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Rascal Rides Holiday Gift Guide 2018 + Giveaways!!!

Rascal Rides Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway

If you are like me, one of your favorite childhood memories of Christmas was finding a bicycle under the tree. This holiday gift guide is full of my top picks for bikes (and bike-related goodies) for every age. There’s a ride-on toy for your baby, a first bike for your preschooler, a mountain bike for your middle schooler, and even a little something for mom and dad.

But first, who doesn’t want some FREE stuff this holiday season?  We are giving away some of our favorite family cycling gear in the Rascal Rides 12 Days of Giveaways.  

Rascal Rides 12 Days of Giveaways

Every day, for 12 days, we will be giving away FREE swag.  Win bikes, helmets, and other great gear from some of our favorite brands.  The fun starts on Friday, November 23.  Don’t miss out!  

Browse the Gift Guide by Age

Best Bike-Related Gifts for Baby

Don’t leave baby out of the bicycle fun!  As soon as baby can crawl, sit, and explore, you can start introducing them to a pre-bike, and once their neck is strong enough, you can add a helmet to your bike rides.  For more information on biking with a baby, read our Guide to Biking with Baby.
Hape Scoot Around
Hape Scoot Around
Nutcase Baby Nutty
Nutcase Baby Nutty
bike onesie
Hualihusao Onesie
bandana bib
Aiden + Anais Bandana Bib
Strider Rocker
Strider + Rocker
bicycle pacifier
Bicycle Pacifier

Best Bike-Related Gifts for a Toddler

Every toddler needs a balance bike.  The benefits are endless: they develop confidence, gross motor skills, and provide exercise.  And if your little one has already mastered a balance bike, we have the best first pedal bike for TINY tots.

prevelo alpha zero balance bike
Prevelo Alpha Zero
giro scamp
Giro Scamp
Cleary Gecko Hot Pink
Cleary Gecko
Kinderfeets Classic Wooden Balance Bik
Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bike
ZippyRooz Kids Bike Gloves
ZippyRooz Bike Gloves
Mike and the Bike
Mike and the Bike
 Best Bike-Related Gifts for Preschoolers

Whether your pre-schooler wants a balance bike or is ready for a pedal bike, we have our top picks for your kiddo.  And by this age, kids are daring and dangerous, so make sure they have a good helmet for their lid.

woom 2 purple
Woom 2
woom 1 plus balance bike
Woom 1 Plus
kali chakra child bike helmet
Kali Chakra Child
kickstand bicycle bell
Kickstand Bell
usborne sticker book
Usborne Sticker Book

Best Bike-Related Gifts for 5 to 7 Year Olds

Kids in this age range are so much fun.  They are ready for biking to school, playing at the pump track with friends, and cycling longer distances.  They’re also still pretty small so make sure to pay attention to weight when buying a bike.

Cleary Hedgehog
Cleary Hedgehog 16"
Pello Reddi 20"
Bell Sidetrack MIPS
Bell Sidetrack MIPS
five ten freerider kids
Five Ten Freerider Kids
schwinn bicycle board game
The Biking Game
suncould catnip kids sunglasses
Suncloud Catnip Sunglasses

Best Bike-Related Gifts for 8 to 10 Year Olds

Older elementary kids are up for anything and ready to do it all.  Introduce them to fat biking, road biking, mountain biking, and night biking.  Just make sure they have the right grear to succeed.
Framed Mini Sota
Framed Mini Sota Fat Bike
Pinarello Speedy Complete
Pinnarello Speedy Road Bike
G-Form Kids Knee Pad
G-Form Protective Pads
Weimostar Dinosaur Kit
Bern Nino Kids Helmet
Bern Nino Helmet
Knog Bike Lights

Gifts for 10 to 12 Year Olds

Where did your little one go?  They are all grown up!  Kids this age are capable cyclists and are riding further and harder–possibly all by themselves.  Make sure their prepared with these gifts.
woom 5
Woom 6
Juliana Extra Small MTB
Juliana XS
troy lee A1 Kids Helmet
Troy Lee Designs A1
Otto Lock
klean kanteen
Klean Kanteen
osprey hydrajet kids hydration pack
Osprey Hydrajet Hydration Pack

Gifts for Teens

Have a bike-loving teen?  They’ll appreciate these gifts that are both functional and cool.
royal matrix rain jacket
Royal Matrix Rain Jacket
Masi Giramondo Gravel Bike
thsd helmet
Thousand Heritage Helmet
emergency drinking water
Royal Matrix Rain Jacket
dakine ranger duffel
Dakine Ranger Duffle
xmas sock guy
Sock Guy Xmas Sock

Best Gifts for Mom and Dad

Let’s by honest: mom and dad are the folks that make family cycling possible.   It’s great to buy your kiddo a bike but if they can’t make it uphill, you’re not going to go very far.  Here are gifts for mom and dad that will enable fun for the whole family

tow whee
Tow Whee Tow Rope
mac ride child bike seat
Mac Ride Bike Seat
Yuba Spicy Curry
Yuba Spicy Curry Cargo Bike
hamax outback
Hamax Multisport Trailer
polar stroller ski
Polar Stroller Ski Kit
Yepp Maxi Child Bike Seat
Yepp Maxi Bike Seat

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  1. Great to know about the helmet! I’ll probably be getting that for the baby this year. We have Mike and the Bike and my son loves it too. Unfortunately, there are two major problems with it – the introduction by Lance Armstrong and the atrocious music. Fortunately, my son didn’t remember hearing the songs well enough to request them again in the future!

  2. it’s been a tough year for us, i have MS and then diagnosed with breast cancer. My son who is 14 has been so stressed and just down. winning a gift would be great~

  3. Yuba Spicy Curry Bosch Electric Bike with kids’ back seats would make me wanna workout little more involving kids! What a great idea! Happy Holidays!!!

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