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Prevelo Heir Footport Kids Mountain Bike Pedal Review

Author: Blair Burton


Pedals for mountain biking (and just general riding) can be a real challenge for kids. Finding something that is both safe and functional is most often nonexistent. Most kids pedals are plastic pieces of junk. And adult pedals are too big and heavy.

There are a few great pedals out there (like the Chromag Radar), but not many. Prevelo saw this gap in the market and has created a kids pedal that functions well, fits well, and is safe.

Prevelo Footport
The Prevelo Footport is a new pedal with safe, domed pins that maintain grip.

Review In A Nutshell


  • Platform size is perfect for young riders
  • Smooth pins reduce the risk of injury
  • Beautiful colors add a bit of bling


  • Still more expensive than a plastic pedal

Price & Where To Buy:

About the Prevelo HEIR Footport Pedal

The Prevelo Heir Footport pedals come in four different colors: black, blue, red, and purple. They look great and kept my son locked into our current test bike allowing him to air it out and have a blast.

The pedals come with two sets of pins. The first are the typical cylindrical style that we see on most flat pedals. The second are domed style pins that are much safer and softer when they encounter little shins.

 My son’s testing has only been on the domed pins. He was instantly comfortable with the pedals and hasn’t had a single pedal slip. I have a feeling of relief knowing the safer pins are being used.

He’s used them with his Ride Concepts as well as regular Nike tennis shoes. Even with the non bike specific shoes he get good grip.

Prevelo Footport Riding
The Prevelo Footport pedals in action!

How They Work

Prevelo had the body and spindle of the pedal designed to remain closer to the crank arm. This provides pedals for bikes that need to match a smaller q-factor and smaller feet.

The pedal design saves weight compared to adult pedals and “preserves ground clearance and lean angle” as stated on Prevelo’s website. My son was able to pedal efficiently in several pairs of his shoes (not just bike shoes) and the grip of the Heir Footports has been outstanding.

Each ride has been a joy. This is a component that looks great and works better.

There hasn’t been a single pedal slip, complaint or worry. These pedals do their job well. In fact, these pedals will be migrating over to my son’s next few bikes because of their quality.

Prevelo Footport not a Prevelo bike
The Prevelo Footport pedals really add bling to any bike.

Who They Are For

These pedals look great on the lineup of Prevelo Zulus. But they also work great for any kid’s bike–you don’t need a Prevelo.

The obvious demographic are families who do a lot of mountain biking, but any young rider can benefit from the Footport pedals. We often get asked about pedals for kids who do a lot of bike commuting, and these would work well for that also.

Compared To The Chromag Radar Pedal

The most obvious pedal to compare these pedals to are the Chromag Radar. The two are incredibly similar.

As far as dimensions and design go, the two pedals are almost identical. The weights are almost identical as well–307 grams for the Prevelo pedals vs 300 for the Chromags.

Where we prefered the Prevelo pedals is the pins. The rounded pins just feel safer for younger riders. Additionally, the Footport pedals are a little cheaper ($95 vs $107).

Bottom-Line: One Of The Best Pedal Options For Young Riders

They are safe and effective. Those items will make your kids enjoy riding more.

They most likely won’t realize it’s their pedals, but that is what great components do. You don’t have to think about them because they just work.

These pedals do the work and some. Consider getting your kiddo a pair if you’re looking for new pedals.

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About The Reviewers

The Rascals are a family of three. Kristen (mom), Blair (dad), and Parker (kiddo). We started Rascal Rides when Parker was born and we didn’t want to give up our passion for biking. As we learned, we shared. Over the years, we’ve tested hundreds of kids bikes, helmets, bike trailers, and more.

Kristen is a USA Cycling certified coach and loves to share her passion for biking with other families. Blair is a bike geek, mechanic, and mountain bike junkie. Parker is our resident tester and inspiration.

If you see us out on the trail, make sure to say hi!

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  1. Are these providing better ergonomics than the pedals Woom puts on their Off (and cargo) models? They are a fiber nylon with domed pins. Weight is 288g per pair, and half of the price of these to buy seperately. Admittedly only available in black rather than pretty colors. Looking at choices for my middle child on his (regular) Woom 3, which his feet slip around on the stock pedals after playing in wet conditions.


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