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Priority Start 20 Inch Kids Bike Review

Author: Kristen Bonkoski


Are you looking for a low-maintenance, attractive bike for your child to ride to school or around town? The Priority Start 20 is that bike.

Thanks to its unique belt-drive (rather than a chain) and 3-speed internally geared hub, kids can ride their bike more and parents can deal with maintaining it less. You child will also WANT to ride their bike more because the Priority Start 20 is fast-rolling, lightweight, and has comfortable, child-appropriate geometry and parts.

For a kids commuter bike, I’m not sure there’s any bike we like more.

priority start 20 review

May 2023: Updated pricing and included additional information on competitors.

Review in A Nutshell


  • Belt-drive is low-maintenance and cleaner than a traditional chain
  • 3-speed internally-geared hub is easy for kids to operate and low-maintenance for mom and dad
  • Attractive paint job and included touch-up paint
  • Relaxed position is ideal for around-town riding
  • Quick-release seatpost collar (but no quick releases on the wheels)
  • Killer value for the price


  • Brake levers are functional, but not as high-end at the Tektro brakes found on many 20″ bikes
  • Externally-routed cables

Price (MSRP): $379

Priority Start 20 Video Review

The Belt Drive Is The Main Attraction

The most noteworthy thing about the Priority Start is the Gates belt drive. This replaces a traditional chain.

Although a belt drive is kind of cool on any bike, it makes extra sense on a kids bike. Kids are notorious for leaving their bicycle outdoors, where chains can rust.

The belt drive on the Priority Start is quiet, clean, and maintenance-free. It doesn’t require lubing or frequent cleaning like a traditional chain does.

Because it is clean and lube-free, kids also don’t end up with grease marks on their legs or with stained pant legs from rubbing up against the chain.

There is an optional “chainguard” (aka belt guard) that you can install, but we saw no reason for it, and left it off.

But Wait….The Internally Geared Hub Is Pretty Cool Too

Another unique feature of the Priority Start 20 is the 3-speed internally-geared Shimano Nexus hub.

Unlike traditional drivetrains system that use a rear derraileur to shift between gears, the Nexus hub is internally geared. There is no derraileur. Kids can shift between gears via a three-speed grip shifter.

The great thing about this system is that it’s simple. You don’t have to worry about a derraileur hanger getting bent, or the derraileur getting misaligned. That means low-maintenance for mom and dad, or less time in the bike shop.

The value of that simplicity also extends to the child. Kids often get confused by having 7 or 8 gears. Since most kids moving up to a 20″ bike are trying gears for the first time, the Priority Start 20 provides a gentle introduction to shifting.

While we don’t always love grip shifters, the one on the Priority Start was easy to operate, and my picky six-year old gave it two thumbs up. (He did want me to mention, however, that he thought the shifting indicator is “backward.” 3 is easiest and 1 is hardest; he thought it should be the other way around.)

If you like the idea of the internally geared hub, the Priority Start is one of your only options. In fact, it is is the only 20″ bike we know of using the Shimano Nexus hub; however, both the Early Rider Belter and the Cleary Owl are offered with a similar 3-speed Sturmey Archer hub.

Attractive Paint Job Will Turn Heads

To me, bicycles are like art–and some art is better than others. The Priority Start 20 is an undeniably pretty bike. The paint colors are sleek and are sure to draw attention when riding around town.

priority start 20 inch kids bike

We also appreciated that the bike came with a small bottle of touch-up paint. All bikes will inevitably get scratched or dinged up, but not many come with paint to repair them.

Relaxed Position Is Ideal For Around Town Riding

When choosing a bike for around-town riding, we always look for a frame with geometry that allows for a comfortable and relaxed riding position, but that isn’t comically upright. The Priority Start 20 manages to hit this sweet spot.

priority start 20 in action

Kids sit in a semi-upright position that provides stability and confidence. They can easily look forward at upcoming obstacles and traffic. That said, the geometry is still aggressive enough to be “fast” when riding longer distances.

Brakes Are Adequate, But Aren’t Our Favorite

The features on the Priority Start 20 are so cool, and the price is so good, we knew a corner had to have been cut somewhere. It would seem the brake system is that corner.

While the brakes are perfectly adequate (and perfectly safe), we do not like them quite as much as the Tektro v-brakes found on most high-end kids bikes. The brake levers are a little bit bigger and don’t fit little hands quite as well as the Tektro brakes.

