell the difference in the quick pedal stroke. Just near a half pound of weight (160 grams according to my bike scale) does make a difference, even for a big guy like myself.

I was blown away. I didn’t think I would be able to tell the difference between the two cranksets.

The Runout: A Light Upgrade With a Heavy Reward

This crankset scores off the charts! In all honesty, I couldn’t find any fault or issue with this stout component.

The construction, weight, fit, and aesthetic were all on point. These cranks are durable, lightweight, fit modern frames and are ready to make your kiddo’s bike ten times cooler. If our kids only knew the lengths we go to for them.

The installation took me very little time. The upgrade has made my son’s Zulu more playful and lighter. These cranks are worth every gram making the Zulu a contender for top kids mountain bike.

If you’re looking for some upgrades, want to upsize or downsize your childs crank length, trying to reduce pedal strikes on a 26 frame, or just need some bling, these cranks are a great choice.

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