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Qeridoo Kidgoo Review: Bike Trailer & Stroller In One!

Looking for a high-quality multi-sport trailer? Make sure the Qeridoo Kidgoo is on your short list of options.

You may not have heard of it yet (since it’s brand new to the American market), yet Qeridoo is on par with other top-notch brands like Burley, Thule, and Hamax.

It also brings features we haven’t seen anywhere else–like magnetic storage compartments, a pneumatic stroller wheel, roll bumpers near the head, and more. Read on for the knitty-gritty details…..

queridoo kidgoo in action

Review In A Nutshell


  • High-quality fabric / construction
  • Large rear trunk and storage pockets with magnetic closures
  • Comfortable, padded seats
  • Roll bumpers at head height
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Pneumatic stroller wheel
  • Large sunshade


  • Seat/headrest design doesn’t work well with helmets
  • Not a lot of ventilation
  • Feels heavy/jerky on big hills
  • Significant assembly required (compared to other trailers)
  • No rubberized floor mat

Price & Where To Buy:

Queridoo Video Review

New To The US From Europe

Europeans know how to bike with kids, which is why we’re always excited to see a new import hit the North American market. The Qeridoo Kidgoo comes from Germany (with a Spanish name!) and brings with it new competition to the world of high-end kids multisport trailers.

High Quality Fabric And Construction Mean The Trailer Will Last For A Long Time

We’re big proponents of buying high-quality products that won’t fall apart and can last thru multiple children. The Qeridoo Kidgoo fits that bill.

Unlike many bike trailers that have thin, flimsy fabric, the fabric on the Qeridoo Kidgoo is heavy-duty and the cover is well constructed. Similarly, the additional components (side windows, wheels, seats) are all well constructed and heads and shoulders above most kids bike trailers.

While we’ve only had the trailer for a couple months, we can already tell it will last a long time. You should be able to use the trailer for your family and then still sell it for a decent price. (And of course, we’ll update this review if we do end up having any issues).

Comfortable, Padded Seats With 5-Point Harness

The seat–or seats depending on if you get the single or double version of the trailer–are exceptionally nice. The fabric is plush, there is plenty of support, and there is padding everywhere, including the sides of the seats.

I’m a big fan of trailers that include comfortable seating for the kiddos. It allows you to go for longer rides, and keeps kids from whining.

The harness itself also works well. It’s padded on both the shoulders and crotch (though these pads liked to get twisted and come off), and has an easy to use buckle for mom and dad.

Unique to the Qeridoo Kidgoo, there is also a smaller buckle higher up on the chest. (This is similar to a carseat buckle). We liked this because it meant that our very wiggly nephew wasn’t able to escape from the shoulder straps like he can in other trailers.

The shoulder straps tighen (or loosen) via pull tabs at the front of the seat. This is easier to access and adjust than most trailers we’ve tested.

The top position of the shoulder straps is also adjustable via 3 different holes depending on how tall your child is.

Headrests Do NOT Work Well With Helmets (But Can Be Removed)

The headrests on the Qeridoo Kidgoo are extremely robust, well padded, and offer lots of support. That said, they do NOT work well with helmets. This may be because putting helmets on kids in trailers isn’t as common in Europe.

The headrests are EXTREMELY supportive. While this is excellent if your child isn’t wearing a helmet, it’s not at great if your child is wearing a helmet. There also happens to be a bar pressing right up behind the head area so there isn’t a lot of compression available.

My nephew was NOT a happy camper no matter how many times we put a helmet on him, so we ended up taking it off. Some parents may not feel comfortable with this (and in some states with strict helmet laws it may be illegal).

The headrests do adjust up and down via velcro, and are completely removable if you choose to go that route.

Works Well As A Stroller Thanks To Pneumatic Tire

Many bike trailers work well as a bike trailer….and kinda work okay as a stroller. That isn’t the case with the Qeridoo Kidgoo.

The Kidgoo is unique in that it has a pnuematic (air-filled) front stroller tire. This means that it rolls a lot smoother than other bike trailers, nearly all of which have rubber or plastic stroller wheels.

The wheel is located underneath the trailer which gives it a smaller profile and makes it easier to maneuver in tight places. It attaches (or detached) with the push of a button and can be done in seconds.

