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Schwinn Trailblazer Plus Bike Trailer Review

Easy to assemble and quick to attach, the Schwinn Trailblazer Plus is an affordable option for lightweight road touring and destination adventures. This trailer is like that simple stroller that you forever leave in the back of your car due to its compact design and quick assembly. 

This is a bare bones and affordable option without much competition on the market. And, while the simplicity of this trailer can be limiting, it is wonderful to have for lightweight and spontaneous day trips due to single click set up and wheel attachment. 

child in the schwinn trailer

Review in a Nutshell


  • Compact, portable design
  • Easy assembly/disassembly
  • Large storage space behind seat
  • Quick and secure bike attachment
  • Affordable pricing


  • 10 MPH speed limit
  • Difficult seat belt adjustment

Price and Where To Buy:

Quick To Assemble 

The most exciting part about this trailer is its compact and lightweight design. I am accustomed to bike trailers being bulky with rigid, unforgiving frames.

This trailer is not that. It snaps together with a single click of the crossbar, and the wheels slide and lock on in one motion. 

The trailer was out and assembled in under 10 minutes without a single hiccup and the attachment arm does have an inset spring which makes attaching the bike at an angle much easier. It also provides some give from the rigid frame when crossing over bumps, which helps with shock absorption.

tow arm

16 Inch Wheels With Metal Rims And Pneumatic Air Tires

The carriage sits atop 16” tires on molded metal wheels that are held on with easily accessible release levers. The wheels and tires are a step up from many entry-level trailers that come with plastic wheels and tires.

That said, the 16″ wheels do not roll quite as fast as the 20″ wheels on higher-end trails. The wheels are not attached with any suspension, and the slick tires don’t provide much shock absorption, which is why Schwinn recommends that this trailer be used on paved roads only. Even smooth gravel would prove to be a bit too much for the rattle of the carriage. 

trailer wheels

Wind and Rain Covers are Snug

Once the frame and wheels are attached, the wind/rain cover is the last piece before securing the trailer to the bike. It provides ventilation mesh on the front and back for plenty of air movement while riding and has a secure velcro fit to prevent any toys or debris from escaping the compartment. 

It is a bit of a struggle to get the cover secured because it is a tight fit. The front and back pieces needed to be pulled and buttoned into place with a velcro seal along the bottom. Having a cover that is able to flap down with a single motion is convenient, which is an aspect of our Thule Chariot that I love. 

The front includes a roll up rain cover that can be tucked away tightly, which prevents any sun damage to the clear screen. When in use, the rain cover closes around the entire opening with velcro, which prevents any leaks. 

The back has a small drop down privacy screen that can be secured up with top elastic loops. It also provides shade for maybe a small pet you wish to take along for the ride. 

trailer rear

Compact For Storage 

After you are done with your ride and ready to pack this trailer back down, you can have it ready for storage with two lever pulls and the push of a button. It is a delight to be able to get this down to the size of a small box, wheels off, in about a minute. This ease of use makes this trailer a top pick for us. 

Too often, stored bike trailers become homes for insects and dust collection, which makes tucking this trailer away at the end of the day so nice. It can easily fit on a shelf or be boxed up for the season. Due to its simplicity, it cannot be converted into a jogger and doesn’t come with any additional accessories or attachments. 

Trailer Frame Is Sturdy and Narrow

This is one of the most affordable single trailers on the market which means that it meets the safety requirements for use, but doesn’t include much more than what is necessary. The fabric of the carriage walls feels thin, but durable with strong seams. 

The narrow, single occupancy carriage holds steady with weight on descents much better than I had expected. I was able to take corners with confidence and didn’t feel that this trailer would struggle to keep up with me. 

towing the schwinn trailblazer

Interior Is Minimal

The seat belt straps and buckles are small and a bit difficult to adjust. It takes some tugging to get the straps set correctly, but once set they don’t slip a bit.

The padding of the seat is minimal as well, but the frame and attachment arm feel robust for many seasons of use. This design quality is expected at this price point and improvements in these areas can quickly increase the cost of the trailer especially when compared to the Burley Bee

The weight limit recommended is 40 lbs for the seat and an additional 5 lbs for behind the seat cargo. This weight limit is common for the cost of this trailer, and is one of the improvements you would see with a more expensive option. 

trailer interior

Only Safe At Low Speeds

This weight restriction is coupled with a 10 mph speed limit, which was a surprise to us. After trading the trailer with my partner, I was able to watch as he exceeded the speed limit recommendation and can say that the wheels aren’t the caliber to be ridden much faster. 

Carriage Has Plenty Of Space

The seat consists of a 5 point safety harness with adjustable straps, attachment heights, and a mesh helmet recess for the child to have a more natural seated position. When seated, the child has ample leg room, two storage pouches, and a full view of the landscape. 

The floor consists of nylon fabric which is not reinforced and can sag a bit if the weight on the floor fabric isn’t distributed properly. It also means that there is just a bit of fabric between your child and the ground with only a few inches of clearance. 

The compartment floor also includes drainage holes should anything spill and makes cleaning out and hosing down the interior easy. The fabric is also a bit stain resistant and wipes up easily. 

schwinn trailblazer trailer review

Additional Safety Features

The carriage consists of a rigid frame around cargo, keeping it safe and secure in any roll over accidents. As with most trailers, the attachment arm also includes a leash that should be attached to the bike frame, should the attachment receiver fail. It also comes with a single reflector on the back and additional loops for added lights. 

Schwinn does recommend the use of the included safety flag and pole, but without any adhesive to keep the flag on the pole, the flag can be lost almost instantaneously, as was the case for us. Adhesive not included – glue the flag on if you want to keep it.


With the Schwinn priced at $179, the two closest trailers in design and quality would be the InStep Sync Singleton and the Retrospec Rover, which are both priced roughly at $150. All three of these options are similar in compartment design, trailer assembly, and material quality with a weight capacity of around 40 lbs. 

The InStep and the Schwinn trailers are so similar in design that they appear to have been manufactured from the same company and in fact are both brands under Pacific Cycle. 

Moving in the opposite direction of cost, the next best option would be the Burley Bee Single trailer priced at $299.95. It has a significant increase in cost for several reasons, the first being the weight capacity. 

burley bee in action
If you can swing it, we’d recommend upgrading to the Burley Bee.

This single trailer is able to hold up to 100 lbs in weight and cargo and includes an increase in wheel size to 20”. With only a 40 lbs weight limit, it is easy for us to exceed that even for a day trip, making the Burley Bee the preferred option for larger adventures. 

The seat belt harness is much more robust and the materials are more durable for higher mileage and rougher weather. For any bigger days with steeper descents, I would recommend the Burley Bee Single, but for city cruises and out of town day trips, the Schwinn Trailblazer is an excellent option that keeps the ride fast and light. 

schwinn trailblazer in action


This is a versatile and affordable trailer that can be quickly disassembled for shipping to a destination ride or packing in the back of the car for a nearby path. Your child will be safe and comfortable in the spacious carriage where they can relax with snacks and enjoy the view of the full landscape around them. 

Getting in and out of the car at a trailhead is so quick and easy that we will be using the trailer into the ground. And, while this isn’t designed for any downhill speeds, it is the trailer you will end up using the most due to its lightweight and speedy assembly. 

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