Stampede (TykesBykes) 12″ Balance Bike

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Update: Stampede / Tykes Bykes has gone out of business and their bikes are no longer available. If you are lucky enough to find one used, read on to find out if it’s worth picking up…..

We came home one day last week to find a TykesBykes 12” balance bike waiting for us on the front porch. It was nearing dinner time, but as soon as Little P realized what was in the box, we had no choice but to try it out. With limited daylight left outside, I was happy to find that assembly was a breeze. In less than 10 minutes, we were out in the backyard giving the bike its maiden voyage.

Straight out of the box, I thought this bike was impressive, but P thought it was AWESOME. He was shaking he was so excited about his new “mountain bike.” The TykesBykes balance bike is clearly not a toy, it is a high-quality real bicycle. The paint job and saddle make it look like a mountain bike racer. Compared to his other balance bike, the tires were beefy and capable. The cable for the hand brake is internally routed. Just based on looks alone, this is a nice bike.

After the initial backyard cruise, we took it the following weekend to the local bike park to really test it out. Little P rode the bike confidently on singletrack, on the pump track, and also on some wooden features. The pneumatic tires provided great traction, and I was surprised that his little hands managed to expertly handle the brake.  Slightly heavier than other 12″ bikes on the market, the burly nature of this bike is perfect for kids who like to ride off-road.

Riding Bike Park on TykesBykes

Of course, the true test of a balance bike is how happy the end user is. P loves this ride. For Christmas, he got a pedal bike and has resisted getting on a balance bike ever since. Both my husband and I were shocked that he’s completely ignored his pedal bike the last week and ridden this bike exclusively. That’s as good of testimony as anything.

This bike was a little larger than some other 12 inch balance bikes. The stand over height makes it appropriate for kids 3 and older (13″+ inseam). Smaller kids would be frustrated on this bike.  For older kids (16″+ inseam) consider the TykesBykes 16″ model.

Stand over height of TykesBykes

For the quality, the price is unbeatable.

On a side note, TykesBykes is family-owned business run by the nicest people you could imagine. If you want to support small business and be assured the manufacturer will provide superb customer service, go with a TykesBykes balance bike.  Buy now  on Amazon.

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