Review of the Taga Bike (And 5 Reasons You Need One)

Back when we were selling  retail products, the bestselling item in our shop was the Taga Bike. Initially this was surprising to me (who expects their most expensive product to be their bestselling product?!?), but the more I saw of the Taga in action, the more sense it made. The thing is awesome! And oh so useful for moms.

For those who aren’t already aware, the Taga is a stroller and bicycle in one. It converts in only 20 seconds so it is easy to bike to the farmers market–for example–and then once there, switch it to stroller-mode for walking around while there.

Review of the Taga Bike
Photo credit: Michelle Hines

March 2018: Taga has gone out of business.  We are leaving this review up because there is always the chance you can still find one used.  Another option is the Wike Salamander*, a similar–and perhaps better-made–bike and stroller in one. 

Review of the Taga Bike

Review of the Taga Bike

Ability to Bike with Baby

One of my favorite things about the Taga bike is that it allows moms to bike with their baby. With the carseat adaptor, mom can bike with their little one much earlier than they would with a trailer of bike seat. While you should educate yourself on the risks of biking with an infant, it’s my belief that the Taga is a safe option for moms who want or need to get around without a car.

I talk with so many women who are stuck at home, dealing with boredom or depression, and need to get outside, get some sunshine, get some exercise. The Taga is a great option for those ladies.

Taga Carseat Adaptor

Outstanding Stability

When my son was little, I biked with him a front bike seat. While I loved this setup, and recommend it for many parents, the scary thing about it was the lack of stability. Loading your little one in the seat while balancing the bike and getting started can be challenging, especially for women without great bike handling skills or with weak upper body strength. (That’s most of us, by the way)!

The double front wheels on the front of the Taga mean that the bike is very stable. It is easy to load a child in it, stop and start, and ride along without fear of tipping over.

Quick and Easy Conversions

I am not a very mechanical person. In fact, when it comes to opening or assembling things, I usually rely on my husband for help. Thankfully, the Taga bike has been designed to be easy even for mechanically-challenged folk such as myself.

As I already mentioned, it only takes 20 seconds to convert the Taga from bike to stroller mode. Watch the video below to see how easy it is.

It’s also simple to add other attachments such as the second child seat—which brings us to our next point.

Ability to use it with multiple children

It’s always tough figuring out how to get around town with multiple kiddos. Thankfully, the Taga can accommodate 2 little ones. The second child seat means you can use the Taga as a tandem stroller or as a bike with three seats (one for mom, two for kids).

The other (really cool and fun!) option for riding with two kids is the wooden bucket seat attachment. The seat is beautiful, and kids LOVE riding in it.

Fun Accessories

The best thing about the Taga is the wide range of accessories that they make. The accessories aren’t just fun, they also increase the useful life and functionality of the Taga. For instance, you might start riding with a baby in the carseat adaptor, later convert to the regular child seat, and then a few years later buy a second child seat when baby #2 comes along. Once your kids are riding their own bikes, you can still use the Taga as a cargo bike with the front basket. I love this option as it allows you to use the Taga for grocery shopping, hauling library books, or even a small dog!

Taga also offers other convenient items like a raincover.

Taga Accessories


8 thoughts on “Review of the Taga Bike (And 5 Reasons You Need One)”

  1. I wouldn’t limit these comments to women! My husband is a stay-at-home dad and I could see him possibly riding this. He’s not very comfortable on a bike, but I can see this working for him. I’m the bicyclist in the family and have been lusting after a cargo bike, but I would give that up if he’d take this on. I’m very excited for the Taga 2.0 kickstarter.

    • Great point Shannon! I definitely didn’t mean to exclude dads. In fact, my husband does the majority of the child-hauling & preschool-commuting in our family.

  2. We have Taga bike from 2010 and alteady using it with our second child. Riding both: me and my husband :). It’s a baby/child gear nr 1 in our family. My kids are eating, sleeping and enjoyind Taga very much.


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