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Review: Prevelo Branded G-Form Knee & Elbow Pads

While we’ve always been big fans of the youth G-Form pads, they were better suited for big kids than younger riders. That’s changed with the new Prevelo branded G-Form pads that have been redesigned to fit small rippers.

Review In A Nutshell


  • Super flexible, not bulky
  • Fit young riders
  • Shin protection
  • Adjustable sizing


  • Not suitable for aggressive downhill riding

Price & Where To Buy: $40 (elbow) / $45 (knee) at

Why We Love G-Form Pads

G-Form has been a well known brand in the protection realm for some time now. I personally own their knee and elbow pads, and while I’m not as diligent about wearing them as I probably should be, I can attest to their quality and effectiveness when I remember to put them on.

Unlike some pads that are more downhill oriented, the G-Form gear feels light and unobtrusive – until you need it. G-Form’s trademark SmartFlex technology is flexible to provide superior range of motion, but hardens upon impact, ensuring those hard bits like knees and elbows don’t take the brunt of a crash. 

As with most things in the mountain bike world, children’s crash pads have been slow to catch up to their adult equivalents, with many being co-branded with Disney or superhero characters. Sadly, I would describe many of those pad setups as “Mickey Mouse,” no offense to my favorite theme park representative!

Fortunately, G-Form saw the need for high-quality children’s pads and developed pint-sized versions of their gear for the elementary school shredders. I immediately purchased a pair for my son, who was six at the time, and of average height/weight.

Unfortunately, the first iteration of G-Form’s youth-oriented pads were still too big for him, which meant the knee pads slipped down to his ankles and the elbow pads were flopping around on his wrists. After his first ride, he declared “they don’t fit” and never wore them again.

The New “Prevelo” Branded Pads

Fast forward a few years to today, when we have a set of next-generation G-Form pads bearing the Prevelo Bikes name. Prevelo is one of those companies I love, because they’re putting out well-built, high quality, lightweight bikes for kids.

These aren’t department store anchors but shrunken-down versions of what Mom and Dad ride (and trust me, this dad rides some high-end bikes!) that enable children four and older to really get into some high-end riding. With that high-end riding once again comes the need for legitimate pads and protection, and I’m very pleased to say these new G-Form knee and elbow pads are improved to the point my current six-year-old LOVES them.

New features include the smartly include a Velcro closure at the top of the thigh (for the knee pads) and bicep (for the elbow pads. This accommodate a wider range of children’s bodies than the G-form youth pads that do not have an adjustment and require mom and dad to sew or otherwise modify the top band to fit smaller riders.

The other upgrade is a rectangular foam pad at the bottom of the shin to protect against those painful pedal strikes. Both my son and I are really digging this.


The knee pads come in two sizes – S/M, and L/XL. My soon-to-be first grader, who is of average height and weight for his age, preferred the L/XL size. This would suggest the sizing still runs a little larger than the size chart provided by Prevelo. If you cinch them down real tight, you might be able to fit the approx ages listed below.

Size Thigh CircumferenceApprox. Age
Child SM/MD7″ to 9.5″ (17.7 to 24cm)1.5 to 2.5 years
Child LG/XL9″ to 11.5″ (22.8 to 29cm)3 to 4 years

The elbow pads come in a one-size-fits-all and is advertised to “fit most kids ages 2 to 5.” In testing, we found the best fit was for kids ages 4-7. For even smaller riders, we’d recommend the 7idp pads.

Bottom-Line: A High Quality Pad For Young Kids

The Prevelo G-Form pads are our top pick for kids too young for the traditional youth sized G-Form pads. The pads are machine washable, and are very high quality, so Mom and Dad can purchase with confidence, knowing they’ll provide protection for many miles and years to come!

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