When in stroller mode, the trailer arm stores on the side of the trailer. When in trailer mode, however, there is nowhere specific to store the stroller wheel once it’s removed. On the Burley trailers, for example, the wheel just flips up when in trailer mode. We ended up putting the stroller wheel in the rear trunk, but with the grease on it, that wasn’t my favorite option.

Plenty Of Safety Features Including Roll Bumpers

For many parents, safety is the top priority when choosing a bike trailer, and the Qeridoo Kidgoo does well in this arena. In fact, it has one feature that outshone other trailers we’ve tested.

On both side of the trailer, near the child’s head, there are roll bumpers. This adds an extra layer of protection in the event of a roll over.

roll bumper

Additionally, the frame itself acts as a roll cage. It is aluminum and does a great job of protecting your child if you tip.

Additional safety features, include reflective details, a safety flag, reflectors on both the front and rear of the trailer, and the 5-point harness we mentioned earlier.

Adjustable Suspension Makes For A More Comfortable Ride

Many trailers come without suspension and offer a decent ride for little ones. As prices increase so do the features that are found on bike trailers. The Qeridoo is no different.

Various trailers utilize various suspension designs to soak up bumps and harsh impacts. The Qeridoo has a leaf spring suspension system that comes bolted to the axle.


The biggest drawback of the system is that the purchaser has to install the axle/suspension combination themselves. It’s not terribly hard to do, but does take additional time and most other trailers have this feature pre-installed and shipped.

The suspension itself functions as should. Bumps and rough road or even offroad challenges can be smoothed out with the adjustment feature. The springs can be preloaded are decreased depending on the weight in the trailer. Certainly a welcome feature for a high end bike trailer.

LOTS Of Functional Storage For Mom And Dad…Not So Much For The Kids

My favorite part of the Qeridoo Kidgoo was the unique and functional storage. This is where the trailer really stood out to be compared to other options.

First off, there is a large rear trunk. There’s tons of room in here for a diaper bag, balls and toys, etc. It would also be possible to carry a balance bike in here.

The REALLY cool thing about the trunk is that it has a magnetic closure. You don’t have to worry about zipping or velcroing it closed, cause it snaps right into place.

Above the rear trunk there is a pocket (also with a magnetic closure) with smaller internal pockets for carrying important stuff like your phone, keys, and wallet. This was the best designed storage space I’ve personally seen on a trailer.

Finally, there is a section of lash cord that can be used to store a jacket, sandals, or anything else that you need to store. You can even use caribiners on this section to attach things.

Given all this exceptional, well-thought storage for mom and dad, I was bummed by the storage pockets inside the trailer. Nearly every other trailer we’ve tested has nice stetchy interior pockets where kids can stash snacks, water, or toys.

While the interior pockets inside the Qeridoo Kidgoo looked like they should work well, they weren’t stretchy at all and were really hard to store stuff in. Kids aren’t able to put a small Camelbak bottle in them by themselves, for instance.

interior pockets

Three Door Covers, Including A Large Sunshade

Like other high-end trailers, the Qeridoo Kidgoo has three door options–a mesh door, a raincover, and a sunshade. Unlike other high-end trailers, the sunshade on this one was actually really functional.

It can be used at full length to provide lots of interior protection. (Great when little ones are sleeping for example). Or, it can be folded up via the velcro adjuster to protect just their eyes. When not needed at all, it rolls up and stores out of the way thanks to elastic loops.

The mesh door buckles down does a good job of protecting kids from bugs while still letting in airflow. The raincover (normally rolled up and fastened via elastic) can be zipped down to protect kids during inclement weather.

Lack Of Ventilation Makes It A Better Choice For Cooler Climates

On warm days, kids will be comfortable inside the Kidgoo. The mesh door lets in airflow from the front of the trailer, and there are two small-ish velcro windows that can open on the front sides of the trailer. (These windows were unique and unlike any we’ve seen before).

window vents

That said, for HOT days (like we’ve started to have lately), the ventilation isn’t quite adequate. There are no ventilation windows at the back of the seat or at the top of the sides. If you live somewhere toasty (like Arizona), you might want to look for a trailer with more ventilation

Footbrake Keeps The Stroller In Place

Like most multisport trailers, the Kidgoo has a foot brake in the rear that creates an easy way to keep the trailer in place while in stroller mode. The brake is easy to use.

foot brake

With a pushing motion of the foot, it is easily engaged. Once disengagement is needed, one can easily place toes under the brake lever and lift up. Simple and clean function–just the way we like it!

