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RakAttach Review: The Best Pivoting Bike Rack Arm Out There?

Author: Blair Burton


Carrying bikes on a vehicle can be a daunting task. Sure, one bike can typically fit into a trunk or rear storage area, but anything beyond that generally compromises the drive train and most won’t fit. The need for a bike rack on most vehicles is a necessity.

Most hitch mounted bike racks have some kind of pivot or fold feature that allows trunk access, but that is generally a limited affair that often leaves the user trying to bend and stretch their way into the rear end of their vehicle for helmets and other gear.

Enter RakAttach, a hitch mounted pivoting swing-arm that moves a bike rack an entire 90 degrees out of the way from the rear end of the vehicle. This unique accessory is built by 1Up-USA and reflects their reputation for durable products.

Access has never been so easy. Mom and dad will relish in the ease of access to all of the family gear.

Read on to learn more about our experience…..

Rak Attach
The RakAttach in all it’s glory. Closed and ready for transport duty.

Review In A Nutshell


  • Allows Access to Back End
  • Durable, Quality Build
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to Use


  • Bike Rack has some Sway Side to Side
  • Creaking Noise Cannot be Lubed
  • Expensive

Price and Where To Buy:

Video Review

A Durable Good

The arm itself is comprised of steel with a hitch mount and locking pin. The pivot piece is robust and can withstand up to 300 lbs. The arm has the lower piece mounted into the vehicle and the upper piece resting on the lower including a buffering piece of plastic while in transport mode. The upper arm contains the open hitch mount where the bike rack is then mounted.

There is a large magnetic pin that can insert in the closed position and also at the pivot to hold the rack in the open position. While closed there is a clamping mechanism that secures the arm pieces together in conjunction with the pin. It is all very clean, easy to use, and very strong.

Tilting Mechanism
A side angle allows one to see the red-handled clamp, pin head and hitch mount where the bike rack is secured.

Allows Access to the Back End

Recently, my family and I have built a camper van. We knew that our summer adventures would need a large bike rack so that we three could each bring two bikes along.

We purchased a Velocirax 6-Pack bike rack. This rack does pivot down for easy loading and trunk access, but it does not move enough on its own to be able to open our rear doors on the van. We need this access for a myriad of reasons, the biggest being access to our bike gear.

Rak Attach Loaded and Open 1
Rak Attach loaded and open. Access has never been easier.

Easy to Use

The RakAttach takes seconds to pivot and is quite sturdy. The locking mechanism is quickly clamped down and bikes are loaded and ready to go.

I have noticed while driving that there seems to be some sway in the rack when loaded down, but nothing too worrisome. We have spent the entire summer camping and biking, visited bike parks, and put several miles on the new van and rack system.

Rak Attach Clamp
Both the clamp and magnetic pin are strong and hold the swing arm in place when fully loaded.

Easy to Install

Installation is easy. It takes seconds to insert the arm and fasten down the locking pin. We did use a shim to reduce movement of the bike rack’s weight on the arm. The rack is inserted into the upper arm with it’s pin and the RakAttach is ready to ride.

RakAttach vs The Competition

Other brands with similar products are the Kuat Pivot V2, Yakima Exo Swingbase, Swing Away Arm Scooter, Thule Access Swing Away and Saris Swing Away hitch extender. While most of these have similar choices on pivoting left or right, they all vary in price, build and size. One thing is certain; 1up-USA makes quality products that one can rely on for durability and longevity and was without a doubt our first choice.

Things To Consider

The RakAttach can be purchased via for a currently listed price of $409. One can select either a left or right pivoting orientation and choose from a small, medium, or large size. All versions utilize a 2” hitch receiver on both sides.

Rak Attach 1up-USA photo
1up-USA provides a simple display of the unit on it’s own.

Bottom-Line: A Great Option for Those Who Need Rear Access Beyond the Bike Rack

Above all else, it is nice to have our bike rack out of the way when camping our of our van. 1up-USA makes outstanding products with reliable and robust choices, including the RakAttach. If you’re looking for a solution to your bike rack blocking your vehicle access then the solution is right here!

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7 thoughts on “RakAttach Review: The Best Pivoting Bike Rack Arm Out There?”

  1. We have a Transit camper van also so 2 questions; does it swing away far enough to open both back doors? And what size did you get?

  2. Wondering why 1up offers only a 1 year warranty when others like Yakima have a lifetime warranty? If as confident about their products as they say they are, then it should be lifetime.

  3. I own the RakAttach and have it mounted on our van. I currently own a tray-style rack with 2 bikes and when traveling on rough roads the rack bounces in a large arc from down to up. When the RakAttach is removed the bounce is fractional.

    Question: Given your experience, Does the RakAttach/Velocirax combo bounce while on rough roads?


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