That said, they get the job done. The levers are easy-to-pull even for weak hands, and my 6-year-old didn’t have any complaints.

As another nit-picky side note, we also wish that the bike had internal cable routing for the rear brake. Exposed cable gets dirty faster and requires more maintenance. Since Priority prides themselves on being low-maintenance, we were disappointed to find this one lost opportunity. Not a big deal–but worth mentioning.

priority start cable routing

Quick-Release Seatpost Collar is Handy…But There Are No Quick-Release Skewers On The Wheels

We appreciate that the Priority Start 20″ includes a quick-release seatpost collar. This allows you to easily raise the seat (tool-free!) when kids grow seemingly overnight.

On the other hand, we were bummed that the bike doesn’t include quick-release skewers on the wheels. This makes sense on the rear wheel, with its unique Nexus hub, but it’s still a bit obnoxious. Not having a quick-release on the wheels means that you have to use a wrench to remove them when your child inevitably gets a flat tire.

Not having quick releases on smaller kids bikes is common, but most quality 20″ bikes do offer them.

Kenda Tires Can Tackle Pavement As Well As Gravel Rail Trails

The brand-name Kenda K-Shield tires are perfect for tackling whatever terrain you throw at them. They manage to have just enough tread for riding dirt canal paths and grass fields but still roll smoothly on the pavement.

priority start tires

At Under 20 lbs, The Priority Start 20 Is Several Pounds Lighter Than Most 20″ Bikes

Sadly, most 20 inch bikes–both those at big box stores and even many at local bike shops–are HEAVY. It’s not uncommon to find a 20 inch bike that weighs around 25 pounds (or more!).

Heavy bikes are hard for kids to ride. They are hard to handle and cause kids to tire out prematurely.

The Priority Start 20 weighs just under 20 pounds. This makes it significantly lighter than the average 20 inch bike.

That said, it is NOT the lightest 20-inch bike out there. Both the Woom 4 and the Early Rider Belter 20 tip the scales at under 17 pounds.

If your child is particularly petite, they might be better served by one of those bikes. Otherwise, they should do pretty well on the Priority Start.

Sized For Kids Ages 6 to 8 Years Old

The Priority Start 20 is ideally sized for 6 and 7-year-old riders. That said, some younger kids may be able to fit comfortably on the bike as well.

Make sure to measure your child’s inseam before buying. The bike has a 22″ minimum seatpost height, so you want to make sure your child has an inseam of AT LEAST 20.5″ to be able to comfortably fit on the Priority Start 20.

priority start sizing

My almost-7-year-old wears a 7T pant and was very comfortable on the bike with room yet to grow. The maximum seatpost height is 28.5″.

If your child can’t yet fit on the Priority Start, check out the Prevelo Alpha Three, which has a 20.7″ minimum seatpost height.

More Stuff Worth Mentioning

  • The bike comes with a kickstand. This is usually an extra “add-on” expense for many high-end kids bikes.
  • We love the Wellgo pedals. These ones have plenty of plastic pins to help keep little feet firmly planted, especially when used with a pair of grippy-soled shoes.
  • The saddle is comfortable and for-aft adjustable.
priority start wellgo pedals

Priority Start vs The Competition

While a belt drive kids bike is unusual, there are a couple of other options on the market with one. This includes the Early Rider Belter 20 and the Belsize 20.

The Early Rider Belter 20 has both a belt drive AND an internally geared hub. It also has slightly nicer components including Tektro brakes. That said, it’s significantly more expensive than the Priority Start 20 at $579.

On the other end of the budget spectrum, the Belsize 20 comes in cheaper than the Priority Start 20 at $399. The Belsize has a belt drive an significant bang for it’s buck. Like the Early Rider it has Tektro brakes, but lacks an internally geared hub.

Bottom-Line: The Perfect Kid Commuter

There really isn’t a better bike than the Priority Start 20 for the grade school commute or riding around town. Thanks to the low-maintenance belt-drive and internally geared hub, the bike will hold up even when sitting on the outdoor bike rack in the rain.

This is a unique little package with features found only in bikes nearly double the price. There are some cheaper components (like the brake levers), but overall the Priority Start 20 deserves its reputation as a high-quality kids bike–but with an affordable price tag.

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