Like the suspension, we had to self-install the brake. Not a challenging install, but it certainly took time. 

Heavy, May Tug Some On Steep Hills

How does the trailer perform when towing? Well, for the most part.

I found the towing experience was smooth–until I headed up the steep hill to my house. The trailer is heavy and I could feel it tug when on hills.

While the weight wasn’t noticeable most of the time, I did think twice before using it knowing I’d have to come back up the hill to home. If you live in a hilly area, you may want to forego a fancier, heavier trailer and stick to something simple and lightweight like the Burley Bee.

Comes In Both Single And Double Versions

There are two versions of the trailer available: both a single and a double. The single version is narrower offering a slight advantage with agility. Both have comfortable seating and matching seating/headrest support options.

For most parents, the double version will be most appealing and is what we tested. The harness can be moved to the center if using the double trailer with just one kiddo. The double also has more room in that scenario and the wider profile offers a more stable towing experience overall.

qeridoo kidgoo bike trailer

Folds Down For Storage / Transport

If bike trailers were unable to fold down for storage and transport then there would probably be far fewer sold out in the world. The ability for families to travel and bring their bikes and trailers along makes for a versatile tool and accessory. I can’t think of a trailer that I have encountered that didn’t fold down, although some are far easier than others.

Sometimes the design of bike trailers to fold down can be a real challenge with cumbersome functionality and difficult moving parts. The Qeridoo is not that.

It’s fold down mechanism is easy to use and intuitive. Two knobs on the back of the frame house the latches and cradle the frame in place. When releasing, the knobs are easily pulled in and the frame pushed forward into its folding position. The frame and cover collapse into a shell of itself for storage and/or transport.

Floor Is Not Rubberized…No Removable Mat

One of my biggest pet peeves with bike trailers are the floors. When buying a cheaper trailer, it’s expected to see a reduction in quality and features, but when buying a high-end trailer, it better have all the bells and whistles including a sturdy floor with a functional covering.

The Qeridoo has a supporting piece of the frame running across the floor space. There is a piece of cover fabric sewn on one side of the frame piece and it is attached to the other side with Velcro.


While this offers some support for kids getting in and out/resting their feet there is still nothing to keep from wearing on the floor. Often, we will see a thin rubber mat (think yoga mat) that offers some additional wear resistance, and it would be nice to see that here too.

Seat Doesn’t Recline….But Is Already At A Fairly Relaxed Angle

Unlike most high end trailers, the seats in the Qeridoo Kidgoo does not recline. This isn’t a huge deal since the seats already sit at a fairly relaxed angle and are comfortable for napping, but there’s no way to put the seats in a fully upright position.

Significant Assembly Required

As previously mentioned, when unboxing the Qeridoo there was some assembly required. Most bikes and trailers that are shipped direct to the consumer are about 95% assembled and are easy to unbox and go use. The Qeridoo is more like 80% assembled.

 It wasn’t a huge challenge, but the trailer did require me to bolt on the axle/suspension system and the brake system as well. This was a first for us.

Additional Accessories

The Qeridoo has a myriad of accessories to meet the needs of families that want a multi-use trailer. From a cross country ski kit, to jogging wheel and everything in between, this trailer can do it all.

There is an infant sling to comfort your baby until he or she is big enough to sit in the regular seat. There is additional bike hitch mounts and rear safety lights too.

Qeridoo Vs The Competition

The closest competitors to the Qeridoo are the Burley D’Lite X, Hamax Outback, and Thule Chariot Lite. All are in the same price range and offer similar multisport features (bike trailer, stroller, jogger, ski kit, etc).

The most noticeable drawbacks of the Qeridoo compared to the others is the additional assembly and the lack of a rubberized floor mat and reclining seats (though as mentioned earlier the seats are reclined enough that this isn’t that noticeable). On the other hand, the Qeridoo had some features we loved and that aren’t offered in the other options–like the roll blocks, thoughtful storage options, and superior harness.

Bottom-Line: This High-End Trailer Offers New And Unique Features You Might Be Looking For

While it might seem that all high-end trailers are kind of the same, Qeridoo offers just enough unique features that it can stand out against the competition. We highly recommend Qeridoo Kidgoo for anybody looking for a multi-sport trailer, and especially those that want to use it in stroller mode OR who want additional storage for gear.

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